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  • State Of Mind - GIANT VIP (Rene La Vice BBC Radio 1 Premiere)
    Drum & Bass

    We are pleased to introduce you 'GIANT VIP' by State Of Mind premiered over at @renelavice's BBC Radio 1 show! //artist @stateofmindnz // label //release date Beatport - 27.05.19 & Worldwide - 10.06.19 Taking a step back, the inventor looked upon his creation with a mixture of pride and awe. Above him towered a clockwork golem with blood of fire and skin of steel, a protector of that which he had ordained worthy of protection. It’s profile displayed the raw strength of the forges from which it had been wrought, actualized by the servos and motors which drove its mighty body forwards in lumbering motion. Atop its head roared a constant blaze, its uncontainable life energy surging forth from any available outlet in a ferocious display of raw vitality. In a contemplative moment, the inventor then looked upon himself, diminutive and weak by comparison to the champion he had created. He thought of its purpose, shedding a momentary tear for those like him who might fall under its wrathful gaze, but then shook his head with renewed resolve. “It must be done” he said to himself, “They have not the STATE OF MIND necessary to rule this world”. Turning his eyes back to the golem, the inventor set his titanic creation forth on its grim path with naught but a single nod. With a bellowing roar of the blaze within its skull, the golem emerged from the forest of its creation in a moment of stark contrast as it began to take its creators vengeance upon the city that lay before it. It was itself a city of steel and flame, which tore relentlessly at the lands around it in an exploitative & all consuming hunger. Jets of flame shot forth from the golem’s maw as it tread upon the inferior structures beneath it, reducing that built of this hunger to the component parts it so wantonly consumed. As it stood within the inferno, the golem itself began to feel its own gnashing teeth, the heat of the flames slowly stripping its steel skin to the bone. With a final titanic roar the golem reached a point of criticality, exploding in a massive gout of flame and molten shrapnel which leveled all that remained of what had once been the great city. Watching from high within the forest, the inventor nodded his head in a farewell to his creation, assured by it’s ultimate cry that this land was safe once again from those who would do it harm. STATE OF MIND returns to EATBRAIN with four reimaginings of their past tracks by themselves and others within the harder side of Drum & Bass. Receiving a flip by Italian neurofunk trio IHR is the notorious collab with label boss Jade 'HIGHLANDER', which features the addition of a motive & fluid reece bassline atop the track’s already driving drumbeat for a dancefloor devastating sonic combination. STATE OF MIND themselves present a VIP of GIANT, which smashes forth on massive drums accentuated by simultaneous bass stabs in a titanic sprint beneath detuned tonal sprites. BYPASS is remixed by MOB TACTICS, whom bypass nothing as they push the track into overdrive in a flurry of furious basses, frenetic arpeggios and brief moments of levity provided by snippets of vocals. Closing the EP is the SYNERGY remix of TIME SLIP FT. KRYPTOMEDIC, which rides the MC’s narration upwards in an ever intensifying crescendo towards a distorted realm of metallic basses that rocket out above their electrified companions and an unstoppable drumbeat. In all, the STATE OF MIND REMIXES morph some of the prolific duo’s most powerful track on EATBRAIN into monstrous new forms, setting them up for further dominance on future dancefloors.

  • Noisia Radio S05E20
    Noisia Radio
    Noisia Radio

    Noisia Radio this week: We’re premiering ‘Alley Oop’ taken from Posij’s ‘Cocoon’ EP, out this Friday on Division plús Buunshin remixed our collab with Phace ‘Micro Organism’. More new music by Vowel & Mason, Kasra & Enei, Annix & Kanine, Noer The Boy and Audio. All this and more.. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: ​ Join our Patreon: Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: ​ Follow Noisia: Instagram ​ Soundcloud: ​ Spotify ​ Youtube ​ Posij - Alley Oop [DIVISION] Vowel & Mason - Sentient [INVISIBLE] Phace & Noisia - Micro Organism (Buunshin Remix) [NEOSIGNAL] BINKS x Gnosis - Astral Projection [SKRONG] The Outsiders & MVRK - Atrophy [FRAKTAL] Kasra & Enei - Disappearing Ink [CRITICAL] Gladez - Favela [DUB] Volatile Cycle & Cruk - Bindipper [LIFESTYLE] Visages - Damas (Skylark Remix) [IMPACT] Mr Carmack - Wagyu Beef [BANDCAMP] Insideinfo ft. Rhymestar - Airwaves [INSIDEINFO] [NOISIA RADIO RELOAD] Workforce - Dotdotdash [MUST MAKE] Annix & Kanine - Jackpot [PLAYAZ] JuLo - Yes No Ok [LAFYTE] Double Helix - Mandella [T3KNOLOGY] Audio - Dead Stock [SNAKE PIT] Noer The Boy - Ripitonthespot (Ft. Jacob Willard) [EAT THE BOMB] Visages - Hurting Me [FLEXOUT] Neonlight - Uhrwerk [DIASCOPE] Dj Hidden - Signs Of A Time [PRSPCT] Mistrust - Ultra Lux [SHOGUN] Oakwite - Chlorophyll [GALACY]

