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  • FUCK IT (Akarow) DeathMetal

    My 1st Little DeathMetal Song :) Enjoy!!!

  • [Dustswap: Dusttrust] Phase 3: Slaughter In The Spotlight (Unused Version)

    To complement the unfinished phase 2 from yesterday, here's the unreleased phase 3 a few of you asked about. While this may certainly be worse than the final version, that version wouldn't exist without this one. I hope you enjoy it! Sprite by @meanmelobib

  • Underverse OST - Tangled [Metal Remix By NyxTheShield]

    Underverse OST - Tangled [Metal Remix] is made by NyxTheShield, I in no way claim ownership of this music, all rights reserved to NyxTheShield. If requested that this is to be taken down, I will do so. I am only uploading this for people to listen to on SoundCloud, no profit is made off of any song uploaded to my profile unless the original owner grants permission. NyxTheShield: Art by Jael Peñaloza: Original video:

  • Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods | Music Teaser | David Levy
  • Pseudoscience
    Hard Rock
  • (500 FS 1/3) Koopa's Rage: FIRE IN THE SKY
    THiS is My Fourth Account

    Art by Ahmed Albastaki Original song and flp by @jamangar Undertoad by @lucaspucasmusic How the fuck did I hit 500 followers, whatever, either way, I wanted to properly celebrate this occasion with a new cover of my favorite Megalo of all time, hope y'all enjoy!

  • Midnight Vampire

    Once the veils are open they will stream eternally! It has been like this since the last century and it still remains solid gold until today. The endless cascade of present Brazilian bands that rejoice upon their seminal ones don’t stop to amaze us. From Belo Horizonte to Minas Gerais especially, it’s like they made a vow to honor the brutal, raw and unholy line of musicality brought by bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Mystifier, Holocausto or Sepultura. Now if you add to this the panzermanic metal genome like early Kreator, Sodom and Destruction we all shall have a hell of a formula ain’t we? Honestly the rest is history so without further delays we introduce you SPEEDKILLER first and highly anticipated Ep “Midnight Vampire”. Hailing from the Minas Gerais axis the band itself has two years of existence and until almost now they only released two singles on YouTube. Pretty rad, right? But this was enough to create a rush of interest and a need for more haste around SPEEDKILLER. We guess everybody knew they were about to burst into something really awesome. And so they did! Spellcaster (vocals and guitar), Summoned (guitar), Evilspirit (bass) gathered with Hellkrätus (drums) from the Portuguese thrashers Vectis and forged a delightful piece of obscure metal art. “Midnight Vampire” has it all from death to speed and thrash to black metal, it works perfectly like an atlas of all dark genres in music. During these 7 hymns the gates of hell will surely open and all evil outcasts will rejoice in trance. Also a major plus concerning sound production and art cover both professionally handled by the highly reputed musicians, Remi Nygård from Inculter and Jean Nightbreäker from Murdeath. SPEEDKILLER’s “Midnight Vampire” will make the end of the year much more bloodthirsty, vile and undoubtedly shall summon all nails out of the undead coffins! Available on Cassette and CD through Helldprod Records on December 11th. Cat Nº #: HDP082 Limitation: - Cassette 100 Copies - CD 200 copies For Pre-orders, contact [email protected] |

  • Muffin The Menace
  • DustTale DT!DustBelief Phase 1 - Fury Of Innocent II
    Homicidal Lunacy

    Soon i'm gonna make a Phase 2. Do not ask about flp or midi. I will not give it to you. Well, for me, DustTrust like a project, really overrated. Don't ask why. I'm not going to answer some "really untoxic" DustTrust fans. P.S. Don't be stupid. I'm not calling all Sawsk's DustTrust fans toxic ones. P.S.2. I know someone would call me toxic and idiot for words higher. But it's my opinion. Art by Fred & Antonella. Well, anyways, hope you like this song. Yea, i finally decided to update this shit. As you can hear, sometimes it's even inspired on Maniac's Revenge III. So, credits: DustTrust by Sawsk DustBelief by aude-javel DT!Dustbelief(dustbelief but based on dusttrust) by Tapo4kEK(me). Painful Retribution FLP by Nelchael Nelchabarren. STDD FLP by solunary. Homicidal Lunacy FLP by SansyOnline. Hatred III FLP by Nelchael Nelchabarren. P.S.3. Also, i don't really wanted to insult someone. It's your problem if you insulted by my statement. And i don't care about it. Hope you will have nice time while and after listening it.

  • Apollo Twin Test
  • Hepara

    Our first demo single for Metal Wars mv. For more information on Zennia see: Lyrics Just a new shepherd Herding the same sheep We run in circles Afraid of the wolves Dragging bodies From left to the right Dismantle the system Take control Preaching, dishonesty Cut the tongue that dares to lie Drenched in, hypocrisy Turning the cheek to deafening screams The ghosts of your past They’ll slowly catch on You reap what you sow They’ll barely hang on The ghosts of your past They’ll slowly catch on There's no where to run No place you belong Deceiving the masses Going around, running your mouth Pitiful lies Mindless followers Follow the shepherd into the sea Another demise Deceit, betray On your knees, you better pray Deceit, betray Your end is nigh, we will make you pay Burn ‘em to the ground

  • And This Too Shall Pass - EP Sampler

    A sampler of the upcoming Demonstealer EP. The EP releases on 11th December 2020 on all platforms. Follow Demonstealer on Spotify or Bandcamp for updates. Instagram: @demonstealer Twitter: @thedemonstealer Facebook: @demonstealerofficial

  • Khavork - We Rot
    Black Metal

    Lyrics: Lives outgrown Fates unknown Lives outgrown Myths untold Dust Encrusting our essence our might Not fearing the shadow that's stood to my right To the left of me my brothers stir not We now long for cankerous rot Now only I pray to witness The passing of a curious face To point a finger at me Now only I pray to witness But do I fit your make-believe Do I match your preference Why were we given skin To thread your paths of darkness A journey but within Why were we given life To seek the autumn's twilight To suffer all your strife Why were we given names To call the wind unknowing Walking steadfast through the flames Why do we know to kill To avoid the ruby dagger Paying service to your thrill What will you have us do Its only when you find yourself We know that we are through Dust Encrusting our essence our might Not fearing the shadow that's stood to my right To the left of me my brothers stir not We now long for Cankerous rot Now only I pray to witness The passing of a curious face To point a finger at me Now only I pray to witness But do I fit your make-believe Do I match your preference Lives outgrown Fates unknown Lives outgrown Myths untold This song has like a bunch of fantasy and black metal easter eggs. It's dedicated and ultimately sang from the perspective of my D&D minis. Cover image by:

    Backstage - Kiss Fm 92,5 - Domingo 22 horas

    BACKSTAGE - EDIÇÃO N# 1711 - DIA 18 DE OUTUBRO DE 2020 BLOCO N# 01: 1. Rush: Marathon - Álbum: Power Windows 2. Iron Maiden: Powerslave (live version) - Álbum: Live After Death 3. Blue Öyster Cult: The Alchemist - Álbum: The Symbol Remains 4. Pantera: Immortaly Insane - Álbum: Reinventing The Steel - 20th Anniversary Edition 5. Havok: Fear Compaign - Álbum: V BLOCO N# 02: 1. Mercyful Fate: The Univited Guest - Álbum: Into The Unknow 2. Blind Guardian: Born In A Mourning Hall (live version) - Álbum: Imaginations From The Other Side - 25th Anniversary Edition 3. Vhäldemar: Death To The Wizard - Álbum: Straight To Hell 4. Masmorra: Siga Em Frente - Álbum: Siga Em Frente 5. Sanny Mazza: Não Vou Me Calar (New Single 2020) BLOCO N# 03: BACKSTAGE THE CLASSICS 1. Anthrax: Caugh In A Mosh (live version) - Dvd. Kings Among In Scotland 2. Nazareth: Telegram - Álbum: Close Enough For Rock'n'Roll 3. Jimi Hendrix: Message To Love (live version) - Álbum: Band Of Gypsys 4. Focus: La Cathedrale De Strasbourg - Álbum: Hamburger Concerto CONTINUAÇÃO DO BLOCO: 5. Testament: Curse Of Osiris - Álbum: Titans Of Creation BLOCO N# 04: 1. Van Halen: Human Being - Álbum: Twister Soundtrack 2. Van Halen: Judgement Day - Álbum: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 3. Insidious Desease: Born Into Bondage - Álbum: After Death 4. Death Storm: Blades Od Delusion - Álbum: For Dread Shall Reign 5. Accept: The Undertaker (New Single 2020) Os ganhadores dos livros de Neil Peart, "Música Para Viagem - Vol. 2", foram notificados via e-mail, e receberão os mesmos via correio.

  • Methphisto [Demo]
    Greg Samsa
    Polka Black Metal

    idk lol, this was vibin on my ssd so i mastered & uploaded it

  • Neith ["The Meadow Where I Died" - EP 2020]
    ALS x KNK
    Witch House/Metalcore

    "The Meadow Where I Died" EP available on Bandcamp for free: © Painting realized and edited by ALSxKNK, follow me on Instagram to see more:

    THiS is My Fourth Account

    original by @djpmandmash tbh i needed to update this even tho i'm running low on minutes help i need an archive account badly

  • Caotes - Inanna
    Caotes Official

    Lyrics and voice by Lua Valentia. Music composition and production by Ericson Willians. Lyrics Inanna Mistress of the Heavens, The One with the Greatest Heart Your Divine Power enchants the highest serpent peaks Your Divine Power reaches beyond the dying stars O, great Queen of Queens, the greatest amongst the supreme In your honour once more I write In your memory I immortalize your accomplishments In your memory I immortalize your avatars O, Lady with the holy womb and the finest crown By your left hand I have been nine times enraged By your darkest shadow I have nine times emerged And now I fade to a palace Nana's light cannot touch No living soul could count the amount of gold No living-dead could usurp my diamonds tears Though my lament cannot be heard from afar You, the one who rules the zenith of the heavens Are capable of hearing the pure musik of my soul Nanna is submerging once more In his arms I am fading in my own blood Most precious Lady, most powerful one I came to life to be a living Goddess and warrior Once more I supplicate Lift me from my darkness For my enemy must be dethroned And must perish for his pathetic sins! Traitor of his own people He is unworthy of his title, unworthy of his life His pettiness and ugliness steal my peace and beauty And this monstrosity desecrate Pindorama's holy land! O Inana, my lady enveloped in beauty O Inana, destroyer of the erring O Inana, mother of the brave one Hear my prayers Make me whole Bring me back my crown And make me the victorious one.

  • With Excruciating Finesse
    A Pregnant Light
  • 01 - Stonechild

    Stonechild by Friendship Commanders. Listen/Buy here: