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  • Prevailing Darkness (Ft. Drownindark)

    [lyrics below] Featuring @drownindark Cover art by @srfak Stream on Spotify: Download for free on Bandcamp: // Lyrics: [Abnormal] Summoning darkness, rising above Fury just prevailing out Seven pentacles upside down I feel defeated now Summoning darkness, rising above Fury just prevailing out Seven pentacles upside down I feel defeated now I don't care about life anymore I don't wanna keep faking shit I don't care about life anymore Might just end it all and fall vict I don't care about life anymore It feels like I am dying I don't care about life anymore Might just give it up and stop trying Feeling real sick but I don't know why Mystery of my whole damn life Feeling like something is dragging me down To the depths of a deep dark bottomless pit Of pain and suffering and agony Kill me so that I don't feel anything else This world has lost its grip Nobody ever gives a shit I am not the one that is crazy I try let not tragedy phase me No human should've been my fear But days where our true colors show Exposing the darkest side of us And what we're hiding out Prepare yourselves for what is to come next [Drownindark] Open throats of rodent, flesh is drying Surrounded by filth my soul is dying Craving for the light, end ain't arriving Sitting in the dark, gave up on trying Trapped inside my mind stuck in the sorrow Razors carve my hands there's no tomorrow Rivers made of blood dripping in vain Anxiety filling all my brain Let's be honest, who do you think you are You're just a filthy animal A parasite for this Earth You don't deserve to live, and you never did You and your entire species failed your mission When the judgement day will come No one will be spared And all the humans will be gone, forever

  • Don't Wade in the Water
    The Amity Affliction
  • Demo 3

    some crappy concept that I came up with during the lockdown

  • Sweet Like Candy
    By the Mighty Hammer of Thor

    ESP J1004 through a SansAmp Bass Driver and Fernandes Dragonfly through a Hotone Vulcan Five-0 with a touch of flange. Both tune to E standard. Sweet like Candy© by Jack Bradway Your memory, sweet like candy Lacking nutrition Sugar coated cavity Waiting to rot anyone near A choice I wish I had lost Unending as I brush and floss Your words, they stick like gum Old and flavorless Carelessly spit out and discarded Waiting to cling to the next victim A misstep I cannot escape Unrelenting as I scratch and scrape I care a lot I kid you not I care a lot Just not for you Your deeds, linger like perfume Phantom signature Cloys and clots the atmosphere Waiting to suffocate anyone near A cloud follows I cannot leave Unavoidable as I try to breathe I care a lot I kid you not I care a lot Just not for you (x2)

  • Keep Fucking Pushing
    13SR Migz

    Adrenaline. Keep Fucking Going.

    Backstage - Kiss Fm 92,5 - Domingo 22 horas

    BACKSTAGE - EDIÇÃO N# 1711 - DIA 18 DE OUTUBRO DE 2020 BLOCO N# 01: 1. Rush: Marathon - Álbum: Power Windows 2. Iron Maiden: Powerslave (live version) - Álbum: Live After Death 3. Blue Öyster Cult: The Alchemist - Álbum: The Symbol Remains 4. Pantera: Immortaly Insane - Álbum: Reinventing The Steel - 20th Anniversary Edition 5. Havok: Fear Compaign - Álbum: V BLOCO N# 02: 1. Mercyful Fate: The Univited Guest - Álbum: Into The Unknow 2. Blind Guardian: Born In A Mourning Hall (live version) - Álbum: Imaginations From The Other Side - 25th Anniversary Edition 3. Vhäldemar: Death To The Wizard - Álbum: Straight To Hell 4. Masmorra: Siga Em Frente - Álbum: Siga Em Frente 5. Sanny Mazza: Não Vou Me Calar (New Single 2020) BLOCO N# 03: BACKSTAGE THE CLASSICS 1. Anthrax: Caugh In A Mosh (live version) - Dvd. Kings Among In Scotland 2. Nazareth: Telegram - Álbum: Close Enough For Rock'n'Roll 3. Jimi Hendrix: Message To Love (live version) - Álbum: Band Of Gypsys 4. Focus: La Cathedrale De Strasbourg - Álbum: Hamburger Concerto CONTINUAÇÃO DO BLOCO: 5. Testament: Curse Of Osiris - Álbum: Titans Of Creation BLOCO N# 04: 1. Van Halen: Human Being - Álbum: Twister Soundtrack 2. Van Halen: Judgement Day - Álbum: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 3. Insidious Desease: Born Into Bondage - Álbum: After Death 4. Death Storm: Blades Od Delusion - Álbum: For Dread Shall Reign 5. Accept: The Undertaker (New Single 2020) Os ganhadores dos livros de Neil Peart, "Música Para Viagem - Vol. 2", foram notificados via e-mail, e receberão os mesmos via correio.

  • Through Muddy Waters II Feat. ShadoW
    N.A.S.P. (NotaSideProject)

    Lyrics and Vocals by ShadoW (Ana sombra) from Portugal Predicted the future to hold your guns down another angel coming from help - help - hell - hell modern Era CO2 species of the earth mathematic psychopath power is gone Men´s love will grow cold constellation old atmosphere dissolving numbers moon will not give it´s light turning into blood Existence discovered planets On space in time the body of the antichrist dragon in two, second tool... living for nothing more.... Behold (the stars) Mankind (The moon) Paralyzed..I´m paralyzed.. Down....! Featuring ShadoW (Ana sombra) from Portugal who made the beautiful vocals and lyrics for this track. Please take sometime to go check out and give your support to Shadow in the links bellow: Youtube: Website: Bandcamp: Thank you for listening

  • Transparent Love

    Lyrics: Transparent love, it’s only skin deep. No sense of gratitude, No understanding. Transparent love, it always finds me. Alone in my head, wish I was fucking dead Don’t wanna die alone but no one gets me Getting stoned in my room won’t fix me Aggressive as fuck, down on my luck I’m spraying bullets in trucks Of people who suck These people don’t understand, Fuck the critics. The words I’m speaking to you, Fucking prolific A system of greed, on the rich we must feed They don’t hear our fucking pleas Leave em on the streets to bleed disgraced in the eyes of god, I am humanitys flaw. Everyones who they're supposed to be. Nobody knows themselves, what you percieve is fake An illusion, disillusioned pull the veil from your eyes youll discover all the lies watch as your own ego dies. Eat your sins and give yourself to me They dont know who you are, but i can hear what you think "I hate the person that ive become, I dont know what i am, but i know what ive done."

  • Les Ruines De Forestelune

    Tracklist : 1. Underworld Threnody 2. Northern Farmers Cry 3. From Rotting Caves to Snowy Plains 4. Astray the Will-o'-the-wisp's Lair 5. Les Ruines de Forestelune 6. Adieu Lenght : 21:23

  • Metal-Head Mario Can Move
    Super Mario 64

    Cover of the Metallic Mario theme from Super Mario 64.

  • Choppysong TRIAL
    Thomas Mims
  • DOOM Eternal OST - Creatures of Nekravol (Game-rip
    ghost killer
  • Mick Gordon - BFG 10K (DOOM Eternal - Gamerip)
    ghost killer
  • Helix Spanky Tone Test

    New direction for a new band <3

  • Impiety (Prod. Atomic Carnage)

    @william-tarr-824010987 defined the ways of blasphemy premeditated death penalty start to slaughter those who still deny these shallow waters we walk beneath saying life is short you no longer breathe every step i take into deeper seas i seize the day your hollow soul turns worse than black and worse than cold claim every virtue of this precious life has happened before maybe one or twice the day im dug up thrown in a hole maybe youll regret bury me alive

  • Someone Somewhere-Asking Alexandria Mixtest
    Patrick Faustino
  • Snaff - A New Revelation

    A re-recording of a prior project called "From so Far Away" Lyrics by: Andrew Tucker Lyrics: You lying pieces of shit Speak lies so counterfeit Spreading seeds of hate and devastation like a virus its swept through the nation Why cant you tell us the truth? Suffer from your own abuse No more can you feed us these lies No more will we be your spies abused we travel the station attack with a new revelation to break down the walls of trials and tribulations pressing out with a cause of building new relations for this devastated nation. WE! Will arise Government, run and hide (why cant you just tell the truth?) No governance, no truth just lies They ostracise by telling lies Fuck you! We will fight for the plight social leaders will not take our rights raise your voice, make your choice join in arms, make a fucking stand We will fight for our blood social leaders will never take our rights We will rise you will fail Lies will be heard truth will prevail When we rise you will fall lies will be heard, truth will crush all And to the hands the hands of god and so you'll reap, and so you'll sow so when we rise you will fall lies wont be heard truth will crush all Why cant you tell the truth (hear each word of your lies) - Repeat

  • Halloween Theme: Metal Cover
    Justin Manis
  • Foot In Mouth Disease (With Live Extra Fadeout)
    Alternative Rock

    This song is about Discarding and Erasing Negative Energy and Violence

  • The Blood Swamps Heavy Fighting The Ancient Gods OST

    Doom ost I do not own this