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  • Podquisition 269: The Nudest Podcast In Town

    Swing by the studio and demand we take our clothes off! Podquisition gets a new groove as we try out a studio space and discuss Spec Ops: The Line, Sonic the Hedgehog, and house clothes.

  • Rad Crew S19E07: Starcraft Ghost har lekket! Pluss Dreams på PS4
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Vi tar for oss Topp 5 spill som ble kansellert, men som likevel ble legendariske og nærmest sagnomsuste på grunn av hypen som oppstod rundt dem. Pluss: Dreams på PS4, Terminator Resistance, ukas nyheter, og mye mer! med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Yngvil Runde, Jostein Hakestad Støtt oss: RSS: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:…ast/id415698006 Facebook: Discord: Rad Community:

  • New Xbox Hardware, Fewer PC Hardwares
    The Sams Report

    On this edition of the Sams Report, Microsoft is preparing to release two new controllers, PC shipments will drop, and ARM phones? Please.

  • Gaming Like It's 1924

    Last week, we announced the winners of our second annual public domain game jam, Gaming Like It's 1924. The entries were so great this year that they deserve a close look, so this week myself and Randy Lubin — who was instrumental in conceiving, launching, and judging these jams — join the podcast to discuss all six of the winners from the game jam, and what makes them special.

  • TMS 1880: No Leftover Jerky
    Scott Johnson 24

    The Do-Me Decimal System. THERE! ARE! FOUR! FACES! G-string juice. The disclosure you're about to read is a product of poor QA. Good Morning Patch Adams Awakening! I have no self control when it comes to beef products. Can't be Australian, No Shelia or Bruce. The Tragically MC Gainy Hips. The Medicine Man gets into the 16th Street Walker. Wasn't There A Movie About Dead Poet Something? Washing Chinese Dong. Scott's back end is a little bitter. Robert Pattinson. Ol' Crayon Breath. A Perfectly Symmetrical Foot. Making things with Bill. Jury Duty and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • The Matrix - Riley get Red-Pill'd
    Linus Media Group

    If we really do live in a simulation, the best way to spend your time is to listen to the Carpool Critics talk about living in a simulation! Follow us on Twitter @CarpoolCritics !!

  • TMS 1879: Happy Presidence Day!
    Scott Johnson 24

    Fries, ribbed for her pleasure. Government Adjacent. Is There A Show Called Battlestar Something? Candy Crushing that Dooker. Crazy Neighbor Has A Lot To Answer For! Sniff the shirt, or be present, never both. Full Frontal Nightcrawler. That Wasn't A Real Barf, THANK GOODNESS. FreeHotelRoom Connection! Explaining how men's rooms work. Remember the Titus. Trek Nerd and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • LOLbua 296 - Gammel og grå - Bleeding Edge - Historier fra gamlehjemmet
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Jon Cato, Lars og Ståle gir deg en guide til det å bli gammel i ukas episode av LOLbua. Hva er fordelene med å nærme seg pensjonistalderen, og hva er ulempene? I tillegg blir det mange heftige diskusjoner: går det an å gå på afterski uten å ha gått på ski først? Hvorfor i helvete insisterer gamle folk på å gi sjekk i stedet for cash i gave? Og hvorfor hater Jon Cato Sonic-filmen? Vi har selvsagt ikke glemt dataspillene. Jon Cato har kost seg med Supergiant Games sitt Hades, som bare fortsetter å bli bedre og bedre i Early Access-modellen, mens Ståle har vært med i den lukkede betaen til Overwatch-utfordreren Bleeding Edge fra Ninja Theory. Og du vil rett og slett ikke tro hva Lars har spilt!

  • MacGadka #180 – Słuchawki na kablu i gramofon, czyli podsumowanie 2019 roku

    To jest ten odcinek, w którym w końcu mieliśmy okazję spotkać się z naszymi przyjaciółmi z firmy Wózki Widłowe Lifter 🏋️‍♂️. Rozmawialiśmy o wszystkim, o bateriach, o iPhone'ach i o tym czym na co dzień zajmuje się Lifter. Za nami rekordowy pod każdym względem kwartał finansowy Apple. Rozłożyliśmy więc wszystkie cyferki na części pierwsze. W końcu przyszedł czas na podsumowanie 2019 roku. Wytypowaliśmy najmocniejsze punkty minionego roku w wykonaniu Apple. Jak również wskazaliśmy nasze rozczarowania.

  • Checkpoint 6x03 - A Videoton TVC

    Az IDDQD podcastjének 6x03-as (összesen 131.) adása Grathtel és Stökivel. Vendégek: Bertók Zsolt és Sáránszki Mihály, Vidoton TVC-fejlesztők. Téma: a Videoton TVC. Kísérőposzt linkekkel:

  • BOOP 235: Big Beefy Machine
    Scott Johnson 24

    Scott tries to like Nom Nom Apocalypse. Brian quite likes Knights and Bikes. Scott thinks Wolcen is rad other than serious server issues. Aegis is worth defending. American Fugitive is still great. We play Guess My Game! Your emails and more!

  • TMS 1801: 1 Million Moms suck at counting
    Scott Johnson 24

    Takitti Wakki. Mythological Facism. Only 984,000 Short of a Million. Turmoil in the Turd box. Snort The Outrage. Never Seen Anyone Doing It Backwards. Our Moonsies Are In Synch. Whatever you do, don't make fun of Hitler. Shoes flying off. The height of comedy. Billy Ketchup. Toilet Paper Supplies Wiped Clean. Jason Basement. Two Jon Voights. Tom's Tech Time! Reccomentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Dropping Spicy #35: Fresh Perspective
    Mash Those Buttons
    Apex Legends

    Kinder and Edanar are joined by Mash Those Buttons network owner Jarret "Jaa" Redding, fresh off his first Apex win to get a newbie perspective on how Apex has changed since release. We also discuss how the show, itself is doing, and get some insight into the inner workings of Mash Those Buttons. Afterwards, we answer a slew of listener questions, including a possible Crypto buff, whisperings of Loba, and a discussion about our casting picks for a hypothetical Apex movie.

  • Podquisition 268: Travel

    Your old pal Jim Sterling is in Philadelphia now, though arriving did not come without a hefty price. Also, we discuss The Dark Crystal's bad game, pattern recognition in a game about trains, and other videogame nonsense.

  • #257 - Träumen Zombies von ihren Töchtern?
    Daddel Gebabbel

    Maik, Daniel und Jan setzen sich zusammen, um über tolle Gewinnspiele, Intros, Themen, News und sogar Spiele zu sprechen. Alles andere findet ihr in den Timecodes: Beginn - 00:11:05 Gewinnspiel GameStop und Little Nightmares 2 Figur ( ) 00:11:05 - 00:37:46 Intro aka 2 Leaks, Switcher Update, E3, Pokémon Home und Xbox Game Pass, Pumpkin Jack, PS Forum geschlossen und PS Spielerfest Thema 00:37:46 - 01:26:51 "Daddel Gebabbel" News 01:26:51 - 01:32:03 Droht die Verschiebung von PS5 und Xbox? 01:32:03 - 01:35:40 Remedy hat noch drei weitere Spiele in Entwicklung 01:35:40 - 01:40:35 YAGER hat eine Investition von Tencent erhalten 01:40:35 - 01:43:15 Google Stadia auf weiteren Smartphones verfügbar Spiele 01:43:15 - 02:00:27 Zombie Army 4: Dead War 02:00:27 - 02:10:02 Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Erweiterungpass „Fahle Schatten“ 02:10:02 - 02:34:52 Dreams 02:34:52 - 02:54:22 Ciel Fledge - A Daughter Raising Simulator 02:54:22 - 03:02:15 Feedback 03:02:15 - 03:04:20 Meta Games 03:04:20 - 03:14:22 Stapel der Schande - Updates 03:14:22 - 03:18:13 Was habt ihr zuletzt gespielt? 03:18:13 - 03:28:31 Was habt ihr zuletzt gesehen? Mit Pastewka 03:28:31 - Ende Verabschiedung und ein bisschen Nachgespräch Wenn ihr uns unterstützen möchtet, ist hier der Link zu unserer amazon Wunschliste: Kontakt zu uns: Podcast Account auf… Twitter: @DaddelGebabbel Facebook: Daniel ( @vondergraaf | PSN: Von_Der_Graaf ) Maik ( @lixmo | PSN: Lixmo ) Jan ( @FischerMinus88 | PSN: Fischer-88 )

  • GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020
    Linus Media Group

    To experience the world’s first 100% waterproof knit shoe, and get $25 off your order visit Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own water bottle at LTX2020, Save the Date - August 8+9, 2020 - Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy Lloyd Dunamis) 01:51 INTRO 02:49 Intel XE Series GPU Leaks 06:30 GPU TDP Watt ratings 07:37 Naming: Chiplets vs Tiles 09:08 Excitement level assessment 11:20 New Youtube & Floatplane Channel 13:50 Actual new channel announcement 20:26 New channel naming, and Luke's ulterior motive 22:42 Purpose 26:26 TESLA Returned Autopilot/Self-driving Feature 26:30 "Cars as a Service" discussion recap 30:36 Actual topic + related 35:44 SPONSORS 35:54 Vessi Footwear 37:14 Backblaze 38:14 PIA - Private Internet Access 42:55 New Shipping Pricing Structure for 47:31 Sony Struggling with PS5 Price 48:10 Nintendo Peripherals price rant in-betweens 55:51 (Emergency) Phone Call: Server room fire 55:38 NVidia GeForce Now - Publishers Pull Out 57:46 Elon Musk's Starlink Plan Approved for Australia 1:01:01 The Essential Phone Closure 1:02:07 Steam Labs Experiment 008 - Machine Learning Suggests Which Owned Games To Play Next 1:02:55 (Small Update) Server's super cramped 1:04:09 What it looks like (screenshots) 1:04:55 Burning Server Update 1:14:42 Puerto Rico's Government Phished for US$2.6M 1:16:13 Backblaze's 2019 HDD Failure Rates Report Released 1:19:16 Folding Phones Released - Samsung & Motorola 1:19:30 Poll: Folding (Horizontal) vs Flipping (Vertical) vs Standard 1:21:08 Poll results 1:22:36 SUPACHATS 1:23:09 "Where do you see VR in 1, 5 or 10 yrs; Hard limits in the tech?" 1:26:55 Who & Which channel to contact for episode ideas 1:28:30 Burning Server (Update) 1:31:00 OUTRO

  • LTB#427 Mainstream Moments and the CompuServe of Crypto
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    With the price of bitcoin headed up again, the idea of blockchains and digital currencies has never been more palatable to the mainstream. We've seen this cycle before, but could this time be different? This episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin! is sponsored by and Today's discussion features: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Stephanie Murphy Adam B. Levine Music for today's episode was provided by Jared Rubens and Gurty Beats. Today's episode features audio clips from CNBC, C-SPAN and Would you like to Sponsor a future episode of the Let's Talk Bitcoin! show? Do you have any questions or comments? Email [email protected]

  • Current Geek 249: Everything is better in space
    Scott Johnson 24

    Welcome to Current Geek! The talk show about items of interest to the geeks of the world, and YOU. I'm Scott Johnson and he's Tom Merritt This week we're starting a new idea. Once a month instead of reviewing the geeky 'news" (which we'll still do) we'll dive in deep on a geeky topic. We'd like to get these topic ideas from YOU so email them to [email protected] or submit them on the subreddit at But to give you an example of how this all works, we came up with a topic ourselves this time.

  • Nintendo Play Station
    Unlimited Lives

    This week the gang talk about Bioware's Anthem leaving the Christmas lights on, Sonic the Hedgehog movie is actually doing well, and a deep dive into the Nintendo Play Station which was Sony and Nintendo's CD based console project in 1990 before the Playstation.

  • Qommute #6: Transports et Comportements

    Instant introspection, nos 3 chroniqueurs reviennent pour analyser les comportements qu'ils ont observés, vécus ou changés dans les transports. Ken a atteint le zen absolu en adoptant l'eco conduite, Victor exorcise les demons de l'angoisse des transports et Chloé pourfend les relous sexistes qui pourrissent les trajets des femmes. 3 chroniques, 3 news, des avis tranchés et des informations sourcées. Boire ou choisir ? Il faut conduire ! ==== Ecoutez Qommute sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez Qommute sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Qommute sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :