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  • Mick Gordon — The Only Thing They Fear is You (DOOM Eternal OST)
    Даниил Шевцов
  • Bad guy (billie eilish black metal cover)

    why i make it?

  • Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear is You (DOOM Eternal OST).mp3
    Do ge
  • Mick Gordon — Slayer of the Hell (DOOM Eternal OST)
    Даниил Шевцов
  • Mick Gordon - Slayer Of The Hell (DOOM Eternal OST)
  • PhaseOne - Crash & Burn (feat. Northlane) [BVLVNCE Remix]
    Dance & EDM

    Vocals are from Crash & Burn by PhaseOne and Northlane. Instrumental is created by BVLVNCE. Follow BVLVNCE: Follow PhaseOne:

  • Metal Shaman
    I Am The Digital mAdmAn

    Here is a metal track i made/produced just for the fun of doing some other genre as a change.

  • Charred Earth

    I made metal for change. Youtube:

  • Toss A Coin To Your Witcher - METAL COVER by Ghost Fight ft. Natewantstobattle

    Metal Cover of 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher', the cover is done by Ghost Fight and Natewantstobattle

  • Prog Idea 2 (#AmpliTubeSatch)
    Ilia Tilev
    Prog Rock

    Link to the YouTube video : I saw that IK Multimedia is making an awesome competition and i've decided to do a short song.. It's nothing special i made the whole thing for like a day so the mix and the video are not perfect.. The guitars are recorded with Ignite Amps awesome free plugin Emissary and some free impulse response i downloaded from the internet ;)

  • TCD in Drop F because why the fuck not?

    i re-recorded that stupid fucking telecaster thing incase I wanted to put it on my EP. (i didnt)

  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Chippin' In [EPIC METAL COVER] (Little V)
    Little V Mills

    ⭐SUBSCRIBE➡ Here's my Epic Metal Cover of Chippin' In by SAMURAI (Refused) from Cyberpunk 2077 👇Download the song here👇 iTunes: Coming Soon Apple Music: Coming Soon Spotify: Google Deezer: Patreon: Twitter: Bandcamp: Twitch: Little V proudly endorses Jericho Guitars, Evertune Bridges, and Timber Tones Guitar Picks: #Cyberpunk2077 #Chippinin #LittleVMills

  • Dimmu Borgir - Puritania (The Enigma TNG Remix | Cover)
    Symphonic Black Metal

    Get music here:…-tng/id477668525 Merchandise: Follow The Enigma TNG: Dimmu Borgir social media: Website: Facebook: Instagram (Band): Instagram (Shagrath): Instagram (Silenoz): Twitter:

  • Tlateotocani - Those Who Lived And Died Like Heroes (Der Stürmer Cover)
    Yaocuauhtli ONSP
    NS Black Metal

    Miembro orgulloso de la O.N.S.P. Album: Ehrenarier (2019) My tribute to Der Stürmer

  • Wait for me to Fall

    The best metal band to ever do it.

  • Bastard Sun
    Doom metal

    Doom metal experimental loosie I've had on my hard drive for nearly 2 years Prev known as "What I did on Summer Vacation"

  • Influx - Canto III Previews

    Follow Influx: ➧ ♥ ♠ ♦ @influxmusik ♣

  • #407 - 01-07-20 - Best of 2019 : Demos
    Never Stop The Madness
    Black Metal

    Show #407 - Best of 2019 : Demos Recorded live on January 07, 2020 The first of several 'Best of' specials. First up, demos! This playlist contains some of my favorites from 2019, full list at the bottom. Special background music from Whoredom Rife - Vinternatt **Playlist** 1) Bovary - ...Irrécupérable 2) Hinterkaifeck - III 3) Kveldriđa - Algid Famine 4) Euphor - Forgotten Paragons 5) Feral Spectre - Mammon 6) Withering Moon - Poisoned By The Animosity Of Abstemiousness **talk** 7) Staurophagia - When the Gods Came Down 8) Heinous - Disciple Of Satan 9) Mäleficentt - In My Dreams.. Part II 10) Vulvanic - Once Upon a Woman **talk** 11) Fayenne - Warmonger Live every Tuesday at 9pm EST on **Full list of favorite demos from 2019 ** 1) Bovary - Sur ce Mur trop souillé 2) Euphor - Euphor 3) Fayenne - Ancient Womb of Mercury 4) Belshazzar - Holy Blood 5) Talmas - The Cruel Age of Talmas 6) Heinous - Demo I 7) Withering Moon - Withering Moon 8) Skrawl - Nil 9) Hinterkaifeck - Live Promo Tape 10) Feral Spectre - Crepuscular Evil 11) Vulvanic - ブラックエンジェルの色合い 12) Staurophagia - Sacrifice of the Wind 13) Baxaxaxa - The Old Evil Demo 14) Vintlechkeit - Svartskogen, Svartvinter​.​.​. 15) Mäleficentt - Night of the Spectral Vision 16) Kveldriđa - Shrouded Firmament 17) Ride for Revenge - Demo 9/2019 18) Szivilizs - Ds Tagtroumschtärbä 19) Geheimnisvoll - Venomous Sorcery Through Hidden Darkness 20) Pierre Noir - Licantropia is the relationship of the barbarized mankind

  • i.o - Turn To The Sky
    Quantum Natives
    Sun and Stars
    254 - Turn To The Sky from "The Fortunes Told" (QNR031) released 1st January I am a lonely lamb, a disenchanted man, mute because of the hex on my voice, song-singer made sinewy, my speech all cracked, bent back speaking quickly with my fingers, punctuation actuated upon my chest, I hold rot in my hand, where a new flower blooms, once in the afternoon, it reeks of sorrow as it blossoms and fades and forms the moon, half crescent dead petals given back to the earth, and from the soot and the soil comes a hurt, sharp and short but deeply scarring, like love unwound and then bound by the sound of black holes in a kindness that is cracking, stolen murmurs from a mouth rehearsed, borrowed faithful words are lacking any sort of regret to hope, or could it be that we're all done mapping the lines upon which we worship the most, they led us home in the night, calling us to cull the dulled senses from our bones, unearthed from stone dissected in parts and studied for wants, anatomy of our mortal coil, understanding of our foreign soul, sutures set in, fashioned from a languid thought, they will keep my limbs together, I did them myself, I did myself in, happiness is sin VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:

  • 5. Johnny Favorite - The Oubliette Trilogy: Past Future
    Jesse Lacharite

    5. Johnny Favorite Words and Music By: Jesse Lacharite Album: The Oubliette Trilogy: Past Future Carve the symbols into the flesh Call his name out in the darkness A circle of thirteen begins the rite The temple devoid of light Intone The incantation Calling the names of the infernal one Belial , Astaroth, Ammamon... Misanthropically alone Waves of heat they start to rise The pentagram is set on fire Souls of black contained within The darkest goetic manifestations As the priest he reads the entrails Black blood on the bricks Human sacrifice to the wicked Wanting the stars and all they hold Getting nothing like you were told The totality of evil in this world Making deals, is the shortest way To go from nothing to godly... Over time, when you've had time to think The reality starts to sink in What delights are worth a soul? Nothing when you're down in Hell... Speak the words Fulfill your darkest dreams, but remember There's no getting out of deals with him.. Hey Johnny, do you remember me? Wasn't it sometime back in '43? When every thing sorta went grey And you couldn't remember not a thing... When crosses are losses and deals are made You get thinking "God, am I willing to play?" Rites as black as sin Wipe the mind back to the beginning When words incanted in the night Swap the souls of you and the like Liebling, Favorite it matters not There's nowhere for you to run Clean up the mess one, two, three Cocks in mouth's and guns in pussies Going down? Last stop hell Louis, we'll see you down there... Speak the words Fulfill your darkest dreams, but remember There's no getting out of deals with him.. Speak the words The ink Is barely wet on the page Souls sold... At the lowest price Speak the words At the witching hour... Speak the words And seal the pact... Speak the words Fulfill your darkest dreams, but remember There's no getting out of deals with him..