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  • UglyPlaya x Half n Halph x Adam the Shinobi - NIGHTMARE
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    https://bit.ly/2SXMfUn https://bit.ly/2SXMfUn https://bit.ly/2SXMfUn art by dripcandy

  • KC Old Head (2013)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    A remix from 2013 to A$AP Rocky's smooth cut "Houston Old Head" produced by DJ Burn One A reefermix if you will

  • Psycho Steve Biko (2013)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    A 2013 remix to ATCQ's "Steve Biko" LYRICS: Dentures can't drop any slicker than this beat did even if they slid their way down on some greased tits Niggas know I eat this, g shit, till I'm full and satisfIed, I'll develop like a fetus, speak this, poetry as cool as me and be gift- ed, the right to work with the homie cuz we could be rich, earnin stripes, we could be tigers or zebras you're behind, if you think i'll front you reefer for a price, you know the homie get it for free bruh but watch out for the lamos on nuts and even urethras why? cuz that ain't cool that ain't cool in fact it's wack get ridiculed ridiculed while i twist a sack, sittin back, marvelin at this dimpled back and i like what's down below i plow it and see rippled ass im blowin stank like i'm rippin ass i go to banks and i skip the cash i'm bout the suckers mayne the watermelon the sour that make you pucker mayne i fuckin love it mayne... yeah yeah i straight devour that joint and i light the other kind it's real it's real and if you really wansta fly this plane that i be guidin blaze into a glorious daze out to an island that's where i'm tryin to be there is no dialing numbers like 9-1 1 nigga I am no emergency-following twist it and rip it niggas know that i'm gifted i straight up get it i'm flippin... up the remedies niggas know i'll send a breeze out and i can do it cuz i'm... out

  • Levitate (prod. UGLYPLAYA)
    Half n Halph

    Art & Production by @obossaniykosmos aka UGLYPLAYA aka ZETT$U aka rxnzetsu VISUAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gqr8ndV_pM

  • Oddisy x Half n Halph x Scar the Monsterr - HOT SAUCE (Music video out now)
    Half n Halph

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNmUn-mS2AQ produced by @oddisy90008

  • Righteous (prod. KAL)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    https://bit.ly/3a8ty7R LYRICS: righteous reggie won't suffice it's super potent sticky weed the only shit we lighting green and crystalized and opens new horizons yea dat shit is loud they hear me now just like verizon yea i'm fucking skying it feels like i'm flying entering vicinities unseen by naked eyes and yea that's word to eisen-hower sour flower presidential kush i like it gimme droopy eyelids you could roll it up then burn it to the sunset it might take you pla ces you ain't never gone yet just a hit'll have you posted like a thumb tack if ain't direct then you gon catch a contact ay, might take a j to the face ay, might feel like you are in space ay, rolled up some randy's i feel fine and dandy i might go and cop me a eighth ay, had to go straight for the kief yeah might have some pain to relieve you, might be a skeptic until you inhale it and then it'll make you believe i'm fucked up wit a paper plate of some grub hub on some trippy shit yea that hippy shit mane it's all peace and one love plug be having that dumb nug, retarded pack of that skunk unk no bunk junk man just one chunk had me spinnin round like a nun chuck fuck i'm loaded grab a bowl and i load it purple pack if you hurt ya back purchase a sack n just toke it *inhales* now hold it exhale and then blow it fuck 12 no ducktales hit the thumbnail let it load n then we get to vibin name the spot i'm sliding sticky's fine n prickly take a hit and then we gliding aura's so inviting flora's what we're lighting boy i got that super weed oh yeah that shit is righteous then we get to vibin in the spot i'm sliding sticky's fine n prickly take a hit and then we gliding aura's so inviting flora's what we're lighting boy i got that super weed oh yeah that shit is righteous

  • Jordan 2's (2013)
    Half n Halph

    A track from 2013 where I used the instrumental to P. Watts - Purple Thoughts ft. KD, P. Dukes, Scotty produced by DJ Burn One

  • Nonstop (Remix)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Money Mitch recommended I spit on this Drake beat so I did. Mixed by @austins2fresh LYRICS: why da lights off? i just hit the switch, hoe turn em back on and you'll end up in a ditch, hoe why? i need perfect darkness like this was nintendo 6-4 hit the switch i'm bouncin wit my kinfolk invoke ecstasy when i'm on instrumentals legendary guided tour thru the hidden temple we might find some ancient herb, hydroponic endo it's all green like mother earth that's what that shit resembles send you to oblivion like you was stuck in limbo i just set the bar high opposite of limbo (limbo) i be writing bars high, crazy like a schizo catch me in the bar high mackin on a bimbo double fisting left and right call that shit akimbo after that i grip her thigh while she take a sip yo look her str8 up in the eye while i grab her hip tho take her home n spread her wide like she was a flip phone slow it down then speed it up it's all about that tempo i'm just hopin i can last... 12, 11, 10 mo minutes all up in it but she turnt that shit to seconds gimme 35 or 45 i'm comin back for seconds bitch a bitty bopper for that becky i will beckon i'm just tryna eat that coochie fuck around and stick my neck in yea it's DEEP we some freaks under the cover learned from leisure suit larry how to be a lover i'm a pull out gawd i don't need no fuckin rubber pussy so good same consistency as flubber kinda out of line like i don't know how to color i be on my grind like i had the perfect run up to a triple kinked rail that's as waxed as slick as butter utterly disgusting like i drink straight from the utter muthafucker and i never plan to quit half these fuckin rappers swear to god that they can spit then you analyze their bars and half of it was bit that ain't fuckin lit swear to god i must admit i'm the shit and i've been since i'z a jit father used to spit to me when i'za a little kid yea i was in the swing had me goin back in forth he'd be spittin acapella fuckin str8 up like north i'm a beast in my domain i'm killing beats for sport leanin like some dirty sprite dumped inside a quart when it comes to kickin rhymes i never come up short plus i feel as tall as bunyon smoke in onion while in court str8 gassin just to keep the time a-passin every time i drop a song it's niggas i'm surpassing used to fuckin cry now it's nothin but some laughin i AM not no will be, not no fuckin has been flow as cold as aspen nothing's nice as half's pen... game we ain't the same don't need the fame just need the racks, bitch just need them racks, bitch yea fuck it up (repeat)

  • Halph + Tyris EP
    Half n Halph

    bit.ly/2SNZAOC bit.ly/2SNZAOC bit.ly/2SNZAOC 1. Save Room (0:00) 2. Hyzer (2:18) 3. Crunch Time (4:09) 4. Half Gets the Loot (5:59) 5. Black Smoke [Bonus] (9:02)

  • NBA Live 2003 (prod. Buckwild)
    Half n Halph

    Some older ish that's been unreleased for a while... up until now

  • Humming Grim Hymns in the Midst (prod. OBsmooth)
    Half n Halph

    LYRICS: falsetto false hello up out the ghetto in the meadow mane i wonder who gon medal in the 2020 skateboard olympic trials come one the idol inquire bout the vicious child superstitious, wild adjectives aboutcha i want receipts how about a voucher posthumous posture nevamind a sloucher mane i'm creepin like a shao lin mane and floatin crouching tiger posed unleash a lucky lion's mane lick a lucky lil lady lead her to the lion's den wet her up poseidon man i'm right up in down down left right select start unlock entire island then induce invincibility and spawn a motor bike with him humming grim hymns in the midst clouds filled with black smoke light emitting in the mist humming grim hymns in the midst humming grim hymns in the midst faith fluctuates comes and goes at a bunch of rates put somethin on my fuckin plate i aint bout to run away (nah) ion care what you say come n smoke this bouquet flow sweet as a souffle fresher than some toothpaste lucky lucid lucy would you like to choose me topic introducing felt like droppin heat so i cooked up this little loosie chicks just hang and talk but men are always tryna do things i don't whip a new range no i steer a scion flow's about as frightening as a fire breathing lion let by gones be by gones tighter than a python grip fuming from the lips my spit could burn through pylons now's your turn to try on the shoes that i be wearing when i seen you out in public bro i caught ya shorty staring used to want a red mclaren with the turbo charged engine doin donuts in the parking lot and almost caught a ticket i be high yea i be lifted man i shouldn't have to say it steady fiending for some munchies man i might just fish filet it

  • Blunt Trauma (prod. Oddisy)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    VISUAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzC7CmUOnE LYRICS: imma take you on an odyssey paranormal thriller like the prophecy of indigo we finna go ain't stoppin til the boss is weak watch em bleed finish with a spirit bomb monstrosity then nuclear atomically incinerate the balkan sea walk with me imma take you to a place your eyes can't see it's far from reach of mortal men and everyday bureaucracy sparked my curiosity and out of generosity i took you thru a whirlwind at high speed velocity get these bitches off of me can't you see i'm tryna sleep just take me to a quiet place where can't nobody bother me they kicked me out the league cuz i kept committing fouls you see modern day rasheed wallace no it ain't a fallacy chillin in my palace, b ain't nobody proud as me i'm sippin lemonade out my muthafuckin chalice, b sound asleep is how i be after i smoke a pound of weed picked thru the whole LB and i ain't found a seed i just keep you bouncing see no it's no denouncing me i'm feelin like a savage with the way i fuckin pounce on beats bitch

  • Aura Poppin (prod. Guero)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    It protrude a bit...

  • Malcolm Smalls & Half n Halph - Don't Bother (prod. Tyris White)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    The perfect amalgam

  • Black Smoke (prod. Tyris White)
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    VISUAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m01luR1tE20

  • It Sounded Like a Pop!
    Half n Halph
    Hip-hop & Rap

    A remix of It Sounded Like a Roc by KMD (mainly Subroc)