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  • if you called
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    "If you called" is Avery's first single: it is mixture of angelic yet strong vocals with warm acoustic guitar that will transport you to your rawest emotions.

  • Hazy Light
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    My brother in law Max recently asked me to write a song for my sister for Mother's Day. The song was to be written from the perspective of her newborn son, Charlie. His request immediately sparked lyrics in my mind and I wrote this song an hour later, and then called my brother Collin to help me record it. Written by Christie DuPree Production and Instrumentation by Collin DuPree

  • Hallelujah - Cover | IPN (Tribute To Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell)

    This is dedicated to Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell, two great artists, and great persons. I don't own the rights to this song, the original it has been written and composed by Leonard Cohen. Youtube Video: Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #Cover #IPNCover #ChesterBennington #ChrisCornell #Hallelujah #JeffBuckley #Vocal #LinkinPark #AudioSlave #Tribute #SoundGarden #ChrisCornellTribute #KeepThePromise #MakeChesterProud #FuckDepression #CelebrateLife #ChesterForever #LegendNeverDie #CoverHallelujah #FamousForever #YoutubeSinger #VideoCover

  • This Is Your Captain Speaking
    Handmade Moments
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Check out Handmade Moment's second single, "This Is Your Captain Speaking" from their upcoming @Jumpsuit-Records release Paw Paw Tree. What makes the homey Ozark stew of Handmade Moments so very nourishing, so perfectly spiced? Partake and be effortlessly guided through wistful and deep channels of musical flavor, rich with hearty roots and fungi, vegetables home-gardened and watered from the sacred well of American musics: jazz old-time country blues soul hip-hop rock (and it don't stop). Glistening with insight and whimsy, long-simmering with righteous compassion and beauty, Handmade Moments are a fearless all-weather duo - complementary spirits of musical tightrope and magic - serving up entrée to their secret river of goodness. Amazon Music: Apple Music: Spotify: Bandcamp: Visit @jumpsuit-records for more classy tunes ;)

  • laying in my bed in my head

    production, guitar and vocals by me take hold i feel it close the heat is rising melting snow behold the subtle fold emotions flaring when you feel low controlled and grabbing hold of all the frozen thoughts i know arose the once old rose from the falling frost that comes and goes seeing the afterglow i keep my distance i let it go the undertow will take us home tomorrow comes and today will flow prosper, take it go it doesn't matter if im alone because i know you'll make it to the fire next to the radio you'll make it we will never break it i call your name through the stereo you care i know your heart it shows the glow remains from months ago embedded into these words i say the images and focus of the brighter days in bed i lay and hear you say 'the snow has came and it made me stay' slowly counting time till it runs, snow is running out feel the heat come from your heart and how it's rising now slowly counting time till it runs, snow is melting out feel the heat come from your heart and how it's rising now laying in my bed in my head i hear you saying how the snow has come into our lives and you're staying now laying in my bed in my head i hear you saying how the snow has come into our lives and you're staying now

  • Zahida Sta (Test song) by Khumariyaan
    Khumariyaan (Official)

    Live performed by Farhan Bogra and Aamer Shafiq of Khuamriyaan We will be removing this song after one week. Enjoy!

  • Billy's Barefoot Adventures - 14 - Morocco
    Billy Caso
    Gnawa / Berber

    I return to my travels and head to the north of Africa, a land of ancient and mystic beauty, Morocco. The traditional music styles can range from GNAWA (a spiritual music from an ethnic group dating back to 11th century slaves encaptured in Morocco, whose music is tightly linked to the connection with Allah, using the main rhythm of a double headed drum) to BERBER (an ancient style known for its handclapping rhythms, drums flute and fiddles) to ANDALUSIAN ( a Spanish/Middle Eastern influenced music of the north part of Morocco which mainly uses vocals, the lute, fiddle, violin, drum and tambourine) and many other ancient styles. ﺷﻜﺮﺍ Billy

  • Mohsen Namjoo - Toloe Man | محسن نامجو - طلوع من

    Mohsen Namjoo: Vocal/Setar Marcus Shelby: Bass Mohammad Talani: Guitar Yahya Alkhansa: Drums Released by: Studio13 Album release date: 2 February 2018

  • Laura Marling - Night After Night

    Darling, I loved you I long to become you And know what it is that you gave We dance the sorrow Forgive me tomorrow I pray Night after night, day after day Would you watch my body weaken My mind drift away? Dear lover forsaken Our love is taken away You were my speaker My innocence keeper I don't Night after night, day after day Would you watch my body weaken My mind drift away? Dear lover forgiven My love is driven by rage Oh I should just leave you Instead I've deceived you But I don't Night after night, day after day Would you watch my body weaken My mind drift away? I count no one, hold nobody's ear I showed you my hand once and you hit me in fear I don't stand for the devil I don't whisper in ears I stand on the mountains and call people to hear It's a sudden burst of light It's a fate foretold It is knowing, it is knowing He longs for the answers, as all of us must He longs for the woman who will conquer his lust He screams in the night, I scream in the day We weep in the evening and lie naked and pray Night after night, day after day Night after night, day after day Night after night, day after day Would you watch my body weaken And my mind drift away? It's a tempting communion It's a fate foretold It is knowing, it is knowing What it is that you're told

  • something about u feels like home.
    Alyssa T.

    so this song is probably one of the most raw ones yet. i was sick through this recording, for me making music and singing is something that helps me cope, i was coping with unsaid emotions in this song , emotions i didn't exactly know how to put into words. i also know the guitar is super simple but as soon as i played that little part i knew it fit my mood and the vibe i was going for. so here we are i went for it , this is out my comfort zone but i hope it can help someone out there.

  • POW - Loudon Wainwright III
    StorySound Records
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    POW (Loudon Wainwright III) Illustration by Ed Steed Hey, I say let’s lay off the poor Prince of Wales - He’s living out the grimmest of fairytales. I know he’s loaded, yeah, he’s got tons of pals, But he can get down just like we do. Hey, I say let’s lay off the heir to the throne. Yeah, I say what the hey - let’s leave him alone. He’s got a hard enough job as it is, And you wouldn’t want his job, now would you? Well, would you? I think that they just want him to just quit - Just ‘cause him and his old lady - they split. Hey, I say let’s lay off - the guy’s next in line And, in the meanwhile, his old lady’s just fine. She goes to galas, yeah, the gal’s in demand. I don’t know how he stands it - I couldn’t. He shouldn’t. Hey, I say let’s lay off the man would be king, But all he gets to do is twiddle his ring. I guess one day his mom’ll cough up that crown, But you can’t pin her down now, well, can you? Hey, I say let’s lay off the poor Prince of Wales.

  • PREMIERE | Zuricha - Matches Elegy feat. Russudan Meipariani
    44,100Hz Social Club

    We have never been into pop! But Elegy is one of those tunes, a little bit accoustic a little bit too darned finely produced to turn our backs on! It's sweet, gorgeous and has that Liz Fraser type thing going on. If Jeff buckley were alive today he would turn in his grave but its a good thing he isnt. Its the track that all at the 44100 have fallen in love with. Just a little bit. A well produced track which dances over convention. It shoud be made of flowers and glass and all the things that tracks shoud be made ofbut without the nonsense that comes along with a 4x4 kick drum,and sometimes an accoutic guitar with a simple girls voice works. sometimes, more than life itself.

  • lackluster

    the beetle died of natural causes, alone, inside of my bedroom. just like i will i dont like anything i dont want you in my brain i think that we are the same but u think this is a game and im losing the war and you arent knocking at my door i hear voices that scream inside they yell out loud in my mind i hope you know that i am fine ill give you all of my time i swear im just fine ill give u time i hope u dont mind im not that fine ill give you all my time i swear that i will be just fine i hope that you want to be mine i know that it will be just fine

  • Beach Baby (Bon Iver cover)
    Lada Phuphatana
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter
  • DC Promo Tracks #182: Eleventeen Eston "Thread & Truth"
    Dream Chimney
    Growing Bin Records

    DC Promo Tracks #182: "Thread & Truth" by Eleventeen Eston is part of the new release "At The Water" on Growing Bin Records @growingbinrecords Available Now! LP: Digital: Under the tree – In The Cave – At The Water, there’s where you’ll find @eleventeeneston savouring the shade since his 2014 debut LP ‘Delta Horizon’ turned the spotlight his way. Taking shelter in the subterranean, the Perth musician has found a sound saturated with entheoge- nic splendour, growing something gorgeous from the grotesque. Finding a natural home on Hamburg’s Growing Bin, Eston emerges into the daylight with a dreamy LP. Subscribe to our weekly email:

  • The Monarch's Way

    After his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, Charles 2nd was chased by the Roundheads all the way to my home town of Southwick on the Sussex coast, where he skulked off to France in a coal boat..... The route is now called the Monarch's Way, and it was cycling along it near my home which gave me the idea for this song - and, ultimately, the idea for this whole album, 'Restoration Tragedy', about the momentous years of the English Revolution, 1649-1660...

  • Ada Will be Devastated
    Keyboard Warfare
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    "Ada Will be Devastated" is a song about me realizing the merits of where I live and how I've changed while growing up. I just wanted to put a song out there about where I've been and where I'm going, so here it is. The name is an homage to the almighty Norma Jean's song, "Memphis Will be Laid to Waste"

  • Picnic With [dunkelbunt] VINYL EDITION
    Chillout / Sampler / DJ Selection

    available on 2LP (including CD) 1. Lonely Drifter Karen – Wonderous Ways 2. Meri Lida & Manolis Hiotis - Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis (Imam Baildi Remix) 3. Nil Karaibrahimgil - Bencil 4. Oi Va Voi – Ladino Song 5. Nôze – Danse Avec Moi 6. Mad Manoush - Illusionen 7. Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow (Original Mix) 8. Arthur Lee - Everbody's Gotta Live 9. Manau - Fest Noz De Paname 10. [dunkelbunt] – Schlawiener (Original Edit) 11. Watcha Clan - Goumari (DJ Click Remix) 12. Tremor - Viajante (DJ Delay Dub) 13. Axel Krygier – Princesa 14. Firewater – This Is My Life 15. BaBa Zula – Cecom [dunkelbunt] invites us on a musical picnic and serves assorted specialities from around the globe - some of them frisky, some melancholic. The "Picnic with [dunkelbunt]" is colourful, and all those drawers are wide open: Lonely Drifter Karen bewitch with their blend of chanson and mystic folk - french hiphop courtesy of Manau meets Skeewiff's electro blues groove (including a sample from the Coen Bros. movie "Oh Brother Where Are Thou" by the way). Next up: a rare Imam Balidi remix of Bouzouki legend Manolis Hiotis. More where that came from: Arthur Lee's almost forgotten soul hit "Everybody's Gotta Live", Oi Va Voi's Klezmer "Ladino Song" featuring the mesmerizing vocals of KT Turnstall. Then, crazy Parisian duo Nôze feat. Dani Siciliano sends an invitation to "Danse Avec Moi"… and when indie rock meets indian pop, it sounds like Firewater's sizzling "This Is My Life". Buenos Aires sends two acts who couldn't be more different: while Axel Krygler's "Princesa" sneaks in on an oriental nu jazz tip, the DJ Delay Dub of Tremor's "Viajante" smartly balances digital and analog grooves. [dunkelbunt]'s latest single offering "Schlawiener" caters to those who love electro swing, just like Mad Manoush's "Illusionen" does - the latter fueled by Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grapelli inspired gypsy jazz. No other outfit represents the "new mediterranean sound" like the Watcha Clan does: from their home port Marseille they absorb gnawa from Mahgreb just like they do Balkan brass & turkish arabesque. Their tribute to this picnic is "Goumari" in the infamous DJ Click version - on other occasions they already got remixed by legendary 4Hero! Baba Zula from Istanbul gained worldwide reputation upon being featured in Fatih Akin's "Crossing The Bridge" documentary - they recorded their picnic contribution "Cecom" during sunset on a boat on the Bosporus river. The vocalist on that track is Brenna MacCrimmon, who worked with a.o. Shantel before. And talking about "Crossing The Bridge": Nil Karaibrahamgil's "Bencil" is a souvenir from [dunkelbunt]'s bicycle tour along the Danube river in 2004, travelling from Vienna to Istanbul. This „Picnic with [dunkelbunt]“ collection is some sort of Ulf Lindemann’s travel diary, brimming with sounds and souvenirs... brought home from countries & cities where he managed to a.o. get rare cassette tapes from taxi drivers, delete pictures from his camera in order to record a few seconds of mesmerizing music only to play it to smiling retailers in the next big city. And when he's staying in his home harbour Vienna, the man is likely to spend endless nights checking on all those global frequencies together with his friend DJ Sid Data. Those just some of the many ways all those musical pearls found their way into dunkelbunt's picnic basket. “I have listened to all these tracks in and out after I had compiled them - for years! To me, this is a hand selected melange, including wonderful songs and great artists from all over the world, that keeps on touching me in a special way. I really do believe that it is a neccessity to share this listening experience with as many people as possible. This "picnic" is food for the soul. Many many thanks to all the amazing musicians who wrote and played this wonderful music. You made my day. More than once! Again and again and again!” Ulf Lindemann

  • Love Grief - VENTRE

    Demo of a little song I just wrote, messy but wanted to share it. Share if you enjoy :-)

  • clonelove (prod. biv)

    We switch perspectives With our eyes closed Fall in love with robots My time is spent with clones My soulmate is a drone she lost her nuts and bolts I could find a phone Repurpose pieces of the One I used to love She just set me free Lantern in the sky I fall and burn all things Your spaces left in ash Unspoken words she sings The pain is coming back I fall like it rain it seems My touch was not enough So I brought my vices My grip is imitating Those words that stuck to me My fists are stuck on close Collapse and tend to me My body is so cold My heart feels everything I think I’ll die alone Clone love not meant to be I think I’ll die alone Clone love not meant to be Clone love not meant to be Clone- Not meant to be- Not meant for, me-