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  • Podquisition Episode 182: Nintendo Gotta Nintendo

    We naturally give Nintendo a bit of a kicking for their Switch Online plans, as well as chat about Bloodborne (shock!), Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, and loads more!

  • The Spin-off Doctors: The King Of Kong

    We wipe our butts, we lose our luggage, and we lament as Brian Kuh is Brian Kuh.

  • AntiCast 337 – O(s) Marxismo(s)

    Neste programa, Ivan Mizanzuk, Zamiliano (Revolushow), João Carvalho (Decrépitos), Sabrina Fernandes (Tese Onze) e Marília Moschkovich continuam a conversa sobre Marx, desta vez falando sobre seu legado teórico. Qual a diferença entre literatura Marxista e Marxiana? Qual é a tal treta entre heterodoxos, ortodoxos e dogmáticos? Por que “feminismo marxista” é um assunto que gera tanta polêmica? É possível colocar quatro marxistas numa sala e ninguém sair brigado? >> 0h08min22seg Pauta principal Links Use o cupom ANTIMARXCAST na loja virtual da Boitempo 2018, o “Ano Marx” da Boitempo Encontro “Marx e Sexualidade” Karl Marx: biografia e desenvolvimento de sua obra // Por Michael Heinrich TV Boitempo AGENDA DO MICHAEL HEINRICH Aula Karl Marx: vida e obra de um bicentenário Dia 18 de maio de 2018, a partir das 19h30 Centro de Pesquisa e Formação do Sesc São Paulo Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 - 4º andar Bela Vista, São Paulo Mais informações em: *** Debate O Projeto MEGA e a construção de uma biografia intelectual de Marx com Michael Heinrich e comentários de Fábio Palácio Dia 19 de maio de 2018, a partir das 17h Integrando a programação do Seminário “Bicentenário Marx: Desbravar um mundo novo no séc. XXI” Novotel Jaraguá SP Conventions Rua Martins Fontes, 71 Centro, São Paulo Página do evento no Facebook: *** Debate 200 anos de Marx e o que ainda podemos aprender Com Michael Heinrich, Leda Paulani, Gerhard Dilger e Francis Mendes, mediação de Ruy Braga Dia 21 de maio de 2018, a partir das 17h30 Anfiteatro Nicolau Sevcenko – FFLCH/USP Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 338 Cidade Universitária, São Paulo Página do evento no Facebook: SORTEIO DOS LIVROS Serão sorteados os livros: “Karl Marx e o Nascimento da Sociedade Moderna – Biografia e Desenvolvimento de sua Obra. Volume 1, 1818‑1841”, de Michael Heinrich “O velho Marx – Uma biografia de seus últimos anos (1881-1883)”, de Marcello Musto Para participar: 1. Tenha uma conta no Twitter 2. Siga o Twitter do Ivan 3. Compartilhe o link deste episódio com a hashtag #AntiCastMarx

  • Google Makes YouTube MORE Confusing!! - WAN Show May.18 2018

    Madrinas: Head over to and use offer code LINUS to get 50% off Madrinas Coffee products! The first 50 people who use code LINUS will also get a FREE 6 pack of Cold Brew! Offer valid until May 25th. PIA: Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at LTX: Learn more about LTX 2018 at YouTube: Forum: Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89. 00:10:39 - Google AR headset 00:23:05 - Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee 00:24:51 - Sponsor: PIA 00:25:50 - LTX18 00:28:08 - EVGA ditches DVDs for USB flash drives 00:31:50 - A dozen of Google employees resigned to protest a DoD project 00:36:33 - YouTube Premium 00:42:30 - AREZ is gone ROG is back 00:43:15 - GTX 1170 00:47:37 - IOC to host esports summit in July

  • a16z Podcast: Network Effects, Origin Stories, and the Evolution of Tech

    "The rules of the game are different in tech," argues -- and has long argued, despite his views not being accepted at first -- W. Brian Arthur, technologist-turned-economist who first truly described the phenomenon of "positive feedbacks" in the economy or "increasing returns" (vs. diminishing returns) and the new world of business -- a.k.a. network effects. A longtime observer of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, he's seen how early entrepreneurs first got it, a few early investors embrace it, entire companies be built around it, and still yet others miss it... even today. If an inferior product/technology/way of doing things can sometimes “lock in” the market, does that make network effects more about luck, or strategy? What does it mean for companies and industries that want to make the new technology shift, and can they spot — or better yet build — the next big thing? And where does competitive advantage even come from when everyone has access to the same building blocks of innovation? Because Arthur — former Stanford professor, visiting researcher at PARC, and external professor at Santa Fe Institute who is also known as one of the fathers of complexity theory in economics — has written about the nature of technology and how it evolves, observing that new technology doesn’t come out of nowhere, but instead, is the result of “combinatorial” innovation. So does this then mean there’s no such thing as a dramatic breakthrough?! In this hour-long episode of the a16z Podcast, we (Sonal Chokshi with Marc Andreessen) explore many of these questions with Arthur. His answers take us from “the halls of production” to the “casino of technology”; from the invisible underground autonomy economy to the “internet of conversations”; from externally available information to externalized intelligence; and finally, from Silicon Valley to Singapore to China to India and back to Silicon Valley again. Who’s going to win; what are the chances of winning? We don’t know, because it’s a very different game… Do you still want to play?

