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  • Upgrade & Ranji - Experimental Music PREVIEW
    Upgrade Music

    Hey everyone ! Here is a sample from our new collab with Ranji that will be out soon on Spintwist Records - Enjoy! Mix And Master : Mind Spin Studio - Yaron marziano More Upgrade : More Ranji :

  • Armada Invites Radio 217 (Dubvision Guest Mix)
    Armada Invites Radio

    Armada Invites Radio 217 (Incl. Dubvision Guest Mix) ▶ Stream WeArmada playlist: Subscribe to the Armada Music YouTube channel: Welcome to Armada Music’s very own radio show: ‘Armada Invites Radio’. The all-inclusive format spans a broad spectrum of genres, ranging from deep house to progressive trance - and everything in between! Armada Invites Radio Mix 00:43 1 Teddy Beats feat. Jolee Nikoal - Saturday [The Bearded Man] 04:01 2 Galavant feat. Edana - Perfect [Armada Trice] 07:04 3 Brunelle x Camden Cox - Won't Forget About You [Armada Deep] 10:21 4 Steny feat. Jacob Lee - Overdose [Armada Deep] 13:38 5 Autoerotique - Count On You (ATFC's C-thru Remix) [Armada Subjekt] 17:31 6 Kav Verhouzer & Sjaak - Stap Voor Stap [Armada Music] 20:14 7 Thomas Gold - Begin Again [Armada Music] 22:57 8 Omnia - CYBERPUNK [Armada Music] 26:09 9 Orjan Nilsen - Craziness [In My Opinion] 27:48 10 Thomas Mengel - Anthracite [Statement!] Guest Mix: Dubvision 32:20 DubVision - Steal The Moon 36:12 Tom Staar - Flight Of The Buzzard 38:12 Dash Berlin, DubVision - Yesterday Is Gone 43:54 DubVision - Fall Apart 47:35 DubVision x Afrojack - New Memories Spotlight: ASOT Top 20 July 51:58 Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star feat. Fiora - Just As You Are 54:49 Super8 & Tab & Tom Fall - Osaka 57:03 Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (BLR Remix) Connect with Armada Music ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶

  • Trance Psyberia /// HOST Coming Soon!!!
    Trance Psyberia
    Coming Soon!!!

    We are honored to have our friends and fellow psytrance artists - Coming Soon!!! [@comingsoon12] from Israel to lead the twenty second chapter of Trance Psyberia /// HOST episodes. Tracklist :: 01. INTRO 02. Coming Soon!!! - ID 03. Coming Soon!!! And Safari due - African Jungle (Vini Vici Mashup) 04. Coming Soon!!! - Oga Chaka (UNR) 05. XYZed - Future Underground 06. Coming Soon !!! Ft. Khardiac - See Your Color 07. Coming Soon!!! Ft. Ace Ventura - Say What 08. Coming Soon!!! & Vici Vici - Mad (Blastoyz Remix) 09. Coming Soon!!! - Ready to Get High (Vibe Tribe & Somnia Remix) 10. Coming Soon!!! - Become One (Interactive Noise Remix) 11. Vini Vici - Where The Heart Is 12. Coming Soon!!! & Robert Miles - Parralel Universe + Fable (Mashup) 13. Coming Soon!!! & Bryan Kearny - AntiSocial Network 14. Coming Soon!!! - Fuckin' Society 15. Cosma - Yok Yok (Coming Soon!!! Remix)

  • Sonic Species - Boom Festival Set 2014 (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    Sonic Species

    In preparation for his set in the 2018 edition of Boom Festival next week, Sonic Species gives you a full wav Free Download of his 90 minute set in Boom 2014 to get you in the Mood! Enjoy Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Follow my music on SoundCloud: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram:

  • Saivor & Absolem - LEGEYA (Preview)

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  • 2 HOURS Live @ Astral Awakening (Mauritius) 2018

    Tracklist 1. Tuning Fork Of God - Twisted Sibling Aka Tetrameth & Shadow FX Pspiralife Remix (Unreleased) 2. Have You Not Heard - Pspiralife & Hellquist 3. Big Fat Lyre - Pspiralife & Hellquist 4. Anicca - Pspiralife 5. Darkness Feels Good - Pspiralife 6. Subconscious (Unreleased) 7. What Is Consciousness? - Pspiralife (Unreleased) 8. The Sacred Mountains - Pspiralife - AudioSpazm Remix (Unreleased) 9. Macro Micro - Pspiralife 10. The Big bad Wolf - Pspiralife 11. Sunny Heart - Electrypnose - Pspiralife Cover Version (Unreleased) 12. Doof Aint Noise Pollution - Pspiralife 13. Musical - Pspiralife & Klipsun 14. Dark Energy Matters - Pspiralife 15. Positive Forces - Pspiralife 16. Clockwork - Freedom Fighters - Pspiralife Remix 17. The Universe Is Sound - Pspiralife (Feat. Ryanosaurus) 18. There's No Fucking End - Pspiralife 19. Digital Thoughts - Pspiralife

  • Error 303 (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Djapatox 🎶

    Just uploaded another free download for yall! it was an old project that i never released, so i decidd to beef it up a little bit and give it to yall for free <3 Mastering by the almighty JILAX <3 Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Find Your Harmony Radioshow #113 (incl. Alex Leavon Guestmix)
    Find Your Harmony Radio

