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  • Y2K & bbno$ - lalala


  • cheesy ft. Warhol.SS prod. Dilip & WYT

    Sorry bout the delay on this puppy. i have so much damn music for u guys lmfaoooooooo! LALALA JUNE 7!! tour tickets on sale go cop em baby [SOCIALS] - mix and mastered by @mixedbydigi Spotify: Apple Music/ iTunes: Twitter: Instagram: soundcloud: website: [lyrics] (hook) Guess who back Bich im back Get the money Hide my stack Get the money Count some stacks Get the cheese – im a rat Get the cheese – now im fat Smoking on that shit its cardiac Smoking on that shit its cardiac ALL MY DIAMONDS FRIGGIN CARTIER – BLING!!!! (verse) DRIP DRIP DROP WITH THE WRIST WATCH DODGE ANOTHER COP WITH THE LIP LOCK GOTTA GET THE MONEY IT’S A QUICK TALK U A LITTLE BITCH IM A BIG DOG PULL UP ON YOUR BLOCK IMA WET U W MY AIRSOFT POP U LIKE A SQUISHY FUCKIN PEAPOD BABY NO MONEY TRYNA MAKE A LITTLE K POP lol!?!? I don’t sip henny less we sipping on that vsop Ima let the beat bop – dilip made the beat bop 4 a more (clothing) come and check my clothes pop Now I got my nerf cocked Hit you with the headshot! Baby gravy boomin on the tiktok Goochi leather flip flops Tryna pipe kate moss Tryna only sip voss Tryna get some money like its green moss Flexing like im Michael Jackson ( rip) come and watch me beat box Sipping on some henny it’s a detox Climbing to the top in some geox Baby always stocked – I hit a kiosk Only take top, mamacitias Drippy drippy drop couple liters U a pussy boy im eliter Double seater – beamer – with the roof gone! Slide in your thot like a futon Staying hella rich – couple coupons Tell me your bitch has a wig on All these shitty rappers Ima pop on Speak a little clingon Then she aint my dingdong (dilip politely screw the rest of this thing called a verse lol)

  • bbno$ & Y2K - pouch
    Hip-hop & Rap

    This is the first song off of our tape. y2k produced it he doesn't sing lmfao, hope you guys enjoy the next bunch of songs and etc. GO FOLLOW HIS ASS - tour tickets - [SOCIALS] Spotify: Apple Music/ iTunes: Twitter: Instagram: soundcloud: 'LYRICS' 26 shows, sold out, NOW I know im cut out Always gunna pull out wait,wait, WAIT ima trend seta no really one better flaming like a peppa YEAH OF COURSE IMA LAY THE PRESSURE AYE Hunting for a bigger bag after all the pray HUNNIDS ON MY PLATE YEAH I HIT THE BUFFET Baby got some money it aint really cliché WENT DUMMY FOR A COUPLE YEARS, now its time to play COUPLE more cities that I think I’ll shut down on a world tour yeh I’ve really seen all of it thirtyk merch in a month and my money come in lumps and I might spazz n trya sella bib WRIST SO COLD oooh I think I need mits, Whole wardrobe be filled with free fits Im PULL up your girl but she tryna spend my shit So I ditch her hella quick oh boy I feel slick Aye I WORK I GRIND I MAKE THAT BAG I SEARCH I FIND I TAKE THAT BAG Baby! ADLIB same word after it all Bitch im a baby- on the 808 Got Huggies on my fit Yeah I’m Not grown up but my cradle gotta drip Why yo bitch Wanna give me couple me a licks, yeah wanna flex up put some a diamon on my wrissssssssssssssss huh CHECK UP ON the growth rate Ya lady needa hydrate So she wants a dick date? Got 4 point bank rate money made me fixate BITCH I aint a lightweight No records, only hit That’s some BIG FACTS She a misfit Come n get your bitch back I wont ever sign shit Shred a contract Always adding digits i never have to subtract Download for free on The Artist Union

  • sriracha prod. Lentra

    tour TICKETS LIVE!!!! GO BUY EM IF IM HITTING YOUR GOSH DARNED CITY BABY !!! [GO FOLLOW LENTRA FFS] @lentra [SOCIALS] Spotify: Apple Music/ iTunes: Twitter: Instagram: soundcloud: [lyrics] and them dem dollas made my spidey sense a ring - a ring - ring that booty on that thottie made me sping a spring - spring then i took her to my pad made her sing a sing sing FIR-she ask me for a fling now she cling cling cling she boosssy But she threw it…. Boy u hella saucy Did u stew it Wonder what it cost me threw shoes in ice be on my body Im never bruising 4 flights 1 month, ya bitch im from the future Catch dis Baby going beast mode, she hit me with the nuder u Whip a L class find me triple stepping on my scooter U stuck at half mast cuz u KNOW yuh mommie is my tutor Im a top man Why she tryna gimme top man Rubber band man Can u Toss it all up like the rain man RAIN DANCE Take another L widda goofy thot, no chance. love GETTING money CALL it romance? ay sussyboys are you hungry i see you tryn bite my sound but its sounding kinda funky AY LEME BREAK IT DOWN GOT A BAD BITCH TRYNA JUMP MEH BONES AND THAT BOOTY ROUND ay u see my whip on fleek pink flames pink fiat baby dis is treat COURSE IM EATING ALL MY salads cause they always STUFFED with green ye dis Baby got the german coochi sh'really made me squeam SO I Might just tour the world and grab a bag im really keen Im really on that goofy shit but aint no Charlie sheen Download for free on The Artist Union