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  • Shalo Alto x falcxne - You and Me (Cults cover)

    ‘You and Me' by @falcxne & Shalo Alto (the Cults cover) STREAM: FREE DOWNLOAD: Written, performed and produced by @falcxne & Shalo Alto Mixed & Mastered by @falcxne

  • 'run' by bts except it's a 2010 indie-rock song [mashup]

    originally uploaded to youtube on november 14th, 2020. link:

  • Saturday Night Mixtape Hour 1 (11/14/20)
    Radio 1045 Saturday Night Mixtape w/ REED STREETS

    Elton John * Common * Ray Charles * The Fray * The Front Bottoms * The War On Drugs * Glass Animals * James Blake * Andre 3000 * Tame Impala * Fugees * Baker * Roosevelt * Foster The People * Marc Rebillet * Wiz Khalifa * Empire Of The Sun * Van Halen * Whethan * The Knocks * Kings Of Leon * Angels & Airwaves * Illenium * Fall Out Boy * Son Holo * Blink 182 * Juice World * All Time Low * The Killers * Death Cab For Cutie * The Strokes * Arctic Monkeys * Bastille * Steve Lacy * ODESZA * Cannons * MGMT


    [lyrics] You don’t trust my Word You said maybe if I leave I’m better off Baby believe me I’ll take you far And show you the love you seek Baby believe me I’ll take you far And show you the love you seek Baby believe me Dont involve the crowd that’s looking for a view Believe me not them They see you fall and hope that you’re not okay Baby believe me I’ll take you far And show you the love you seek Baby believe me I’ll take you far And show you the love you seek

  • the neighborhood - sweater weather (little daylight remix) ❲ slowed ❳

    she knows what i think about.

  • She/Beast - "Born to Fight"

    She/Beast is the project of Katja Nielsen (Arre! Arre!, Von K). "Born To Fight" is taken from the debut EP In the Depths of Misery out December 11 2020 via PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order at

  • Carol
    Hamster Powder Club

    Winter calls you When winter calls you, Snow falls on you Cold air is coming through, oh You are no longer happy On a snowy day You said, that's the way it goes, that's life But i don't know what it is Let the bright sun go down go down My friend, why dont you slow down slow down Let the bright sun go down go down Cause i can't catch you, slow down slow down Slow down, slow down Go down, go down Winter birds are Singing a sweet song They know how to speak some Secret of this world, oh It's time to go sleep But you won't fall asleep You said, that's the way it goes, that's life But i don't know what it is Let the bright sun go down go down My friend, why dont you slow down slow down Let the bright sun go down go down Cause i can't catch you, slow down slow down Slow down, slow down Go down, go down I don't know what to do I don't know what i should do . . guitar @matssssal Keyboard @ymirkim

  • I will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie cover)
    Jake from St8Farm
  • butterflies
    Alternative Rock

    under the clouds staring gazing and everything goes away all the butterflies fly up into space and they twirl around in mind and i wonder why do you and i wonder if it's true and i ponder all night after you fall asleep and my demons they come awake holding your hand smiling, tired and you're trying to stay awake please don't be afraid girl don't be afraid if you need me im right here and i wonder why do you and i wonder if it's true and i ponder all night after you fall asleep and my demons they come awake

  • Shut Up And Take My Hand
    Brendan Cappelli

    I noticed my last song got the most views out of any one that I've posted so I wanted to make another MCR pop-punk influenced song but include more experimental and alternative/indie elements from bands like The Flaming Lips and The Magnetic Fields. Being my first song that has vocals layered on top of each other, I wanted some parts to have an anthemic sound similar to a rock opera. I've really been trying to work on my singing and songwriting so I hope it's starting to show in this song. I admit the production is VERY lo-fi and not really studio quality but I will be updating the file time after time until I've perfected my vision of the mix. ______________________________________________________________ Composed, written, sang and produced by Brendan Cappelli.

  • Against the Wind

    im gonna break the silence i wanna put your mind at ease youre the one i want with me and theres a chill in all my bones but i dont want to go home i dont ever want to leave and running against the wind i cant find the warmth within time is a game you cannot win and it feels like im running in place cause i know how you like your space and you know how i like my change my change

  • relocate
    Alternative Rock

    master by: @Splashgvng <3 lyrics: what feels like forever is really nothing at all i'm not someone to talk to if i don't return your call what has the world come to if it all feels fake? i don't want to relocate i don't want to relocate i can't promise forever like it's nothing at all i'm not someone to lean on if i don't return your call what has the world come to? was this always our fate? i don't want to relocate i don't want to relocate tell me where we need to go tell me how far away we are from where we did to go and i can see the front porch lights now when i'm driving back from your house i'm pulling up to my driveway now you're behind me now you're behind me (chorus)

  • Just Go (Xinobi Remix)
    GPU Panic
    Indie Dance
  • irl esex
    Sad Boyz Online
    Alternative Rock

    Ft emocleo @emocleo1 on twitter I am so upset Wish you were in my bed Time is such a waste Wanna look my way Your tongue Touched mine I licked Your eyes Im sorry i got so red never got to say Hey are you okay? Are you still away? You touched My abs I sucked Your tongue do you remember that day you drove me to the center and you waited for an hour in the reception and warned me not to say anything and gave me a kiss on my forehead i wiped it away and walked into the room and told her everything i know i promised not to but broken promises dont really count if noone finds out, right? i told her how you always watch over me how i can feel you inside of the walls in my room and inside my friends’ faces sometimes the bathroom mirror and under my fingernails and behind my computer screen you were watching me too i didnt see you i never do but i could feel your eyes on me they are always so bloodshot from keeping them open 24/7 and when i ask you why you always reply “to protect you” its ironic isnt it maybe you forgot about the scar on my arm or the hair you pulled out of my scalp or my purple knees and bloody nose i remember i used to wipe your kisses away with my sleeve and i still flinch whenever you try and hug me and i still feel your eyes on my skin and i hate it but i dont want shit to change i guess its kinda comforting in a weird way knowing that you will always be there and keep watching me whether i like it or not

  • (FREE) Retro 80s synthwave type beat Instrumental ''Weekend'' 80s synthfunk/pop type beat (LIVINO)

    (FREE) Retro 80s synthwave type beat Instrumental ''The weekend'' 80s synthfunk/pop type beat (LIVINO) ____________________ Produced by LIVINO ____________________ Social links : Soundcloud - Instagram - Facebook - Email me for collabs and more : [email protected] If you like content like this be sure to like and subscribe much appreation !! retro 80s type beat free, retro 80s synthwave type beat, 80s retro pop type beat, free 80s retro the weeknd type beat, 80s type beat, free retro/80s type beat, 80s music, 2127, synthwave type beat, free 80s type beat, 80s type instrumental, retrowave, retro type beat 2019, 80s retrowave type beat 2019, 80s retro beat, retro playlist 80s music,retro type beat 2019,retro 80s type beat,80s retrowave type beat 2019,retrowave type beat free,free retro/80s type beat,free retro type instrumental,new retro instrumental type beat free,2127,80s retro beat,80s nostalgia type beat,nostalgic 80s type beat,back to the future type beat,futuristic retro music,new retrowave,retro playlist,80s retro type beats,making retro music,free retro 80s type beat,type instrumental retro frank ocean, tyler the creator, r&b, alternative, guitar, clairo type beat, lilbootycall type beat, bedroom pop type beat, boy pablo type beat, joji type beatClairo type beat, cuco type beat, cuco insturmental, clairo insturmental, indie pop type beat, bedroom pop type beat, clairo interview, cuco interview, how to clairo, how to cuco, retrowave, synthwave, vaporwave, lofi, how to sound like clairo, how to sound like cuco, Rex orange county,zack villere,boy pablo, clairo,free zack villere type beat,free rex orange county type beat,free boy pablo type beat,rex orange county instrumental,lofi pop,acoustic guitar type beat, ukulele type beat, cute lofi type beat, mac demarco type beat, mac demarco instrumental, how to mac demarco, joji type beat, free joji type beat,how to joji, frank,tame impala, psychedelic rock, psychedelic pop, synth pop, synth rock, indie rock, alternative, mgmt, trap, underground, $not, gosha, snot,synthpop type beat,retro 80s type beat,80s synthpop type free retro/80s type beat,free retro beat,free 80s type beat,retrowave,80s type beat 2018,80s type beat 2017,80s type instrumental,retrowave type beat,free retro/80s type instrumental,type beat,free retro type beat,futuristic beat,trending retro,the 80s,80s music,nostalgic music,new retro beat 2018,majid jordan type beat,free retrowave type beatbeat,free 80s synthpop type beat,synthwave type beat,free retro 80s synthpop,free retro 80s synthpop type beat,vaporwave type beat free,free retrowave type beat,synthpop x vaporwave type beat,free 80s retrowave type beat,80s retrowave

  • Faces
    Fuzz Club Records

    Flying Moon In Space are a seven-piece band from Leipzig, Germany borne out of live improvisations which are known to last hours at a time. Having clocked-up nearly fifty shows in their home-city alone, as well as support slots with The Holydrug Couple, Elephant Stone and The Sweet Release of Death and a couple of headline tours around Europe, the group have now signed to London-based label Fuzz Club for their self-titled debut LP. A shape-shifting blend of driving Krautrock aesthetics, vivid psychedelic pop and techno-indebted electronics, Flying Moon In Space’s ambitious first full-length is due for release December 4th 2020. Although they cite influences that span the likes of Can, Neu!, Brian Eno and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ‘Flying Moon In Space’ is an album indebted to the band’s own experimental live approach more than anything else. Their improvised live shows typically see them perform with four guitars, bass, drums and vocals, resulting in huge walls of sound that are awash with hypnotic motorik beats and orchestral walls of reverb. Talking about the album, they say: “We gain our main influences during experimenting live with different rhythms, layers of sounds and other textures. The energy that comes up playing live with that amount of people takes our perception of music to another dimension. We developed the whole album during our live shows in 2019 so they really capture a certain moment for the band.”

  • City Band - La Symétrie Des Fruits
    bruit direct disques

    City Band LP out now on Bruit Direct Disques Here's a document of a Paris now gone.Paris still jingling in our heads, it's a stretch from Françoise Hardy's timid voice to the best French indie pop band you've never heard of, Freluquets. It's a stretch, still fighting in the streets over the capitalist laws or over a girl, or was it a boy? Gentle strumming, lonely notes for lonely garçons, now men. Going nowhere in your head, still hearing The Go-Betweens, a bit of quirk and crunch à la Monochrome set. How that makes for an imaginary Paris of 2020

  • Stars (beach cut)
    Waves of Dread

    Stars (beach cut) by Waves of Dread. Out Sunday 22nd November on all major streaming platforms. Written and recorded by Waves of Dread, mixed by Josh Ingledew at Blank Studios and mastered by Martin Trollope at Harbourmaster Productions.

  • elephant stone there she goes [cover]
    nathan price
  • CHIVVY - Red Water

    Gothenburg trio ’CHIVVY’ started out as 'The Tape' and released an EP under that name. They have been seen on stages around Europe such as in Portugal, Norway, Germany, Kosovo, Croatia and on most of Sweden's indie stages. The last year, they spent all their time in the studio recording their debut album. And now the band not only changes its name but enters a new era with a more dynamic soundscape. The music is massive with a big sound and their dreamy music creates a feeling of both melancholy and hope. The first single/video as CHIVVY is ‘Red Water’ which is an emotional and strong song about captivity and escape. A current theme that can be applied to animal rights, human flight and human captivity in themselves or society's norms limitations. The song is about longing for freedom and a slightly better world.