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  • 11.02 Digitund: Eestis töötab juba 16 kratti, aga vaja on veel
    Geenius Raadio

    11.02 Digitund: Eestis töötab juba 16 kratti, aga vaja on veel Saates on külas Ott Velsberg, Eesti riigi andmepealik, kes kutsub inimesi nuputama, kuidas Eesti riigis kratte tööle panna. Räägime, mis asi üldse tehisintellekti rakendus ehk kratt on ja kus kohas 16 kratti juba tegutsevad ja inimeste vaeva ja energiat kokku hoiavad. Saate teemad: - kas tuleb uus mobiilioperaatorite hinnasõda? - Facebook Messengeris saab nüüd sõnumeid kustutada - Cleveron kutsub jalgratast leiutama - YouTube lubab, et ei promo nii palju vandenõuteooriaid - Eesti riik otsib ideid krattideks Saatejuhid Henrik Roonemaa ja Hans Lõugas, külas Ott Velsberg majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeeriumist.

  • #274 Alexey Akhunov: Ethereum 1.x – BUIDLing Things One Step at a Time

    Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( BCC: 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( ETH: 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ( We're joined by Alexey Akhunov, an independent Ethereum researcher. Alexey has been working on an ambitious project called TurboGeth. As the name implies, it is a version of Geth which features a number of speed and performance optimizations. Alexey also leads the state rent working group of the Ethereum 1.x project. Ethereum 1.x came out of Devcon when core developers began to realize that the full migration to Serenity would likely take several years. The team hopes to bring progressive improvements to Ethereum in parallel to the development of Serenity. Topics discussed in this episode: - Alexey's background as a computer scientist - The story behind TurboGeth and how it differs from the original Geth client - The speed and performance optimizations of TurboGeth, as well as its trade-offs - What is Ethereum 1.x in the context of Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity) - Which people and projects are part of Ethereum 1.x - What is state rent and why it may be beneficial to Ethereum - Implementing state rent in Ethereum 1.x and 2.0 - eWASM and how it can be introduced in Ethereum 1.x and 2.0 - The future of Ethereum and the progress towards Serenity Links mentioned in this episode: - Alexey Akhunov on Medium: - TurboGeth talk at Bevcon4: - Ethereum State rent for Eth 1.x pre-EIP: - Ethereum state rent - rough proposal: - State Rent proposal version 2 (rushed): - Ethereum state rent proposal 2: - ETH Roadmap AMA: - EthCC: - EthCC Epicenter Meeup: Sponsors: - Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in just a few clicks - This episode is also available on : - - YouTube: - Soundcloud: Watch or listen, Epicenter is available wherever podcasts are distributed. Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal & Friederike Ernst.

  • Ep. 019 - Android holes, iOS screengrabbing and USB poo
    Sophos Security

    The Naked Security podcast pokes a stick into the latest critical security bugs in Android, investigates the dubious art of iOS screenshots you didn't take yourself, and marvels at the USB drive that survived a seal's digestive tract. With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matthew Boddy. This week's stories: Music by:

  • Bill Gates on solving the world’s problems… and building a better toilet
    The Vergecast

    Bill Gates and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discuss the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s ambitious plans to improve health in poor countries, build better toilets, gather better data about women, and rethink taxes on the wealthy.

  • 242: Jason Inman
    Geek History Lesson

    It's Geek History Lesson's fifth birthday this week. To celebrate, we dive into the history of one of our hosts: JASON INMAN. He is joined by a very special guest. Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later. Sign Up for CRISIS CLUB ► Buy our Comic Book - JUPITER JET - right here: Get a FREE Purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress! Just text "geekhistory" to 79-79-79. GET OUR RECOMMENDED READING from this episode here: Follow the show on TWITTER! Make sure to visit our Facebook fan page: You can find Ashley at and Jason at https://twitter.comJawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dismissed!

  • Alien Blackout, EA, Bungie and Activision - GMG Sh
    Grown Man Gaming (Video Game Podcast)
    Video Game Podcast

    Today we discuss Alien Blackout, EA, Bungie and Activision, and more. This is episode 192 of our video game podcast here on Youtube. 🥂 If you'd like to donate: ✔️ Watch the FULL podcast here: 🎮 MORE GMG Podcast Episode videos - 👉 Podcast Members: ✔️ Tray: ✔️ Ricky: ✔️ UTxDaProph3cy: 👉 Follow me! ✔️ My 2nd Channel! - ✔️Twitter - ✔️ Facebook - Check Out the Homies: has the best gaming articles on the net. Weapon Wheel Podcast: Wanna Send Me Fanmail? xChaseMoney P.O Box 8399 Pittsburgh, PA 15218

  • #013 - Jogos mais interessantes do começo de 2019 + Retorno e afins
    Critical Cast

    No episódio dessa semana, voltamos à ativa e falamos sobre os principais lançamentos do começo do ano, além da groselha tradicional. Obrigado pela audiência!

  • نشرة الأخبار… الأحد 10 فبراير 2019
    Tech News

    نشرة الأخبار تأتيكم يوميًا من البوابة العربية للأخبار التقنية في تمام الساعة: 8 صباحًا بتوقيت جمهورية مصر العربية. 9 صباحًا بتوقيت المملكة العربية السعودية. 10 صباحًا بتوقيت الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

  • 14.02 Autotund: Kalamajas tuleks parkimine tasuliseks teha
    Geenius Raadio

    Kesklinna populaarsed piirkonnad on ammu saavutanud oma maksimaalse parkimis- ja autovõimekuse. Inimesi kolib aga aina juurde. Kuidas seda kaost kasvõi ajutiselt reguleerida? Saate teemad: Automaailma uued startupid Porsche Taycan on vist valmis, aga ka natuke muutunud Miks on parim aeg oma autot pesta? Mängisime "The Grand Tour" seriaali. Misasja, kas trükiviga? Ei, justnimelt mängisime. Sõitsime esiveoliste Peugeot linnamaasturitega raskel maastikul Dodge RAM, jumalasündroom ja päris maastik Saatejuhid Hans Lõugas ja Tarmo Tähepõld uudisteportaalist

  • The Technical, Societal, and Cultural Challenges That Come With the Rise of Fake Media
    O'Reilly Radar

    In this episode of the Data Show, I spoke with Siwei Lyu, associate professor of computer science at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Lyu is a leading expert in digital media forensics, a field of research into tools and techniques for analyzing the authenticity of media files. Over the past year, there have been many stories written about the rise of tools for creating fake media (mainly images, video, audio files). Researchers in digital image forensics haven’t exactly been standing still, though. As Lyu notes, advances in machine learning and deep learning have also found a receptive audience among the forensics community.

  • We're Losing Our Jobs? - Dude Soup Podcast #212
  • PlayStation Blogcast Episode 320: Firs Timpressions

    We've got a real big shoe for ya today, with a fresh recap of the week's biggest news, our initial impressions of Respawn's surprise battle royale launch Apex Legends, and a warm welcome for our newest host. Enjoy!

  • نشرة الأخبار… السبت 9 فبراير 2019
    Tech News

    نشرة الأخبار تأتيكم يوميًا من البوابة العربية للأخبار التقنية في تمام الساعة: 8 صباحًا بتوقيت جمهورية مصر العربية. 9 صباحًا بتوقيت المملكة العربية السعودية. 10 صباحًا بتوقيت الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

  • 09.02 Restart: Eesti idufirma Katana on mitmekümnes riigis
    Geenius Raadio

    Restardis on külas Eesti idufirma Katana MRP, mis oli üks neist meie aastalõpu küsitluses päris kõrgele jõudnud ettevõtetest, millest meie saatejuhtidena mitte midagi ei teadnud. Mis firma on Katana MRP ja kuidas nad proovivad üle kogu maailma väiketootjatele selgeks teha, et just nende teenust kasutades hakkab tootmine ja äri senisest paremini sujuma? Saatejuhid Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist ning Taavi Kotka.

  • 08.02 Autotund: Politseiprefekt räägib ära kõik mobiilsetest kiiruskaameratest
    Geenius Raadio

    Sel nädalal kutsusime saatesse Põhja prefektuuri prefekti Kristian Jaani, et küsida, mis hakkab Eesti teedel toimuma 2019. aastal Saate teemad: Väga kiireid linnamaastureid tuleb aina juurde Selgus maailma aasta auto kümme finalisti Polestar avalikustab peagi palju soodsama mudeli Miks valitseb Tallinna lumekoristuses kerge kaos? Mõned ülekäigud pole Tallinnas ka rohelise tulega turvalised Mida tegi politseid aastal 2018 ja millised on plaanid käesolevaks aastaks Saatejuhid Hans Lõugas ja Tarmo Tähepõld uudisteportaalist

  • TMS 1651: Swashbuckling Seamen
    Scott Johnson 24

    Oh hi, remember me? Waterworld got LONGER. Coke is pretty sorry about that. What bed do you sleep in anyway? I didn't ask for gold on my pizza. Mommy, what are those people doing on his garage DOOR? Making Things with Bill and Jury Duty and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Checkpoint Mini #95 - Tyrian + a 10 legjobb shoot 'em up

    Grath és Stöki retro videojátékos podcastjának kisebb vadhajtása. Az adás témája: Tyrian, valamint a tíz legjobb shoot 'em up játék. Kísérőposzt itt:

  • E211 - Apex Legends, WarGroove, Sunless Skies, Metro Exodus
    Level BackUp

    I ukens episode av podcasten vår er vi innom gledesbomben Apex Legends, Nick skryter voldsomt av strategispillet WarGroove, Rune har blitt forført av Sunless Skies og ellers går vi gjennom bråket rundt lanseringen av Metro Exodus og mye mer. God helg!

  • Rad Crew S17E06: Apex Legends og trøbbel hos Activision Blizzard
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Vi snakker om fantastiske, vanedannende Apex Legends, pluss Vermintide 2! Pluss: Masseoppsigelser og corporate grådighet i Activision Blizzard. Med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Magnus Tellefsen, Jostein Hakestad

  • Podquisition Episode 217: I'm Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse joins us as a special guest, definitely, for Kingdom Hearts III.