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  • Tiga & The Martinez Brothers - Cleopatra (Ricardo Villalobos Cleopathique Remix)
    Turbo Recordings

    12" Vinyl available now, Digital available May 31st: Still on their six-legged victory lap following the massive success of the Blessed EP, Tiga & The Martinez Brothers look to the outer limits of techno and beyond for the remixes. “Blessed was a baby born of friendship, and you don’t turn your baby over to some dude making ‘dark, atmospheric bangers' on Ableton. You take that baby, you put on her bonnet and you entrust her to some of the most successful men in the world so you can take your wife salsa dancing for once,” says Tiga. Longtime Turbo target Ricardo Villalobos delivers his personal magic on the remix of “Cleopatra." This is not the kind of everyday magic you’d find in a kind word from a stranger or the childlike wonder of a child. This is the good kind of magic. Louis Vuitton Creative Director/Off-White mastermind Virgil Abloh, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, was a big fan of “Blessed,” and turns in a remix that is closer to "future jazz” than Tiga would have accepted from anyone else on that list, except for maybe Hugh Jackman. Abloh also designed the artwork for the release, which depicts the fall of man as seen through the eyes of a jean jacket. “I speak for everyone at Turbo when I say we are delighted and honoured to bring these two friends and creative forces into the fold,” says Tiga. “Some people well tell you that hatred and divisiveness are the answers to society’s ills, but I respectfully disagree. It’s friendship that’s gonna see us through. If I can convince two of today’s leading cultural figures to roll up their sleeves and figure out my remix pack, imagine what I could do if given control of a small country. I don’t see any other labels making these kinds of claims, and to me that says a lot.”

  • I Hate Models - Romantic Psycho (Perc Trax)

    Pre-order Vinyl, CD and digital Romantic Psycho video Taken from the I Hate Models album 'L'Âge Des Métamorphoses'. 3x12" vinyl, 2xCD and digital to be released on Perc Trax on 21st June. 1) The Beginning Of The End 2) Crossing The Mirror 3) Impossible Love 4) You Are Not Alone 5) The Night Is Our Kingdom 6) Those Shiny Razor Blades 7) Partner In Crime 8) Romantic Psycho 9) Sexual Tension 10) Forgiveness 11) Fade Away 12) Eternity Is Burning

  • Premiere: Boxia - Where Are Your Friends [Drumcode]
    When We Dip

    'Boxia drops his debut album ‘A Night In The Life Of’ on Drumcode...' Read More: Follow: @boxia // @drumcode Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>>

  • A1. Orli - Ynmwnbnct

    CHAPTER 001 Get lost into Orli's music world 180 gr - Vinyl Only OUT IN JUNE 2019 Produced & Mixed by Orlando Stefano Tosi Mastered by Kitaro at Schnittstelle(Berlin) Artwork by WBROS Distributed by KMA60

  • Möd4rn - HATE Podcast 133

    One-Hundred-Thirty-Third Hate​ exclusive podcast with Möd4rn (Möd3rn​) "Hardware Live", recorded at Rex Club​, Paris on May 17th 2019. Download available at 7000 listens. Möd3rn is the alliance between two experienced french producers, Electric Rescue (best known as head master of french techno label Skryptöm records) and Maxime Dangles (sound wizard and former pillar of Kompakt records ), and two uprising french talents Moteka (the skillful producer from Skryptöm and Children of Tomorrow records) and : Kmyle (who distinguished himself with his acclaimed releases on Skryptöm and Clergy). The four expert producers merge into a unique entity, with techno music as their only goal. The common musical passion leads the group, where individual personalities are shadowed by the resulting ethereal and synthetic aesthetic. There are no rules, and the whole project lies on improvisation, where each member’s sounds - subtle keys, cosmic drones, subterranean rumbles and rhythmical bursts - blend into a devastating maelstrom, combining Paris multiple underground influences with last decade’s best avant-garde cacophonies. The obtained result is irresistible, ecstatic and contemporary, and explores all of techno’s incredible diversity and dynamism. Fate has brought the four partners together to celebrate their mutual friendship by improvising as a unique polymorphic creature powered by the urge to dance and the passion for music, resulting in their eponym label’s releases. Mod3rn is currently celebrating their 10th release : "Trabeos10 EP" and offer today 1h30 of live recording from their latest session at Rex Club, Paris on May 17th 2019. Follow Möd4rn / Möd3rn here: Follow HATE here:

  • deep story nr. 121 l we missed you l by Marius Drescher
    Deep Stories
    Deep House

    Tracklist: English version: coming soon Fortsetzung deep story nr. 116 Wieder in der Realität angekommen nach der geschmeidigen Sause gestern. Man hat das gut getan mal zu den Wurzeln zurückzukehren und die alte Hood zu besuchen. Nach dem Massenauflauf in der Kathedrale hat die Wohnzimmer-Atmosphäre ein wohliges Gefühl der Freiheit vermittelt. Demnächst geht’s definitiv wieder öfter in die Innenstadt. Vielleicht sollte ich mir auch mal wieder die kleinen, aufwendig gestalteten Raves im Park wieder anschauen. Na dann Handy versorge mich mit Musik, damit ich beschwingt aus dem Bett hüpfen kann. Kurz mal checken ob jemand geschrieben hat. Neue Nachricht von ComRa Events „We missed you“! Lieber Raver, mit bedauern mussten wir feststellen, dass sie sich gestern für eine andere Veranstaltung entschieden haben. Wir versuchen stets unser Bestes, um sie als Konsument mit immer ausgefalleneren, größeren und spektakuläreren Events zu beglücken. Bitte geben sie uns doch ein kurzes Feedback, warum sie sich gestern nicht für unser Event entschieden haben. Wenn sie schon feiern gehen, verschwenden sie ihre Zeit doch nicht mit nicht Premium Produkten. Ihre ComRa Events Vermittler Woher haben die meine Nummer und vor allem wieso wissen die, dass ich gestern feiern war. Die haben ihre Leute mittlerweile echt Überall. Was für eine miese Masche, so die Leute abzuwerben. Das geht doch entschieden zu weit. So geil die Partys auch sein mögen, es gibt Grenzen und die werden eindeutig überschritten. Das stärkt mich nur in meinem Entschluss wieder die alten Wohnzimmer vergangener Tage zu besuchen. Dort wo die Musik noch mit Hand und Herz gemacht wird. Mal schauen wer denn nächste Woche zu Besuch ist im „Hufeneisen“. Marius Drescher wird vor Ort sein! Wunderbar seine letzten Releases waren einfach genial. Na dann schmeißen wir uns doch mal sein neuestes Set auf die Ohren, um die Floorfreude zu steigern. Music by Marius Drescher Soundcloud: Facebook: Text by The Doubljuh @doubljuh * More Deep Stories *

  • JKS - Pace Maker [MLKL016]

    JKS - Firedance EP [MLKL016] Out 27/05 on Vinyl & Digital Pre-order : A1. JKS - Firedance A2. JKS - Washing Crack Machine B1. JKS - Rock the House B2. JKS - Pace Maker Music by @jksmusic Artwork by Armand Mayor Mastering by Curve Pusher

  • Minupren & BMG - REVOLT 2019 Promo Mix - TEKK DICH WEG Stage
    Tauben & Elefanten

    Sunshine Live Special Squad vom 17.05.2019 - Ohne Werbung - Ohne Gelaber, mit Tauben und Elefanten <3

  • PREMIERE: FREE.D - Rotate (Talal & Nihil Young Remix) [Hidden Vibes]
    Progressive Astronaut

    Like the Track? Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it! ► YouTube: ► Soundcloud: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Buy: Release Date: 04-06-2019 ► Nihil Young ♫ ► Talal ♫ ► Hidden Vibes ♫ Tracklist: 01. FREE.D - Rotate (Original Mix) 02. FREE.D - Rotate (Talal & Nihil Young Remix) 03. FREE.D - What Saw Ever (Original Mix) Release Info: FREE.D's experiment with new studio treasure Sub 37 results in rolling melody over the groovy bassline in his new track "Rotate". As he said FREE.D was literally rotating the new synth over and over and that's where he lost the count of the days. "Rotate" is all about creativity and simplicity at the same time. As the opposite FREE.D is putting into this EP a complex and more sound design driven track "What Saw Ever" with unexpected ideas that was inspiring to hear! A very deep and atmospheric remix comes this time from Talal and Nihil Young. Guys created huge energy flow here so that all together these 3 tracker EP is all about Hidden Vibes! We dance again! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ALL PREMIERS: ALL FREE DOWNLOADS: ALL PODCAST EPISODES:

  • Live at Masters Of Hardcore - Vault Of Violence 2019
    Miss K8
    Hardcore techno

    Here is my liveset from @MastersOfHardcore - Vault Of Violence - 2019! Watch the videoset on YouTube:

  • VTSS - Safe location (Exclusive Digital Bonus) [RPTCH10]

    Repitch Recordings welcomes VTSS (@vitiosus) to its ranks. The Polish DJ and producer (real name Martyna Maja) being a proud alumn of Warsaw’s Brutaz clubnight and Jasna1 club (as well as one of Discwoman’s most recent acquisitions), it is no wonder her style overflows with dark energy and tenacious ravey vibes. Her Repitch debut channels this same ardor into four heavy-hitting bangers that serve as sonic power conductors and ecstatic stamina enhancers. The industrialized pounding of her drum sounds is always accompanied by a taste for reimagining the classic vestiges of techno, rave and even hardcore: from hoover sounds and sampled vocal refrains to classic Berlin- style staccato synth pulses. Her approach is though far from just piling a set of tokenized references, and the raw urgency that fuels her creative energy keeps her production as fresh as her behind-the-decks manifestations.

  • Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast 205 by The Satan
    Masters of Hardcore

    🎶STREAM THE LATEST HARDCORE: HARDCORE💥: UPTEMPO⚡️: FRENCHCORE🔥: CLASSICS💯: 1. Intro 2. The Satan – Wrong Master 3. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Church of the Silence 4. Malice – Brutalized 5. Angerfist - Send Me to Hell (The Satan Remix) 6. The Satan – You Are Sick 7. Delete & The Outside Agency - Watching You 8. The Satan – Bleed 9. The Satan - One More Time 10. The Satan – Doom (Edit) 11. eDUB - Decibel 12. The Satan – Made Of Fire 13. The Satan – Way Out (Edit) 14. The Satan – Beast 15. The Satan – Black List 16. Detest & The Satan – Walk 17. The Satan – Crunk 18. The Satan – I See My Demons 19. The Satan – Meat 20. The Satan – Cry 21. The Satan – Guns In Our Waist 22. The Satan – Moshpit 23. Sei2ure – You Wanna Die 24. The Satan – Can’t Stop 25. The Satan – Bad Blood 26. N-Vitral - Default Damager 27. The Satan – Born In The Dark 28. I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked 29. The Satan – Kicks Up FOLLOW MOH: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: @mastersofhardcore Youtube: Instagram: Website: FOLLOW THE SATAN: Facebook: Soundcloud: @satan666 Instagram:

  • Vintekk vs. Crusher Live @ MBIA Closing Berlin by EFN 18-05-19 [Unser Club im Herzen der Hauptstadt]
    CRUSHER LIVEACT [Official] - 1ST Profil
    Hardtekk / Livetekk

    Lange Nächte, tiefe Bässe, schrille Töne, bis die Sonne zum Eingang des Mbia´s reinscheint und alle den Tag direkt unter dem Fernsehturm beginnen / beenden, still remember Club Mbia! Unser Technowohnzimmer im Herzen der Hauptstadt. <3 Follow: Vintekk, Crusher, EFN Crew, Hardforce Booking, Strezzkidz <3

  • Premiere: SHDW & Obscure Shape - Der Fluch [VOLT001C]

    HATE exclusive premiere. Full streaming of the EP soon on our HATE Youtube channel. Support the label, buy it here: Artist: Various Artists Title: Circuit Breaker Label: Voltage Festival Catalogue: VOLT001C Format: 12" Vinyl Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Release date: May 24, 2019 Tracklist: A1: Twan - La Petite Mort A2: Orphx - Sans Dents B1: Hadone - Glory Moves B2: Shdw & Obscure Shape - Der Fluch Voltage Festival is releasing a compilation of 4 EP's to celebrate five years of existence. The EP's are dedicated to four sub-genres of techno and represent the versatility in techno of Voltage Festival's line-up. The series starts off with a classic techno EP called ‘Zener Diode’, followed by a deep techno one called ‘Wiring Harness’, an industrial release with the name ‘Circuit Breaker’ and closing with acid techno called ‘Resistor’. The artists featured on the releases already made their appearance at Voltage Festival, or are playing on this year’s edition. Curated by Parallel Circuit Design by Phaze One Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio, Glasgow. Follow Voltage Festival here: ___ DISCLAIMER: All tracks are uploaded in a low quality for promotional purposes only and with buy links to respect label and artists. If either label, artist or third party copyright holder do not agree with their material being uploaded please contact us on Facebook: or via email: [email protected] Follow us on SOUNDCLOUD for exclusive podcast series: Follow us on INSTAGRAM for releases previews and news:

  • sound(ge)cloud 113 Friends Special by arkadiusz. – sonido del verano
    Elektro Uwe

    sound(ge)cloud 113 by arkadiusz. ( – sonido del verano Die 113 ist meine absolute Glückszahl … sie läuft mir immer wieder nur im positiven Sinne über den Weg. Und auch diesmal ist mir erst heute Morgen so richtig bewusst geworden das das mal wieder passt wie die Faust aufs Auge. Es gibt wohl keine DJ / Künstler der mich in den letzten Jahren musikalisch überzeugt, bereichert, geprägt, begleitet, verzaubert, beeinflusst hat. Die Rede ist von einem meiner besten Freunde ARKADIUSZ. Und dass er nun die 113 in meiner Herzens-Reihe ist … ist bestimmt kein Zufall. „Lieber Arka die Musik hat uns zusammen gebracht und es ist so schön dich als Freund zu wissen. Danke für dein liebevolles Sein.“ Und mehr will ich an der Stelle gar nicht sagen und lasse einfach die Musik sprechen. arkadiusz. (Afterhour Sounds / Kollektiv Liebe e.V. / Spessart) Soundcloud arkadiusz. --- Facebook arkadiusz. --- Download for free on The Artist Union

  • [Free Track] Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Feel The Groove

    More Infos:

  • PREMIERE: AARYON - Unpleasant (Original Mix) [RUKUS]
    Progressive Astronaut

    Like the Track? Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it! ► YouTube: ► Soundcloud: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Buy: Release Date: 24-05-2019 ► Aaryon ♫ ► Rukus ♫ Tracklist: 01. AARYON - Unpleasant 02. Daniel Blackman – ‘Tales of Persia 03. Russell – The Wager 04. WHYT NOYZ – Snakes & Ladders Release Info: To kick start the summer season RUKUS launches 3AM, and heralds a new sampler series for Matador’s imprint. This first edition features label debuts from AARYON, and Daniel Blackman, and the welcome return of Russell, and WHYT NOYZ. Celebrating fresh and creative original cuts perfect for peak time plays, 3AM embraces innovative and timeless music from artists offering sublime immersion in main room moments Spanish DJ/Producer AARYON possesses a perfect rawness when it comes to composing edgy sound and opens the EP with ‘Unpleasant’, a satisfyingly bass-heavy, uncompromising anthem driven by pure rhythm and delicately balanced with vibrant, wavering lead lines and retrospective strings. Next up, emerging UK producer Daniel Blackman’s ‘Tales of Persia’ delivers a tantalising nod to Middle Eastern scale. A rollicking bassline, accented by lofty, mesmeric female vocals and hypnotic melodies, commands a spellbinding breakdown which will enthral dancefloors worldwide. Russell, RUKUS regular, is back with a no nonsense, floor filling stomper ‘The Wager’. Hi-hats well to the fore, the track pulsates with pacy, rhythmic bass and enigmatic synth lines. Sharply punctuated vocal stabs sit on top of polished musical crescendos and playfully call for the ear’s attention. In ‘Snakes & Ladders’, dynamic producer WHYT NOYZ dives deeper into funky synth twists and subtly spirited melody. Blending minimalist plucks, snappy vocals, and flawless percussion, he closes out the EP with an upbeat energetic flourish and a definitively slick, prime time groove. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ALL PREMIERS: ALL FREE DOWNLOADS: ALL PODCAST EPISODES:

  • Klanglos live @ Die Rakete, Nürnberg

    Live recoding from our Bassgefluester Showcase @ Die Rakete, Nürnberg - free download! «DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR? FOLLOW MY CHANNEL!» • _ «MUSIC» • Soundcloud: • Beatport: • Youtube: • Spotify: «SOCIAL MEDIA» • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: «MERCH» • Merch: __ «QUESTIONS? INFOS? REQUESTS?» • Mail: [email protected] • Homepage: __ «KLANGLOS - TECHNO MIT HERZ!» • Techno Tracks, Sets, Videos, Podcasts, Remixes uvm... • Deep, Melodic, Dark & Impulsive! #Techno #Klanglos #TechnoMitHerz #Melodic