  • a16z Podcast: B2B2C

    When it comes to B2B2C business models -- which combine both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) -- who really "owns" the customer? That question might not matter as much in more symbiotic, mutually beneficial marketplaces and other platform contexts, but can be a problem in other contexts or if not done right. For example, if it gives entrepreneurs the illusion that they don't have to work to acquire customers, invest in direct sales, or provides a (false) sense of optionality for a second product/ business that "will work later someday". General partners Alex Rampell (who among other things co-founded TrialPay and Affirm) and Martin Casado (who was formerly CTO and cofounder of Nicira, and then SVP and GM of VMWare's networking and security business unit) draw on their backgrounds on both the consumer and enterprise side of B2B2C to share lessons learned in this episode of the 16z Podcast (in conversation with Sonal Chokshi). In enterprise settings, expanding the sale is one of the biggest drivers of growth, and there are broader ecosystem partners and considerations at play. But more broadly, we discuss how one could think about "channel" -- a.k.a. the route to market for distributing product to customers -- as well as if, when, and how to build more than one product in a startup.

  • Laurel vs. Yanny? - you decide
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    The internet is abuzz with a Twitter post asking people what they're hearing - is it Laurel or Yanny? We went out and asked passerbys to weigh in, and their responses will surprise you.

  • Runde #163: Buzzword-Bingo!
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Mit welchen Worten und Worthülsen werden Spiele heutzutage eigentlich am häufigsten vermarktet? Um dieser Frage nachzugehen, haben sich Sebastian und Andre durch Dutzende von Amazon-Produktbeschreibungen aktueller und älterer Top-Titel geklickt und diskutieren nun über die Buzzwords, die durch die Bank fast immer anzutreffen sind – von Realismus über Dynamik bis hin zu Codewörtern für Gewalt.

  • LTB #366 - Outside Perspectives
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    On Today's Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Adam speaks with Lamar and Lafe of Hijro( about tokenizing invoices and community education with cryptocurrency. Christian Garcia reports from the south of Venezuela on bitcoin in real life, and real life with hyperinflation. Adam speaks with Ari from Neural Capital ( about crypto hedge funds and a "fund of funds" security token. New Stuff: Tip LTB via the Lightning Network! ( Tip LTB correspondent Christian Garcia directly Bitcoin: 1LzDGA7Xz1CMaBnBJC8W16YXFBhT3UVruL ETH: 0x2D3f907b0cF2C7D3c2BA4Cbc72971081FfCea963 --- Let's Talk Bitcoin! #366 was sponsored by and Content for today's show was provided by Lamar, Laife, Christian, Ari, and Adam. This episode was edited by Adam B. Levine Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash This episode featured music by Jared Rubens, General Fuzz, and Matthew Mulroney. Christian's segment also featured Venezuelan street noise courtesy of Brian L. Any questions or comments? email [email protected] See you next time

  • #269. Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes

    Esse é um Braincast especial. Carlos Merigo, Cris Dias, Alexandre Maron e Ju Wallauer apresentam o novo integrante da família B9 de podcasts. Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes, baseado no bestseller criado por Elena Favilli e Francesca Cavallo, é um podcast com contos de fadas sobre as mulheres extraordinárias que nos inspiram. > 33:45 Qual é a boa? --- TORNE-SE ASSINANTE DO BRAINCAST Patreon: Apoia-se: --- Críticas, comentários, sugestões para [email protected] ou nos comentários desse post. > Edição: Caio Corraini > Sound Design: Caco Teixeira > Arte da Capa: Johnny Brito

  • #121 Pain Funnel
    Reply All

    An ambitious plan to help people goes off the rails, and a man from Florida tries to fix things the only way he knows how: with prank phone calls.

  • 089 – Hey Google, cancele a minha internet

    Olá! Você entrou no Tecnoblog. Eu já vi aqui que você está interessado em ouvir o novo episódio do Tecnocast, aguarda só um minutinho enquanto eu localizo o arquivo do programa. ...: sons de teclado ao fundo :... Pronto, já encontrei! O episódio 089 fala sobre as novidades que o Google apresentou no Google I/O 2018. Se quiser ouvir o programa, é só rolar um pouquinho a tela e clicar no botão para dar o play. Se não, é só clicar em "Tecnoblog" para voltar para a página principal. Ah! Não se esqueça de deixar o seu comentário no final do programa, para sabermos o que você achou desse episódio.

  • God of War 4 BEST CUTSCENES EVER? - Dude Soup Podcast #174
  • CultCast #336 - Don’t buy a MacBook Pro until you hear this episode
    The CultCast

    Don’t buy any new MacBook Pro until you hear this episode—seriously. There are growing reports, tons of complaints, and a new petition claiming the butterfly keyboard in the new MacBook Pro has a critical design flaw that can’t be fixed. This episode we explore the issue with Matthew Taylor, creator of the keyboard recall petition, who tells us what’s going wrong with Apple’s butterfly keyboard, why it can’t be fixed, and why almost 30,000 people are demanding it be recalled. And stick around for a innovative new iPhone gimbal, a very cool throwback iPhone case, and the perfect green screen for your Twitch or Youtube streams in an all-new Under Review. This episode supported by Whether you’re looking to learn something new or just sharpen your skills, Udemy has over 65,000 courses starting at just 11.99. Visit or download the Udemy app to learn anytime, anywhere. CultCloth will keep your iPhone X, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad sparkling clean, and for a limited time use code CULTCAST at checkout to score a free CleanCloth with any order at Thanks to Kevin McLeod for the music you hear on today’s episode. On the show this week @erfon / @lkahney / @lewiswallace / @bst3r MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition [Update] * The butterfly keyboard in recent MacBooks draws frequent complaints. And these have now escalated to the point where an online petition is requesting that Apple recall every MacBook Pro released since 2016. * The “butterfly” name comes from the shape of each key’s internal mechanism. In the 2015 MacBook, Apple replaced the old scissor design with one reminiscent of a butterfly. * It’s supposed to more evenly distribute the pressure from tapping on the keys. As mentioned, it’s also 40 percent thinner. Jason Snell: * “Apple’s relative silence on this issue for existing customers is deafening. If these problems are remotely as common as they seem to be, this is an altogether defective product that should be recalled.” John Gruber: * “This keyboard has to be one of the biggest design screwups in Apple history. Everyone who buys a MacBook depends upon the keyboard and this keyboard is undependable.” Marco Arment: * “Butterfly keyswitches are a design failure…. they are fatally unreliable.” Casey Neistat: * Pic on twitter with caption: what am i supposed to do when the space bar stops working. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WITH THIS FCKING KEYBOARD Apple’s ‘butterfly’ MacBook keyboard problems bring class action lawsuit * A lawsuit filed in federal court claims that the keyboard used in all the MacBook Pros and MacBooks made for several years is defective. The plaintiffs request that this be made into a class action lawsuit, and that Apple be required to replace all the affected keyboards at no cost to users. * The lawsuit also requests punitive damages because, as they claim, Apple continued to build and sell laptops with the “butterfly” keyboard even though the company knew it was defective. Keyboard petition on Spiffy new iPhone X cases look like original iMac and iPhone Under Review! FreeFly Movi iPhone gimbal Classic C1: iPhone X case inspired by iMac G3 Elgato Green Screen Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

  • E175 - No Man's Sky Next, Black Ops 4, Rage 2, Oculus Go, Xbox Adaptive Controller
    Level BackUp

    Kom mai, du skjønne milde, og ta gjerne med deg en rykende fersk episode av spillpodcasten Level BackUp! Denne uken er vi innom alt fra en diger multiplayer-oppdatering av No Man's Sky til siste nytt om blant annet Rage 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 og en brilliant, ny Xbox-kontroller for funksjonshemmede. Dessuten har vi testet Oculus Go, Rune har endret litt oppfatning av Destiny 2: Warmind etter siste ukes testing og Karl er på Mega Man-kjøret. God langhelg, folkens!

  • Episode 69 | Walmart Ruined E3 2018
    Gaming Illuminaughty

    In episode 69 the crew assembles to talk a number of topics. Things such as the Walmart E3 2018 leaks, God of War, The Nintendo Switch, Sony Scaling back on E3, Destiny's Warmind, Black Ops 4 the Ubiverse and so much more!

  • Dreams Interview with Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule

    PlayStation.Blog interviews Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule, about Dreams, the team's upcoming PS4 project.

  • Gamekult l'émission #372 : The Crew 2
  • E821 NewsRoundtable JeffBercovici Inc AlexKantrowitz BuzzFeed: FB, GoogleAI, Amazon, auto, longevity
  • Episode 208 - Kari Byron
    Talk Nerdy

    On this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by Kari Byron to talk about her new book, "Crash Test Girl: An Unlikely Experiment in Using the Scientific Method to Answer Life's Toughest Questions." They talk about her time on Mythbusters, the importance of the scientific method, and how her work on television is empowering her daughter and other young girls to be who they really are. Follow Kari: @KariByron.