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  • TRANSIENT DISORDER - In Focus I 29/06/2018
    psy trance

    Up next in our In Focus series is Portuguese producer, TRANSIENT DISORDER. Listen to his exclusive live set, and read his words in the Ozorian Prophet. Tracklist : 1 – Transient Disorder – Wonderland 2 –Transient Disorder & Overdrive – The Watchers 3 – Transient Disorder & Spiritual Mode – True Hallucination 4 – Transient Disorder – Gateway to your mind 5 – Transient Disorder & Spiritual Mode – Lost spirit 6 – Transient Disorder & A-tech – Re-evolution 7 – Transient Disorder & A-tech – Frequencies 8 -Transient Disorder & Mono Sapiens – Universal conscesness 9 – Transient Disorder – Navigate to other Dimension 10 – Transient Disorder & D-Maniac – Desert Calling 11 – Transient Disorder & Mono Sapiens – Synthetic Life 12 – Tropical Bleyage – Eclipse ( Transient Disorder Remix ) Filipe Trindade a.k.a Transient Disorder was born in Portugal in the 90’s. His interest for music started very early, at the age of 13 he took his first steps playing the guitar. Later he had his first contact with electronic music, and caught the bug, never looking back. In the past he was part of several metal, hardcore and punk bands, and also participated in various electronic music projects, until he formed his solo project Transient Disorder, focusing on the psychedelic. His appearance on the Dacru Records uncharted series didn’t go unnoticed as the label offered him a fixed spot on their roster. As a young producer, his style is a perfect fit for dacru, with beautiful melodic touches and a strong production. Keep an eye out for this up-and-comer with many releases in the pipeline at Dacru Records. Transient Disorder on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • DUST I Looney Moon Showcase Vol.31 I 11/07/2018
    psy trance

    DUST is back on Looney Moon Records series. Andrea Lunghi AKA Dust has been releasing psychedelic trance music since 2008, always keeping on evolving and defining his cutting-edge, broad soundscape from night-time underground full-on tunes to daytime kick-ass dance floor stompers. His tracks are imprinted with his easily recognisable touch and you can hear them pounding at most of the psytrance events around the globe. Many releases followed Dust’s debut album “I don’t like psychedelics” on Looney Moon records in 2012, such as “My friends love psychedelics” in March 2013, “Explicit Content” in 2014 , “Hippie Blaster” in 2016 togheter with Lunatica, “Loonacy” in 2017 with Obliviant and “Wanamatcha” last december. Aside from his solo project, Dust has a role in many collaboration projects: Loonacy (with Obliviant), Foam (with Assioma) and Dustinface (with Phase) to name a few. Dust is a real production machine – His state-of-the-art studio kept him warm during the past cold season, as you can tell by the list of his upcoming releases:- Dust Vs Jumpstreet – “Dusty streets” Ep – Dust 3rd full length album His hectic touring schedules have brought him all around the world’s most renowed psychedelic gatherings, such as Boom and Ozora Festival in Europe, Rezonance in South Africa, Doof in Israel, Experience in Thailand and Universo Paralello in Brazil. Dust on Facebook | Soundcloud Looney Moon Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Shivatree & Manmachine - Planet X
    ShivaTree (Official)

    Release: 23.7.2018 ShivaTree & Manmachine teamed up to create a powerful tune which is also a debut release in HOMmega for both projects. The new single ‘Planet X’ is an intense ride with no breaks - fast, strong and intriguing. This is psychedelic full-on at it’s best !

  • Perception - Predestination OUT NOW! @ ALIEN RECORDS

    ''Predestination'', meu mais novo Single, lançado pelo maior selo de psytrance do Brasil, @Alienrec ! Produção e Mixagem: Victor Penteado @perceptionprog Download: Mastering: @4i20 Artwork: @2feetunderground

  • Factor B - Live @ Luminosity Beach Festival 2018 (Pure Trance Stage)
    Factor B

    Factor B - Live @ Luminosity Beach Festival 2018 (Closing Pure Trance Stage) ID - ID The Thrillseekers ft Fisher - The Last Time (Factor B Remix) John O'Callaghan ft Deidre McLaughlin - Stay With Me (ID Remix) ID - ID Luminary - Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix) Chakra - Home (ID Remix) ID - ID Factor B ft Cat Martin - White Rooms ID - ID Aly & Fila & FKN ft Jahala - How Long (Factor B Remix) Factor B - Into The Light Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday (Factor B's Back to the Future Remix) Factor B vs Neptune Project - Luna all my tears (Factor B Mash) Above & Beyond - Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (Factor B's Coming Home Edit) Super8 & Tab - No Frontiers (Factor B Remix) Nu NRG - Dreamland (Factor B's B2TF Remix)(OUTRO)

  • Henrique Camacho & Toothy - Mafu Mova ★OUT NOW★
    HenriqueCamacho 💣
    Progressive Trance

    Original track by @henriquecamachodj and @toothy777 

Mastered by @henriquecamachodj Label: @recpurplehaze Download link: Download link: Download link: Download link: