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  • INSANITY [Hardmode] - Megalovania V2

    Damn this took a while to make. I greatly underestimated the amount of time it would take to make this. And holy fuck it was a god damn nightmare mixing and mastering this. Anyways. In my previous version i commented that if the video got 10k likes i would remake this, and it got exactly that, so i had no other choice. And here we are. Sprite Used (Edited By Me): Original Hardmode Insanity Megalovania:

  • UNDERTALE Fifth Anniversary - I'm Sorry... [Sad Piano Megalovania]

    Omg it's so sad, Sans is dying omg how sad. #sadlovania Sprite made by Dexel (Edited by me):

  • UNDERTALE [5th Anniversary] - Metal Megalovania Cover V2

    It's absolutely insane. Undertale is now officially 5 years old. and it's community is still thriving. Damn. I decided this would be a good special for the anniversary,. I tried many styles, but none of them satisfied me, until i thought that maybe a metal cover would be good. And thus i made this, and my god, i am very satisfied. Sure it could've been better, but compared to the first version, this is a drastic improvement. I'm also surprised at how i managed to make this in literally 3-4 hours. Anyways, hope you enjoy the metal. Sprite was made by Dexel, an old friend of mine:

  • UNDERTALE - Battle Against A True Hero [BAATH] Cover

    Holy shit, another cover that isn't megalovania, my god, how shocking. Anyways, uh, so i was looking through my thousands of unfinished projects, and i literally didn't wanna do ANY of them, or i at least wasn't in the mood for finishing them now at least, but then i started thinking "i wonder if i have any super old remixes i'd wanna remake.", and thus, i found my first BAATH remix, 2 years old is it now, i know, fucking insane, so i thought to myself "let's give this a try". I suddenly started to remember that there was this one BAATH cover that i REALLY used to love and still do, and i remembered exactly what it was, it was Anjer's cover on it, and my god it's absolutely insane, so i thought that i might as well take some inspiration from that cover and bam, here we are, hope you enjoy. Pic Used: Inspiration:

  • SWAPFELL - Dissension V2 Cover

    To my surprise, a lot of people liked my first take on this, i sure as hell didn't, i hate my first cover and i have ever since i published it, this cover isn't perfect, but fucking hell it's an INSANE improvement compared to the first one, god knows if i'll make a cover on this again, there is a possibility, but this soundtrack is still a fucking nightmare to remix. Sprite Used: Original Dissension:

  • NITROVANIA [ReveX Cover] [Happy Birthday Nick!]
    Nick Nitro

    This should not have taken this long to make, but fuck it, here we are. If you're wondering why some parts sound off-key, then i can tell you that it is intentional, i changed some leads to my likings. Happy Birthday Nick. Pic Used: Original Nitrovania:

  • UNDERFELL - M.E.G.A.L.O.V.A.N.I.A V4 Remix

    It took a whole damn year for me to get back to this, i can't believe it, anyways, i made this in 2-3 days, and once again, transcribing was a god damn nightmare, which would explain some of the off-key parts, either way, this is definitely a drastic improvement from my previous takes on this. Sprite Used: Original M.E.G.A.L.O.V.A.N.I.A:

  • UNDERTALE/SSBU - Smash Megalovania V2

    Been wanting to remake this for a while, a friend of mine by the name of Saonic Fast Time decided to make a special vid for some subs goal, and therefore wanted to celebrate it with a few remixes, and those remixes would be Smash Megalovania remixes, so here we are. Youtube Version: Pic Used:

  • GLITCHTALE [Animosity] - Darkened Shadow Remix

    I gotta say, the new episode for Glitchtale was FUCKING BADASS! I fail to see how nobody would've got fucking goosebumps when Gaster said "C O M E" in that voice filled with nothing but raw anger and hatred, that was probably the most badass thing i've heard in a good while, not to mention the fucking scream he did at the end, it was fucking insane! most of us expected a fight where gaster would just soften her up and then maybe even die, but nah, we got a whole 5 minutes of Gaster BRUTALLY eradicating that son of a bitch, HAHAH! Anyways, enough of me losing my shit over Gasters badassness. This is a remix that i legit made in 2 days, hell i could've finished it in one day, but i then realized that i still have a choir VST to test out that i hadn't installed yet, so i had to do that, only problem is, it would take 2 hours, because the fucking VST is 34 GB, so yeah, i had to wait until today to finish it, and well, so far i like the choir i guess. Will i make other Glitchtale remixes? Maybe, depends if i'm able to push myself. Pic Used: Original Theme:

  • UNDERVERSE - Cross Theme [Remix]

    So, i was just fucking around with some plugin presets, and then found a few presets and thought, i might as well use these for some cover, and yeah, here we are, all though to be honest, the damn solo guitar was a god damn pain in the ass the transcribe, but that's about it really. Pic Used: Original Theme: Based off of:

