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  • Listen to the Democratic circus
  • Le président de la République par intérim, Barlen Vyapooree, se confie avant son départ
    News & Politics
  • XLD : «Cela donne la raison au PMSD d’avoir quitté le gouvernement (en 2016)»
    News & Politics
  • Trump: ‘I Caught the Swamp’
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on November 15, 2019. Visit: [00:50] ‘I Caught the Swamp’ (28 minutes) During the Obama administration, the media and White House insiders often kept quiet about scandalous activity. Former officials have parroted the line scandal free for years now. The administration wasn’t really scandal free; instead it created an environment that one former journalist described as being akin to a police state. The Obama White House prosecuted leakers like no administration in history. And his staff was filled with Democratic “yes-men.” Many of the men left over from the Obama administration have used their positions to attack President Donald Trump. But now they are being exposed, as the president said last week: “I caught the swamp.” [30:10] Bible Study: Search for Opportunities (25 minutes) There has never been a time in history filled with greater opportunities! But you can’t expect those opportunities to fall into your lap. God expects us to go to Him and ask for and seek those opportunities. In this segment, I talk about the example Winston Churchill set in his pursuit of opportunity!

  • No US Coup in Bolivia!
    Media Roots Radio

    Abby and Robbie talk about USAID giving $54 million to the Venezuelan opposition, the latest videos coming out of Hong Kong, and then address all the updates with the military coup in Bolivia that outed Evo Morales: allegations of election fraud, breakdowns of the opposition, the violence being perpetrated by the fascist coup mongers, and the direct evidence of the US role in the coup. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast, please consider donating to Media Roots Radio on Patreon // FOLLOW // //

  • Entrevista Luxemburgo - 14/11/2019
  • The taming of the Brexit Party
    News & Politics

    The Brexit Party, Hillary Clinton, the party’s spending plans and other General Election news. Brendan O’Neill, Ella Whelan and Fraser Myers discuss. Check out the spiked shop:

  • Импичмент Трампа – урок Зеленскому
    Радио Свобода

    Что инкриминируют президенту Трампу? За что можно отстранить президента от власти? Почему дипломаты критикуют президента? Стоит ли Киеву опасаться импичмента Трампа? Нашел ли Зеленский ключ к Трампу? Может ли Киев опереться на Вашингтон? Эти и другие вопросы мы обсуждаем Полом Грегори, почетным профессором Хьюстонского университета, сотрудником Гуверовского института и Юрием Ярым-Агаевым, правозащитником, главой Центра изучения тоталитарных идеологий.

  • WTNY: Ugly mayor's race
    News & Politics
  • Тайные знания цивилизаций. 2019 - 11 - 15
    News & Politics
  • When Hearsay Is Much Better Than Direct Evidence
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on November 14, 2019. Visit: [00:30] Gutting the National Security Council (15 minutes) During his presidency, Barack Obama bloated the National Security Council (NSC) from 100 members to over 300. Many NSC members stayed on board at the White House after Obama left. Some of those holdovers are the reason there were so many leaks coming from within the Trump administration. Now the president’s new senior national security adviser is promising to streamline the Council and reduce it back down to size. This is all part of President Donald Trump’s plan to drain the swamp. [16:00] The Low-Budget Sequel to the Mueller Investigation (40 minutes) Public hearings for the impeachment inquiry started yesterday. The Democrats’ two star witnesses didn’t offer any new evidence, and they provided information that they’d heard second-hand, sometimes third-hand. That didn’t stop one Democrat from coming to their defense with this astounding statement: “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct ….”

  • Ep 584 | DONALD TRUMP'S LWC TAKEOVER! | Gavin McInnes Guests | Louder with Crowder
    Louder With Crowder

    Okay listen, Donald Trump will be talking all things Democrats are big losers who hate America winning, so much winning. Jimmy Carter is an idiot, Oprah’s magazine which, frankly, could use some work, and finally mocking the Democrat candidates most cringeworthy moments. It was impossible to narrow them down to just a handful, okay? But we pulled it off, as promised. Joined by Gavin McInnes. Wait, isn’t he Canadian?

  • Michael Shellenberger: the lost souls of the green movement
    News & Politics

    Michael Shellenberger, founder of Environmental Progress, talks to Brendan O’Neill about Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and the myth of the Amazon fires. Visit the spiked shop:

  • RWW News: Sam Rohrer Says The 2020 Election Could Prompt God to Unleash 'Final Judgment'
    News & Politics
    680 Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this clip, right-wing pastor Sam Rohrer says that depending on how the 2020 election turns out, it could prompt God to unleash his "final judgment upon this nation for what we have been doing."

  • Let the Impeachment Circus Begin
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on November 13, 2019. Visit: [01:00] Unstable Europe (7 minutes) An unstable Europe makes for an unstable world. History and Bible prophecy show where Europe is heading. [08:00] The Show Trial Begins (12 minutes) Democrats have already decided United States President Donald Trump is guilty, even though impeachment proceedings are just beginning. In this segment, I discuss the latest in the impeachment saga and why this is all just a show. [20:00] Trump’s Resurgence (12 minutes) While the mainstream media obsess over impeachment, President Trump is speaking about the positives steps forward for his administration. He’s also exposing the “deep state.” [34:30] Bible Study (20 minutes) In this segment, I continue yesterday’s Bible study about having the courage to stand up for God and seeking to do great things for Him!

  • THE BURNER 001: Tory Smears, Debate Chicken & Social Care
    Novara Media
    News & Politics

    The first episode of our morning election briefing is here! THE BURNER gives you the lowdown on the day ahead: key political battles, burning issues, what the polls are doing – and who’s mobilising where. James wants to hear your tips, stories and burning issues from the campaign trail. Email him on [email protected] or tweet on the hashtag #TheBurner SIGN UP to get THE BURNER direct to your phone, every morning, by 0730 a.m.:

  • Week in Review: EU Seeks Unified Military, China’s Concentration Camps, and Much More
    Trumpet Hour
    News & Politics

    The march toward a unified European military moved forward this week with growing support for a European security council and EU leaders signing up for a package of new military projects. European leaders are not only agreeing to military coordination, they also agree on their view of the Jewish State of Israel. A ruling from the European Court of Justice this week punishes Israel and effectively undermines its sovereignty. China is earning a well-deserved reputation for totalitarianism. We see this on display in Hong Kong and in its ongoing treatment of Uighur Muslims, which a Washington-based organization says is worse than is generally realized. We also talk about the U.S.’s public impeachment inquiry, rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the German economy nearing recession, and the truth about income inequality.

  • Sala de Redação - 14/11/2019
  • CrossTalk: Bolivia’s coup
    News & Politics

    Those who consume corporate media will believe the Bolivian military rightfully overthrew the democratically elected president of Bolivia. The word “coup” is not mentioned. But this is exactly what happened. The tried and tested color revolution playbook was on display for anyone that was paying attention. Bolivia’s democracy is in retreat. CrossTalking with Pablo Navarrete, Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, and Francisco Coloane.