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  • #332 NORDIC 'SOCIALISM' DEBUNKED! | Nigel Farage and Lauren Southern Guest | Louder With Crowder
    Louder With Crowder

    Talking all things Nordic socialism and it’s epic record of failure, Steven Bannon whistleblowers, Tesla’s racist AI fails, crappy donuts and more. Also hosting the king of thug life himself, Nigel Farage, the charming Lauren Southern and the always hilarious Owen Benjamin! MugClub kid makes its grand debut.

  • 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'?
    The Boston Globe
  • Superintendente da PRF no RS, inspetor João Francisco Ribeiro de Oliveira - 21/05/2018
  • Одним мостом дальше от России
    Радио Свобода
    News & Politics

    Привяжет ли новый мост Крым ближе к России? Может ли он превратиться незаживающую рану для России? Гарантирует ли новый мост сохранение статуса территории-изгоя для Крыма? Может ли возвращение Крыма Украине стать неизбежным решением для постпутинской России? Эти и другие темы мы обсуждаем с Дэвидом Кремером, бывшим помощником госсекретаря США, Уильямом Померанцем, заместителем директора Вильсоновского центра в Вашингтоне и Юрием Ярым-Агаевым, правозащитником, главой Центра исследования тоталитарных идеологий. У микрофона в Нью-Йорке - Юрий Жигалкин.

  • Radican querella contra Carmen Yulín aparente uso de fondos públicos en viajecitos
    NotiUno 630

    Ante la sospecha de que los numerosos viajes de la alcaldesa de San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz a Estados Unidos en los últimos meses fueron costeados con fondos públicos, el representante Jorge Navarro radicó una querella contra la líder municipal ante la Oficina del Contralor que incluye también señalamientos por alegadas violaciones a la Ley de Ética Gubernamental. Con los detalles, Florencia García Melazzo

  • Rosselló a Rivera Schatz: "Yo mismo presentaré ese proyecto (eliminación Ley 80)
    NotiUno 630

    El gobernador Ricardo Rosselló Nevares reaccionó en NotiUno en la Mañana al mensaje difundido a través de las redes sociales por el presidente del Senado Thomas Rivera Schatz sobre la presentación del proyecto para derogar la Ley 80 del despido injustificado. El ejecutivo dijo que será él quien presente el proyecto ya que la legislatura no ha negociado con la Junta de Supervisión Fiscal.

  • Sala De Redação – 21/05/2018
  • Confesiones de "El abuelo"
    Prensa Libre

    El pandillero de la mara 18 "El abuelo" comenta y explica la organización de la pandilla. (Audio Prensa Libre)

  • Sala De Redação – 18/05/2018
  • Rodrigo Maia, presidente da Câmara dos Deputados - 21/05/2018

    Rodrigo Maia quer comissão para discutir aumento dos combustíveis

  • Sala De Redação – 17/05/2018
  • Imvo n'Imvano: Ni kuki intiti zidataha uwazo?
    BBC Gahuza

    Ikiganiro Imvo n'Imvano ku kibazo cy'intiti zijya kwiga mu bihugu by'Iburayi ntizitahe iwazo. Impamvu ni izihe?

  • Mt. Olive Fire EMS dispatch audio
  • Backstory: A very modern royal wedding
    News & Politics

    Find out how Reuters covered the royal wedding with this set of interviews with some of the editors and reporters who helped to bring the best coverage to an audience of millions.

  • Hafta 172: Karnataka drama, West Bengal polls, Smriti Irani, Sambit Patra and more
    News & Politics

    On this week’s NL Hafta, Abhinandan is joined by Madhu Trehan, Raman Kirpal and guest Ajoy Ashirwad, Deputy Editor at The Wire. Journalist TS Sudhir from India Today joins the panel on the phone to discuss the Karnataka results. The talk kicks off with the elections, with Sudhir sharing the possible political manoeuvrings that can be adopted by the BJP to prove its majority in the Assembly. Enumerating on the vulnerable spots in the JD(S) and Congress, he says: “Caste and Cash, these are the two things that are being used to kind of ensure a majority for the BJP government.” Abhinandan brings in the Karnataka governor’s decision to call the BJP first to form the government. Madhu weighs in with a pertinent reference to 1996. The Suresh Mehta-led government in Gujarat, under which the present Karnataka governor held a cabinet portfolio, was dismissed by then Prime Minister Deve Gowda. She remarks, “So, this was his Karmic chance.” Ajoy says: “The governor was facing a kind of complicated situation where he had to choose between constitutional responsibility and party loyalty, and we know what he chose now.” On the matter of “horse-trading” of MLAs, Abhinandan comments: “One thing it definitely shows is that our democracy is very immature.” He adds: “For one, something like this happens… and no reporter is out there who will question the MLAs who flipped! Why did you flip? What were the specifics?” Abhinanadan wonders about the possibility of turncoats being re-elected. Sudhir says it depends on the constituency, for instance in places like Ballari ‘muscle power’ can be used to ensure no formidable candidate stands against them. The panel also discusses the ‘supremacy’ of certain individuals and groups that still persists, despite the system discouraging discrimination. Talking about whataboutery, which has become the trend nowadays, Abhinandan weighs in by saying: “This whataboutery has just become the default setting of not just politicians but every journalist in the country.” Madhu adds: “They don’t have any credibility at all. I think we’ve come full circle on that.” Raman points out that “we've hit the bottom already. If you check the TRPs… people have stopped watching TV”. Adding to this, Madhu talks about the ban on Republic TV in a chain of hotels because of the thought process of the owner. Talking about Smriti Irani and the recent cabinet reshuffle, Abhinandan asks: “Why do you think she was asked to go?” Madhu responds: “I will really miss her. She’s very articulate, she’s very well dressed… I don’t think any of the things she’s done, they weren’t done by herself alone. They were done with the PMO’s knowledge and approval. The government has its eye on the 2019 elections.” Raman agrees, saying “she used to pick up fights and creates controversy… the government doesn’t want it, very simple.” Ajoy adds that “all the controversies she created actually worked out to the advantage of the BJP." Abhinandan updates the panel by reading a report on News18. "Security to be withdrawn from the resort where all MLAs are staying - they’re being moved to Punjab or Kerala." To this, Madhu asks, “Why has he chosen Punjab and Kerala?” Abhinandan points out that there is a non-BJP government there. He jokingly asks Ajoy: “Would you say Odisha’s biggest contribution to the country has been Sambit Patra?” Ajoy in his reply highlights the stereotypes and adds: “Why would I say that… He represents the Odiya face in Delhi. Not the food or dance forms and diverse cultures.” The panel talks about Patra’s crassness that is conspicuous in his verbal and online communication. Abhinandan feels that “he is just a very vile man” while Madhu says “he is very entertaining”.

  • 911 call from Julie Ennis of Melrose, who scaled tree to escape coyotes
    The Boston Globe
  • Sala De Redação – 16/05/2018
  • Paul Elio - When Will You Be Revving Up Your Car Production?
  • Barack Obama’s Spy Ring
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on May 21, 2018. The political scandal the radical left hoped would take down the Trump administration is instead exposing scandalous corruption at the top level of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation—agencies responsible for upholding law and order. Recent revelations from the House Intelligence Committee have further exposed the corruption of Obama-era policies and officials in the 2016 presidential election. In addition to the latest on this ongoing saga, Stephen Flurry discusses the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

  • Amakuru ya BBC Gahuzamiryango yo kuwa kane itariki 17/05/2018
    BBC Gahuza

    Amakuruya BBC Gahuzamiryango yo kuwa kane itariki 17/05/2018.