  • Oni - Omnivore (JADŪ119)
    Jadū Dala

    Jadū Dala. The Magical Music Outfit. Listen on Spotify: Oni @oniaudio

  • Terrence & Phillip + Kontakt - Prisoners [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Drum & Bass

    Terrence & Phillip + Kontakt - Prisoners FREEE DOWNLOAD .wav format

  • Macca & Melinki - Ok
    Drum & Bass

    Macca & Melinki link on the debaucherous sounds of 'Ok' - forthcoming on their Dark Soul EP on Fokuz. Get it here: Macca: Facebook → SoundCloud → Melinki: Facebook → SoundCloud → Fokuz Recordings: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Blackout Podcast 81 - Redpill (Live @ Le Bikini)
    Blackout Music NL
    Drum & Bass

    Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. Redpill just released his Flesh & Blood EP on Blackout, time for another podcast! This is a live recording from Le Bikini in Toulouse. You can find the video recording on Dnb Portal here: Flesh & Blood EP: Tracklist: ID - ID Misanthrop & Synergy - Slap The Ghost The Clamps - No Reality State of Mind Black Sun Empire - Bottom Line Redpill - Hazardous Teddy Killerz & Gydra - Miles High Phace & Mefjus - Ruhestörung Phace & Noisia - Drawback (Annix Remix) Teddy Killerz - Assassins Distress Signal - Earthquake ID - ID Prolix ft. DC Breaks - Beat Down ID - ID Telekinesis - In My Mind Pythius & Gridlok - Sound Barrier (Gydra Remix) Redpill - Give It Redpill - Rub A Sub Noisia - Block Control VIP ---> Phace & Mefjus - The Mothership VIP Agressor Bunx - Rolling Redpill - Lunch Time JADE - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP) Agressor Bunx - Acid Mirage Mean Teeth - Blaze (Vowel remix) Zombie Cats - Chemical Redpill - Synth Blood Pythius - Monster Black Hole (Merikan Remix) Maztek ft Miss Trouble - Shake The Foundation (Redpill remix) ---> Noisia - Into Dust (Neonlight Remix) ---> Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (Noisia remix) Mefjus - The Sirens Agressor Bunx - Infinity ---> Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Receptor Remix) ID - ID Merikan - Reverse Coded Akrom, Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Berserk Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Dirt (Disphonia Remix) Bad Omen (State Of Mind Remix) ---> X-Ray (Metrik Remix) Redpill - Down The Rabbit Hole Mefjus - If I Could (Loadstar Remix) Redpill - Hold It Like That Phace - Das Techno Redpill - Flesh & Blood Synergy - Vector ID - ID Signal - Move Me Redpill - And The Hero Will Fall Mefjus - Divergence (Misanthrop Remix) Redpill - Show Me What You Got Redpill - Call Of The Warchief VIP ID - ID Mefjus - Together (Signal Remix) Doctrine - So Did I Exept & Missin - Something You Are Billain & Signal - Black Nazareth Prolix & The Qemists - Feel Alive Black Sun Empire - Caterpillar (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) ID - ID Merikan & IHR - Scars ---> Noisia - Incessant Redpill - Last One Standing Follow Redpill: Facebook - Soundcloud - Instagram - Twitter - Follow Blackout: Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud - Website - Merchandise -

  • Fracture - Give Me Love Ft. Fox (Red Bull Premiere)
    1985 | Music
    Drum & Bass

    Presenting Give Me Love' ft. Fox by FRACTURE on his forthcoming 'Unite' EP. Out 7th June on vinyl and digi. Pre-order: Follow: @1985music1985 @fracture-official

  • Kasra - Cold Wave
    Drum & Bass

    Kasra returns with another precision production - out now on his Focus On The Love EP on Critical. Get it here: Kasra: Facebook SoundCloud Critical Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Firewall (OUT NOW!)
    Drum & Bass
  • EATBRAIN Podcast 089 by Tobax
    Drum & Bass

    // artist @alex-tobax // label //tracklist 1. Volatile Cycle & Abis – Vobelord [Lifestyle dub] 2. State Of Mind – Giant VIP [Eatbrain dub] 3. Mindscape – Meltdown 4. Tobax – The Reaper 5. Pendulum – The Terminal 6. TC – Ride 7. Bad Disctrict – Hyper Drone 8. Gydra vs. Receptor – Keep On [Neuropunk dub] 9. Malux – Pitfall [Bad Taste dub] 10. Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (Magnetude Cover) 11. Anatomix – ID [Empire dub] 12. Tobax – Burning 13. Jade & State Of Mind – Highlander (IHR Remix) [Eatbrain dub] 14. Tobax – Sacrifice Ft. Lifesize MC 15. Malux – The Slip [Bad Taste dub] 16. Shyun & Cruk – Wreckage 17. ID – ID 18. Teddy Killerz – Assassins 19. Tobax – ID [Bad Taste dub] 20. Gydra – Scourge 21. Volatile Cycle – Bindipper [Lifestyle dub] 22. Tobax – Seized Moment Ft. Helo 23. Mizo – Dust Devil 24. Kontrol – Forcefield (Optiv & BTK Remix) 25. Paperclip & MJ Free – Diesel (Encode Remix) 26. Opsen – Redwood Falls 27. Optiv, CZA & IHR – Burnout 28. Sinister Souls – World at War [PRSPCT dub] 29. Crissy Criss & Heist – Ruble 30. Gydra – Beatdown (Tobax Remix) [C4C dub] 31. ID - ID [PRSPCT dub] 32. A.M.C & Turno – Fever (Tobax Remix) 33. Audio – Darkseid 34. Malux – Vaporise [Bad Taste dub] 35. ID – ID 36. Tobax & Bad District – Invisible Spirit 37. Tobax – Kappa 38. Tobax – Steinhagel

    Drum & Bass

    WOiii.. Another free one for you! Ive had quite a few requests for this so I thought id share it with everyone.. Enjoy! Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Malux - The Slip
    Bad Taste Recordings
    Drum & Bass

    Release: Vaporise EP Date: 11th Jun 2019 MALUX ● FB → ● SC → BAD TASTE RECORDINGS ● WebSite → ● SoundCloud → ● FaceBook → ● Instagram → ● MixCloud → ● Merchandise → ● Twitter → ● Spotify →

  • Bungle - Half Way
    Drum & Bass

    Bungle returns with the deep, menacing soundscapes of 'Half Way' - forthcoming on Original Key Records. Bungle: Facebook → SoundCloud → Original Key: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Euphonique - Execute
    Drum & Bass

    Razor sharp sonics from Euphonique, out now on her 23 Style EP via Born On Road. Get it here: Euphonique: Facebook → SoundCloud → Web → Born On Road: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Telomic - No Resistance (ft. Visionobi)
    Drum & Bass

    Telomic links with Visionobi on the deep groove that is No Resistance - forthcoming on Galacy Records. Get it here: Telomic: Facebook → SoundCloud → Visionobi: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Galacy Records: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • The Insiders - Tell Me
    Drum & Bass

    Sonic seduction from The Insiders, returning with the smooth sounds of 'Tell Me' on EP 4 of Intrigue 16: The Anniversary Collection. Get it here: The Insiders: Facebook → SoundCloud → Intrigue Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • T>I - Fine Balance (Murk-024)
    Murky Digital
    Drum & Bass

    T>I brings his signature sumo weight back to Murky Digital with this very exciting release... 'Fine Balance' is a prime example of heavyweight, rolling drum & Bass; deep sonics, intelligent cuts, a flowing groove and a monstrous bassline! Certified Murkin' music. T>I's remix of Leaf's innovative and forward thinking track 'Glitch' is a creepy and 'Murky' take on the original. Hard hitting drums, lurking atmospherics and a unique vibe, this is definitely something different.

  • Phace & Noisia - Micro Organism (Buunshin Remix)
    Drum & Bass

    Featuring on Neosignal X - Part 2: Part 1 - Out Now - Buunshin remixes Phace & Noisia's seminal track 'Micro Organism'. Famous for its epic intro, Buunshin maintains it's core sound and adds his own twist. 10 YEARS OF NEOSIGNAL - LONDON - FABRIC - 24.05.2019 Tickets: Buunshin online: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Instagram:

  • Banzai - Don't Stop & Attitude (Forthcoming 19/06/19)
    Breeze Records
    Drum & Bass

    We start a fresh to bring soul and identity within Breeze, marking the start of this new wave of music Banzai joins Breeze and brings a hyped single to the table. Consisting of two tracks, Don't stop & Attitude. Don't stop captures the unique sound of Banzai bringing a pure new wave Jump Up sound to the dance floor, while Attitude cultivates a bass heavy, war horn call to the dance floor. We're sure Banzai is to make a massive mark on the scene this year and we're happy to have him come along the way.

    Drum & Bass