  • DUSTTALE [Hardmode] - Red Megalovania V2

    Ever since i made my V2 of hardmode the murder, i've been wanting to make a V2 of this, i just kept forgetting about this because other stuff got in the way, a few days ago i finally remembered this and decided to finish it, and in all honesty, i definitely like it much much better now, i could've done better on the mixing, but at least it's not balls to the walls like it was on V1, hell i used a damn limiter on V1, which really shows how old it is, cause i never use the limiter nowadays. Sans Sprite: Phantom Papyrus Sprite: Original Red Megalovania:

  • MIRRORED PSYCHOPATHY [Eternal Hell] {OFFICIAL} - Corrupted [Updated]

    Who's the monster now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Original Sprite Edit By: Original Sprites Insanity Sans: Current Sprite Edit By Me: Also for those who are wondering why it says "[Updated]", it's because i published an earlier version that was privated, but then remade this and posted the updated version privately, and uh yeah, here we are.

  • DUSTTALE - Metal Red Megalovania V3

    So, not too long ago, NyxTheShield decided to make a metal cover on Red Megalovania, i gave it a listen, and it was alright, however, i wasn't satisfied, i felt that it needed more metal and more bass, so i decided to finally make a V3 of this, and god damn am i satisfied now. Pic Used: Original Red Megalovania:

  • MIRRORED PSYCHOPATHY {OFFICIAL} - Phase 3 [Psychopath Against True Hellspawn]

    My lazy ass had to make this take a whole fucking week to finish, so yeah, there's that, hope you enjoy the official fell version for mirrored insanity, if not then i guess i'll have to make lust!sans appear under your bed HUEHUE. Amazing Spried Edits By: Original Sprites Insanity Sans: Dusttale Sans 1: Dusttale Sans 2:

  • MIRRORED PSYCHOPATHY {OFFICIAL} - Phase 2 [Terminated Sanity]

    Well would you look at that, phase 2, edgified, and remade once again, now it's not just some unnecessarily loud peace of shit, sure it's still loud, but not like, so loud that it just hurts, not to mention that there's bass in this now, and there was absolutely no bass in the original phase 2, so this one's definitely way better than the original phase 2, idk, what do you guys think? Amazing Sprite Edits By: Original Sprites Insanity Sans: Dusttale Sans 1: Dusttale Sans 2:

  • MIRRORED PSYCHOPATHY {OFFICIAL} - Phase 1 [Chaotic Determination]

    A lot of you guys wanted this to officially become a thing, so i decided that i might as well make this for my 10k subs special, and for those who don't know, i replaced my old 10k subs special with this, however it doesn't mean that the old 10k subs special won't be made, it's just that it's not a 10k subs special anymore, it's either gonna be a 25k subs special or a 50k subs special depending on how fast i reach those goals. Hope you enjoy the edgified mirrored insanity soundtracks. And i know that the audio slightly clips at the intense parts, but i tried so hard and i just couldn't fix it so i just left it like that. Amazing sprite edits by: Original Sprites Insanity Sans: Dusttale Sans 1: Dusttale Sans 2:

  • JEFF THE KILLER - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Screams Remix V2
    Jeff The Killer

    Sweet dreams are made of screams... Those who've lost their minds will disagree... You travel the world on his seven teeth... Everybody's looking for someone... And they've found you... This is yet another remix i've been wanting to remake for a long time, I know i should've probably made this in halloween, But i was not patient enough to wait for that after i finally fucking finished this, So yeah, Enjoy the edge. Also yes, I know, the drums clip at certain parts, but mixing is fucking difficult, ok? Pic Used: Credit to Nick Nitro for the inspiration: And of course, full credit to Warlock The Ripper for the amazing creation

  • DUSTFELL - The C.A.R.N.A.G.E V3 [The Murder]

    This definitely needed a remake, So here we are, A new and better version of The Carnage. I really badly wanted to use Shreddage Hydra in this one, And i don't need to explain why, But i sadly couldn't use it in the main leads, So i used it more as a background rhythm, It can't be heard very well, But in the intense parts it's played in the background as a rhythm, But you can barely hear it, All it does is up the intensity, Which is fine by me, And this time i didn't add two basses in one part, Cause that would make it either distorted as hell or heavier than fucking Mjölnir, So yeah, Hope you enjoy the remake. Astonishing Sprite Edit By: Original The Murder:

  • DUSTFELL - Crimson M.E.G.A.L.O.V.A.N.I.A [Red Megalovania]

    So, I wanted to test out Shreddage Hydra a little more, And i managed to make this, I might've made it a little too heavy, But it at least sounds edgy, To me at least, Hope you enjoy this extremely heavy Red Megalovania Cover. Pic Used: Inspiration: Original Red Megalovania: