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    visuals: mixed by me and @shikvmi prod by @shikvmi

  • Kaiju (prod. biosphere)
    Hip-hop & Rap

    prod. @officialbiosphere mix. @ibr art. @headhaunter and Bamboostickk Lyrics: Lost here without any weapon, the fog cleared in seconds presenting the all feared colossus of legend and folklore/ that most thought was bogus approaching the public eye's focal point/ photos show all the valleys and peaks of the titanic features that I can't believe, even though I stand in its company/ cursed with a jaw that won't close, coupled with two legs buckling/ it just emerged from the ocean, covered in/ seaweed and capsized boats it's lumbering up on to shore with a great maw that roars with the force that could take your bewildered face off/ see fissures on its teeth that secrete lava we're all gone, just log it and jot down/ all of the things that make it too strong to kill as it toys with the buildings it stomps at will/ they just deployed the payloads dropping their miniature mega-tonne bombs/ halos form on the exo-skeleton but they're barely making dents with the blows that they throw the sun starts burning brightly the prelude to some untimely end/ the fog recedes entirely streets engulfed in a fiery breath/ F16's start to scream as they fly by oil leaks out of a claw gouged tanker in high tide/ wide eyed anger and panic with 'end is nigh' signs bright ideas run finite, you could surmise the event with a whimper/ a battle wherein there lies one victor It's simple, we brought this upon ourselves/ the fog that held that monster that's swatting a helicopter is the same damn fog that we thought concealed/ all our wrong doings and all evil each inhumane action we watched unveil/ each innocent creature that we shot and killed every little bit of malice that we got instilled/ I walk through the soft city's hard entrails in a shadow that stretches right off the scales/ it reared its ugly head with a breath that blew the red Horseman of Death shaped clouds asunder with a blue shockwave too loud for the space above it/ it moved in a circle and turned to face me I viewed upwards as my innards were whirling to gravy/ nowhere to escape it, two giant bonfires and a mountain range of teeth in a face that seems too happy to take me/ claws ripped through storefronts, tore trucks in half devoured planes, no airport intact/ craters created on every step's impact sky changed to grey so fast, snapped a synapse but no life montage chose to flash before my eyes it's no surprise as the mouth of oblivion opened wide I just felt the heat, in a golden light/


    KILA: i don’t want to say goodbye but i tried don’t want to end my life but i tried just want to escape made to many mistakes but i promise i tried x2 TWENTYTHREE: Burn all the pictures erase them Memories left here to rot in the basement I know you’ll find a replacement cut into skin through my veins out of hatred Body buried under pavement I was a waste and I found out too late that I held onto something so slowly decaying I’ve been infected I pray that it stops Blood in my brain any second I’ll drop Both of us died when the casket was locked Prices are paid we both know that I’ve lost all emotion I’ll show you the place where I rot

  • This War

    I tried making this cover more raw that my usual shit. Cover of "Illusionist" by "Born of Osiris" Instrumental by Devon Fortney: [LYRICS] Should I believe in your prophecies? Does it lead me towards false ideals? Where is the evidence, can you show me some proof? This is irrelevant to the people you elude Separate from all your wishful thinking I want to prove what my heart is seeking It's hard to focus with this distance How can I mend this war between us? I've given all my trust in what you believe Will you be reaching back to me? Stay in this picture, no further decay The risk will come at a price I'm willing to pay We were fearless with passion for life Now are we forced to say goodbye? (say goodbye) Programmed, over time (adapted) Was I meant, to take this path? Confined, out of time (absent mind) Set me free to feel alive It's hard to focus with this distance How can I mend this war between us? I've given all my trust in what you believe Will you be reaching back to me? Stay in this picture, no further decay The risk will come at a price I'm willing to pay We were fearless with passion for life Now are we forced to say goodbye? (say goodbye)

  • FATAL MISTAKE cover {scrapped}
    Zifto's alt of w/e
    rip in peace lol

    ooh so close also, I was gonna finish this as a 1k follower special on my main, but instead, I chose to finish one of my originals----this one to be exact: art (meant for SoS) by, barely noticeable edits by me original song by droplikeanecake

  • Kamikaze (Spanish Metal)
    Diego Santiago
    Alternative Rock
  • Dead Cowboy - Circle IX: Centrum Infernum
    Murder The Crowd
    Crowd Murdering

    Circle IX: Centrum Infernum (Center of Hell). In the most center of hell is ice lake Kocyt. The apostates frozen into the ice are buried here and the main one is Lucifer, a fallen angel. Judas Iscariot, Brutus and Cassius are tormented in the three mouths of Lucifer. The same fate awaits traitors of motherland and home. Punishment: eternal torments in the icy lake. Follow & Support: @dead-cowboy-1

  • Mass Murderous Quintessence
    Succubus Seducers
    Black/Death Terror


  • Internal Damage Feat. Panda IX
    Neurotic Symbiote

    Internal Damage Feat. Panda IX Is the First track off of Jacob Ploof's Solo Project Entitled Neurotic Symbiote's DEBUT EP The Rest Is Coming Very Soon

  • 100 TRANSCRIBED LEADS IN 1 FLP (Typical Support Bitches) (#TypicalGang)

    its finally here bois 100 Transcribed leads in 1 flp 50 megalos and 50 bullet hells i didn't cheat (such as midi and flps and shit) uuum heres the megalos i guess and im busy to credit the owners lol Megalovania Striking The Demon Down Dislovaniac Love Can Drive Someone Else REVOLUTION OUR BROKEN CONSTELLATIONS ANAGLYPHIA MEGALOCATION Confronting Yourself SKATE OR DIE ...Why?! ディズニーチャンネルの流れ BLUE STREAK XINDICTA HATRED CONSPIRACY SUMMIT FREDDYLOVANIA TERALAZING BOOM BOOM POW FLATLINE BIPOLAR XINTERITUS Dissonantia EXITIUM ONE LAST FIGHT MOWED DOWN Game Over! Educational Execution Ceartas X Mutually Assured Destruction HEAVY METAL MATER ICED OUT DEMONETIZATION NOGLOVIOS LOS DESPERADOS Colors of The Deceased HRRGHLOVANIA CHITEKI IKARI OMNIPOTENS MOKEYLOKRIMA Sour Smiling SOLLICITUS IV explain. REANIMATION VENGEANCE The Fall of The Freedom Vesania SOUND OF SILENCE Skeletal Smash :Bullet Hell Leads: Bullet Hell Bullet Hell V2 Bullet Shad FULLCLIP The Final Analysis Xinos's Unfinished Spongeswap Bullet Hell BULLET STEVE TIMEWALK V2 BULLSEYE BULLET SWAG GUN ENTHUSIAST V2 DUCK HUNT BANANA HELL BONE BLUES Bullet Brash PARTY CANNON Open Fire (a Springtrap Bullet Hell) School Shooting FLAMETHROWER BULLS PSY Cursed Bullet SUPER SAW OPEN FIRE (By Stella) Long Passed Expiration AVALANCE HEADSHOT BULLET ACE PHOTONIC STORM QUESTIONABLE CANONINITY MENACING SHOT Fanservice Frenzy (its an DBG, but it sounds like Bullet Hell Lead) MIXED OUT Broken Bullets Mine Field END OF THE LINE (a MrEnderYoshi Bullet Hell) SUPERSOARING KICK ASS FLATLINED DEAD PIXELS SMASHED IN TRIPLE KILL *me insert sunslammer Thot Blaster Quick Shot 作曲家憤怒l Quick Shot V2 (an Unfinished Quick shot v2 by JustAnotherDJ) PIM PAM PUM FUERA CUM SHOT CRIME STREAK GUCCI BANG if it hits 100 likes and 50 repost im gonna release the flp and its on fl 12 so no midi :D enjoy Edit1: you know what guys, not flp, cause im making more leads and uum yeah sorry bois and gurls

  • Apostrophe Cocopuffs Comes To Life

    A little song where apostrophe cocopuffs comes to life


    prod and vocals by me... posting lyrics would be pointless, enjoy

  • Undertale - MEGALOVANIA

    yes flp from i added the megalovania recreation drums and shred to it, now its much better

  • N-ZEIT - Circle VII: Urbe Mortuos
    Murder The Crowd
    Crowd Murdering

    Circle VII: Urbe Mortuos (City of the Dead). This circle is divided into three belts. In the first - the rapists over the neighbor and over his property (tyrants and robbers), they are destined to boil in the pit of red-hot blood. In the second - rapists over themselves (suicides) and over their wealth (players and motes, that is, senseless fighters of their property). Suicides in the form of trees are plagued by harpies, motes are driven by hounds. In the third - the rapists over a deity (blasphemers), over nature (sodomites) and art (frauds). They are destined to languish in the barren desert, where fiery rain drips from the sky. Follow & Support: @nzeit

  • TROLL - Legend Master, Book I: Proverbs of Hell
    Doomed & Stoned

    From the upcoming release, 'Legend Master' (2019), by TROLL from Portland, Oregon, releasing on Shadow Kingdom Records in April. Pre-order: Read the accompanying review and interview at Doomed & Stoned:

  • Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar (Metal Cover)
    Beast of the Last Days

    Official Cover Metal by Beast of the Last Days for 'Bad Liar' by Imagine Dragons Stream 'PainKiller': Follow Beast of the Last Days on Spotify: Stream 'PainKiller':

  • Ele₆⁶₆ - PAIN [PROD. ELE₆⁶₆ X ZYROM]
    StraightOuttaHell | ₆⁶₆

    FOLLOW @ele666 LYRICS: YouTube: --------------------------------------------------------------------- S̸T̸R̵A̷I̷G̶H̷T̸O̷U̵T̶T̶A̸H̴E̷L̴L̸ [FOUNDER] ELE₆⁶₆ ⛧ @ele666 [CO-FOUNDER] ZYROM ⛧ @zyrom MEMBERS: [PROD] KIRAW ⛧ @givemexans [PROD] SNEAKY ⛧ @sneaky_haxor [PROD] SANDWORM ⛧ @svndwxrm [PROD] GHOST ⛧ @notghost [PROD] FUSE ⛧ @yungfxsion [PROD] CRIPO ⛧ @512_24_crip [VOCAL] BRUUDE ⛧ @bruude [VOCAL] CHXEU ⛧ @chxeu [VOCAL] ASYLUM ⛧ @asylum666 [PROD & VOCAL] SATANA ⛧ @yungbraindamage

  • 아갈머리메탈 (Explicit Version) : from JTBC 스카이캐슬
    Misha Suh

    "아갈머리메탈" inspired by JTBC Drama <스카이캐슬>(2018-2019) Music, Guitars, Programming and Engineering by Misha Suh *Contains Strong Language Drums: Superior Drummer (Drumkit from Hell) Waves CLA Drums, Presonus Pro-EQ, Fabfilter Pro-Q2 Guitar: [Clean] Amplitube 4 - Roland JC-120 / Fender Triangle Chorus / '63 Reverb, Waves PRS Supermodels V9 (Lead), NadIR Convolver : MESA 2x12(Clean) [Dirty] Mercuriall U530 Preamp (No Contour, with ENGL Power Amp), NadIR Convolver : ENGL 4x12, Fabfilter Pro-C2, Pro-Q2, Mercuriall Tube Screamer 1.1, Waves C1 Gate [Mixing] TC Electronic Chorus/Flanger, BIAS FX (Echoplex), Virtual Mix Rack, Waves C1 Compressor, Waves H-Reverb 5.0, Waves, iZotope Ozone Imager Bass: Fabfilter Saturn, Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack, Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 Vocals: Fabfilter Pro-C 2, Waves H-Reverb 5.0, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Saturn Master Buss: Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Waves SSLComp, Waves Kramer Tape Stereo, iZotope Ozone 8 Maximizer, Waves H-EQ DAW: Presonus Studio One 2

  • At The Gates Blinded by fear 2