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    Listen to the new collab from EXCISION, SLANDER, ELLE VEE - "YOUR FAULT" Stream/Support here: FOLLOW: @EXCISION @SLANDEROFFICIAL @ELLEVEEMUSIC @SUBSIDIA Excision Tour dates, tickets, and merch available at


    'FOLLOW THE VIBE' is available everywhere via WAKAAN Friday November 27th To Purchase / Stream / Download = Follow Wakaan: Facebook: Instagram: 
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  • Code: Pandorum & Mantis - Burn

    ROYAL BLOOD is OUT NOW on Fresh Blood! Stream/Download here: @codepandorum @mantisdubstep @frshblood

  • Similar Outskirts - Crescent (Kotori Remix)
    Colour Bass

    Stream / Download: Kotori:

  • Arcando & Oddcube - Cinema (feat. Chris Jobe)
    Future Generation
    Dance & EDM

    Arcando & Oddcube - Cinema (feat. Chris Jobe) [FG 031] Out now on Future Generation, a division of TNC Music Ltd. Tune in to our Spotify-playlists: 🎧 Future Generation Releases: 🎮 Best Gaming Music: 🎶 Stream/download: “You are, my cinema, I could watch you forever”... Sounds familiar? To all the fans of the modern era of electronic dance music, Skrillex’s iconic remix of Benny Benassi’s & Gary Go’s single ‘Cinema’ shouldn’t come across as unknown. The filthy dubstep remix was back in 2011 hands down one of the biggest hits in its own genre, and has since played a big role, like Skrillex’s music in general, in shaping the harder bass music towards how it is today. The rising Dutch producer Arcando teamed up with Oddcube and Chris Jobe to revive Cinema’s iconic melodies and lyrics with their stunning melodic trap cover, bringing us all 9 years back in time. Arcando explains the reason behind of making a cover of ‘Cinema’: “When I was around 13 or 14 years old, I was doing a ton of fun things and visiting new places, and I used to listen a lot to Cinema at the time. Therefore, Cinema is a special record for me, as it’s not only an amazing track, but it also brings up so many old, great memories. Just like in 2012, ‘Cinema’ still manages to give me the chills everytime when I hear it, and as 2020 has been a really popular year in terms of cover releases, I thought it was time to add my own influence and style to one of my favorite tracks when I was growing up”. Make sure to follow Future Generation and the artists on socials to stay updated with the forthcoming releases and day-to-day activities! ● Join Future Generation » » » » ● Connect with Arcando: » @arcando-official » » » ● Connect with Oddcube: » @oddcube » » ● Connect with Chris Jobe: » @chrisjobe » »

  • Subfiltronik vs Akira vs Mastadon vs GeorgGreene - Indian Passout(Gram Insta Special)VIP VIP VIP VIP
    gram insta [GEORGEG🤡RE]

    Hello sir how are you today song name long no good real name: Bukez Finezt vs Subfiltronik vs Rawtee vs Mastadon vs Akira vs Akirah vs AD vs Shiverz vs Bommer vs Team Butcher - India Passout VIP VIP VIP VIP (Gram Insta Special) funny picture subfiltronik pyramid vip

  • Dyatic - Blinded
    Colour Bass

    Stream / Download: Dyatic:

  • Perry Wayne - Boogie

    Perry Wayne - Takeover EP is OUT NOW on Buygore! Stream/Download here: @perrywaynemusic @Buygore

  • AI Boy - Hell Mix 2020

    AI BOYS'S HELL MIX 2020!!!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tracklist: - Decipher - Sacrifice - MARAUDA - Avoidable Cause - Subtronics - String Theory (DemonEyez Flip) - Subtronics - Glitch Fight - MARAUDA - Portal - Marshmello & SVDDEN DEATH - Crusade - SVDDEN DEATH - Ichor (feat. Ace Savage) - Caster - The Lunar Ritual - MIRR.IMG - Creepy Sound - Anvil - Stuca, eugene - JEANIE - Wobble - Dead Apostle X Hassan - Zabaniya - Trampa & MARAUDA - Ruckus - SVDDEN DEATH, SLANDER - Blood On Me - SVDDEN DEATH, Oolacile, UBUR - Savceboys - Svdden Death - Rise - GOHED, SHVRON feat. MagMag - Desolator - BadKlaat - Blunt Force - Subtronics - Particle Meme Weapon - Wooli, Subtronics - Melt Ur Brain •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Follow AI Boy: ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

  • Autokilla - Sonic Rhythm
    Melodic Riddim

    Stream / Download: Autokilla:

  • Excision X Spaces Laces - Rumble (Ironhide Bootleg Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD
    Ironhide Dubstep

    The original is one of my all time favorite dubstep tracks. I know it's probably impossible to do the original justice, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I hope you guys like it too! ^_^ The first half of the first drop is very similar to the original -flow wise. This is very intentional, I love the flow in the original and I wanted to remake that flow with my own sounds :) Anyways I love you all! If you are feeling the track please consider supporting it with a like or repost <3 And PLEASE if you arn't already following Excision and Space Laces, DO IT! These two guys are some of the best that bass music has to offer right now.

  • Perry Wayne - Takeover

    Perry Wayne - Takeover EP is OUT NOW on Buygore! Stream/Download here: @perrywaynemusic @Buygore

  • Effin - Onion

    "Onion" is OUT NOW on Never Say Die! Stream / Buy ➤ Follow Effin ➤ Follow Never Say Die ➤

  • The Darkest Dubstep Tracks? #001 w/ Darkside

    Darkside in the mix with a selection of the 'Darkest Dubstep' tracks! Bigup to everyone who posted their suggestions on our FB page. Tracklist: 1. Loefah & Skream - Fearless 2. The Others - Africa 3. Kryptic Minds - Cant Sleep 4. Dub Child - Roll Dat Shit 5. Coki - Haunted 6. Distance - Mind Control 7. DJ Madd - Battle Cry Remix 8. Kromestar - Clearly Distored 9. Cyrus - Looking Back 10. Joker - Head Top 11. Sleeper - Zombies 12. D1 - Crack Bong (Loefah Remix) 13. Tunnidge - Decay 14. Goth Trad - Sinker 15. Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees 16. Distance - Night Vision 17. Distance - Night Vision (Skream Remix) 18. Coki - It 19. Biome - Shadows 20. J Kenzo - The Roteks 21. Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories 22. Mark One - Slang 23. Icicle - Xylophobia 24. Coki - Red Eye 25. Benga - Live Drums 26. Mesck - Psychodrama 27. Bukez Finezt - Under Control 28. Youngsta - Destruction 29. Cessman - Judgement Time 30. Loefah - Goat Stare

  • Perry Wayne - Let Me Down

    Perry Wayne - Takeover EP is OUT NOW on Buygore! Stream/Download here: @perrywaynemusic @Buygore

  • The Legend of Jo 2020 Full Album
    Dance & EDM

    Support The Legend of Jo 2020 at Coming to Music Platforms soon! Tracklist: The Legendary Hero (Remaster) The Great Sea (Remaster) Mini-Boss Theme (Remaster) Fi’s Theme (Remaster) Midna’s Lament (Remaster) Stone Tower Temple (Remaster) Kaepora Gaebora (Remaster) Song of Storms (Remaster) Last Day [Final Hours] (Remaster) Kotake and Koume (Remaster)

  • Apashe - Uebok (Gotta Run) ft. Instasamka [THE FRYKS remix]
    The Fryks

    This my entry for the remix contest organized by Apashe and Kannibalen Records. It was so much fun playing with those stems. I really went for something completely different on this remix and I hope you'll enjoy it ! Follow The Fryks Follow Apashe @lindien Follow Kannibalen Records @kannibalenrecords

  • Ganja White Night Mix (Recorded Live)
    DJ Row

    This is a mix based on Ganja White Night's previous year touring, pulling heavy inspiration from their Electric Forest and Lost Lands sets. I mixed it live and liked how it came out overall (minus a few little issues here or there)so I wanted to share. Enjoy it, share it, get your wobble on. Mr. Wobble Drop Killa Sunset Sherbert Mr. Fix It (with Caspa) Dirty Girl The One Jungle Juice (with Liquid Stranger) Durban Poison Gravity The Origins Flute Chillum (with Apashe) Chernobyl Wobble Master > Wobble Master (VIP) Lfo Requiem Chak Chel Zeds Dead - Dead Of Night (with Ganja White Night) > Dead Of Night (Pax Impera Remix) > w/ Zeds Dead - Doin' Time (Sublime Summer Grime remix) Flava (with Boogie T.) (Originial Mix) Ferity > Ferity (VIP) This Is Me (Ganja White Night Remix) Mr. Nice Headband (with Subtronics) > Headband (Chee x Subtronics Flip) Orbatak - Ganja Dub (GWN VIP) Double Dream Champagne x Blue World (Mashup) (Mac Miller Tribute) *I do not own any of this songs and recorded this purely for entertainment.

  • q100 - FKOFd048 [FKOF Promo]

    PLEASE READ: FKOF Promo! The last FKOF Records release of 2020 sees us both journey to an entirely new geography and welcome an entirely new artist to the roster. And with FKOFd048, we return to our roots with an absolute stepper of an EP from the shores of the Baltic Sea... 'FKOFd048' is available from the FKOFd Bandcamp next Friday and @junodownload a fortnight after that, 18/12/20, and will be available from all good electronic retailers two weeks later. Hit the buy link to pre-order the release... 1. q100 - Coleslaw 2. q100 - Cuticle 3. q100 - Steppin 4. q100 - Yasno "Our resident A&R manager Olaf (you may know him as Korrupt or Signalfire) is known for his moments of brilliance in the FKOF Records team - finding diamonds in the rough in places no-one else was looking. Slava, aka q100, is one of these absolute gems. We signed this release back in August, and its 4 tunes have been a staple draw on our monthly FKOF Sessions shows on Subtle Radio ever since. Cold, dark, brooding 140bpm material that cuts like we like it. This is FKOFd048. "We launch the EP with 'Coleslaw', which (if you ask us) is definitely not the pickled cabbage it might sound like it is. It's beats, bass and space. And it absolutely bangs. Next up, we have 'Cuticle' - which continues where the EP opener left off. This is rolling subs, punchy kicks and crisp atmospherics. It also happens to be the first tune that caught Olaf's ear and led to this release. Track three, 'Steppin', is (for us, anyway) the standout tune on the record. It does exactly what it says it will. If Slava keeps building tunes like this, you'll be hearing a lot more from the Estonian producer. Last, but definitely not least, we have 'Yasno'. FKOFd048 closes with the darkest of the four tunes, all horror story vibes and about as stripped back as you can get before complete nudity. It's a lot - one for the dark times. "2020's brought a lot of things to forget, but we'll be holding onto this FKOF Records debut from q100 for as long as possible. We hope it won't be the last release we support from Slava and you'll understand why on first listen of FKOFd048. Get to know because this guy is going places." @q100-beats


    ALRIGHTTT IT'S TIME, THIS ONE IS MASSIVE ! Special thanks to @astroiddubs for the artwork. Thanks to all the homies : Craneck (@benjamin-dube-328304448), J3LLO (@christophe-villeneuve), Lykos (@nicolas-devin-528643870), @krabber, @futureexit Tracklist : / Kultivate & Finderz Keeperz - Death // Ravachol - Brutal /// Aweminus - Wonton Bass / K-NINE & RICO-ACT - CARDIAC-ARREST // Aweminus - Nu Anger /// IZZY VADIM - SLEEP PARALYSIS / Virtual Riot - Lost I (feat. Pearl Andersson) [VIP] // Stoned Level - Doom / Codd Dubz & Duecez - Shut Up // CYBERTR0N X AZABIM X GLOCKZ - JAGERWOMB /// BadKlaat - Knuckle Sandwich / Wooli & Kompany - Thicc Boi // Automhate - Evolution (Solare VIP) / Ivory - 93 Style (VIP) [feat. Virus Syndicate] // L3vel & SweetTooth - Impending Doom /// Nexu5 - NOTHING ON BIOLAND / @stonedlevel - THE HOUND (unreleased) // ECTO x SKENZ - MORTAL KOMBAT / Kompany & Subtronics - Wicked Witch // Marauda X Yakz - Pulverize / Virtual Riot - Pray For Riddim VIP // Somnium Sound - Bloomkeeper // Ray Volpe - Wet Napkin (Yakz & Somnium Sound Remix) / NAZAAR - Overclocked // SVDDEN DEATH & Somnium Sound - Angel Style // Marauda - Dong / Dion Timmer x Dubloadz - Neon Phantom // KrabbeR - ID / @flaxdubz & @senridubs - FLEXIN' [EXCLUSIVE] // Yakz - Yaktivate / HE$H - 3RDCOAST // MOTUS & @smalb - MOD [dubplate] / @usaybflow - MILES (VIP) // Aweminus - Not That Simple // Akeos & Ayonikz - Toll Gate / Illenium - Crowd Outta Love (Future Exit Remix) / Subtronics & Wooli - Melt Ur Brain // ARTIX! X ENIMPA - ROWDY / Halsey - Sorry (AWAKE (@user-33526409) Remix)