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  • T>I - Paper Clipz (ft. Dutta)
    Drum & Bass

    T>I links with Dutta on the infectious rhythm of Paper Clipz - forthcoming on his aptly-titled Steamy Rollers EP on Souped Up. T>I: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Dutta: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Souped Up Records: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Gydra feat IHR - Wipe (Eatbrain 111)
    Drum & Bass

    // artists @gydramusic @inward-hanzo-randie // label // release date Beatport Excl. 18.09.20 & Worldwide - 02.10.20 “At last, you arrive” echoed the thunderous voice that seemed to originate from the body of the temple itself. “You have displayed power, spirit, strength, and soul in getting this far, but should you wish to gain access to the hidden knowledge of this great temple, you must now face the final trial which bears no name. Precious few have reached this point, and what remains of them is now scattered across the four winds that rake at this mountain peak. Prepare yourself, adventurer, for the final trial is me.” In reflexive response to these resounding words, the adventurer steeled themselves and braced for the impact that was sure to follow. But none such occurred, and the only assault on the adventurer’s defenses was that of unexpected silence that stung at their nerves. Still on guard, they dwelled deeper within the silence, peering into its misty recesses. There, obscured by the gusts which grazed this mountaintop, yes, there was something. The faintest sound of flesh on stone, moving slowly through the cool mountain air. Yet no creature lay before them. Then came the shattering, a sound of incomprehensible magnitude that shot the adventurer into motion. The stone courtyard splintered before them, driving jagged shards of stone like knives beneath the adventurers feet. With a powerful leap the adventurer shot into the air, remaining suspended in levitation, a technique they had learned within the previous trial. Below them, the mountain continued to crumble and the temple fell away, revealing a magnificent serpentine form in a shower of boulders and stone slabs. Rising from the body of the mountain itself was a massive dragon, unlike any the adventurer had heard tell of even within the tales of old, and upon its head stood a shadowy form, an equal to the aura of the adventurer’s own light. “I have kept the knowledge of this temple for thousands of years” came the voice once more, sharpened by its exposure to the alpine atmosphere. “I will not have some impudent fool steal it from me”. The great dragon reared back at its rider's command, and the adventurer concentrated their energy into a great spectral claw to match. There, the adventurer understood. Win or lose, they had gained the knowledge of the temple that they sought. This they knew in their core as they drew in to prepare a great gout of flame that would match the great dragons own. GYDRA bring their latest single to EATBRAIN for the culmination of the saga that has seen them journey through their previous releases on the label, The Test of Power & Strength and the Test of Spirit & Soul Alike. Combining with IHR atop the peak of the power, GYDRA presents the spectacle of the BOSS FIGHT to the EATBRAIN horde as but a taste of what is to come.

  • Mystic State — Evermore (War Remix)
    Drum & Bass

    War adds a deep, brooding twist to Mystic State's 'Evermore' - forthcoming on YUKU. War: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Mystic State: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → YUKU Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Pendulum - Driver (CUSTOME x Hailure Remix)
    Drum & Bass

    As soon as Lucas and I heard the new Pendulum songs, we knew we had to mess around with one of them and this is what we came up with! (props to Lucas for absolutely KILLING the metal break) Follow @itscustome: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Follow @hailuresound Facebook: Instagram: Spotify:

  • EATBRAIN Podcast 119 by L 33
    Drum & Bass

    // artist @l-33-1 // label

  • PREMIERE: Goldie 'The Mirrored River'(Artificial Intelligence Remix)[Metalheadz]
    Data Transmission Drum & Bass
    Drum & Bass

    Like the Track? Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel - Follow our Drum & Bass Spotify Playlist: ►Data Transmission Spotify: Mixcloud: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: iTunes Podcast: Spotify Podcast: Snapchat: datatrans ►Artificial Intelligence ►Metalheadz @metalheadz

  • Rameses B & Veela - One Day
    Rameses B
    Drum & Bass

    Stream/download: Me & Veela are back with some beautiful liquid drum & bass. It's always a pleasure working with her and I hope you love the tune as much as we do. 🚀 Veela ● ● ● ● ● 🚀 Rameses B: ● Spotify - ● Facebook - ● Soundcloud - ● Youtube - ● Twitter - ● Instagram - 🚀 Liquicity Instagram: Facebook: Events: Twitter: Soundcloud: Discord - Merchandise -

  • Headroom - Survival
    Drum & Bass

    Diabolical riddim from Sheffield-based newcomer Headroom - forthcoming on Four Corners Music. Headroom: Facebook → Instagram → SoundCloud → Four Corners Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • ALCEMIST - TRANSPARENT [FREE - hit "buy" to download"]
    Drum & Bass

    to say thanks for all the support i've had recently here's a free tune for ya :) ---------- insta

  • Skynet - Pressurized
    Drum & Bass

    Buy 'Pressurized' - Skynet and Silence Groove return to Soul Trader with two dancefloor ready cuts. ↪

  • Overview Podcast S1E9
    Overview Music
    Drum & Bass

    Sign up to the Overview Patreon: The Overview Podcast is back for another episode, featuring new music from Skylark, Klinical, GROUND, Vowel, Wingz and many more Tracklist: Skylark - Blind [Overview] Talkre - Lockheed [Overview Patreon] Waeys - What It Was [Shogun] Molecular - When You Enter [Patreon] Thematic - Squabble [Sofa Sound] Waeys - Ultimatum (ID Remix) [Overview] En:vy - Push Through [Flexout] L-Side - ID [Dub] Mofes & Distrupta - Allow It [Dub] Skylark - Vordt [Overview] Sustance - Temperance (Yaano Remix) [Overview] gyrofield - Place To Rest [FORM] Vowel - ID [Overview] GROUND - Amnesia [Overview] Revan & Objectiv - Houdini [Flexout] Synth Ethics - Flash Crash (Extraction Remix) [Delta9] Invert Era - Give Me (Levela Remix) [DnBAllStars] Four Points, Jappa & Lupo - Electrical Signals [Dub] Data 3 - Tric City (Waeys Remix) [Flexout] Talkre - Machine Code [Overview] ID - ID [Overview] Creatures & Primitive Instinct - Archaic Heritage (Division Remix) [Context] Medusa - Vertigo [Incurzion] Klinical - Violet [Overview] Nami & Rizzle - Mistress (Ordure Remix) [Overview] Wingz - Exo [Overview] Radiax - The Centre (Black Barrel Remix) [Unchained] Scepticz & SVB - Paniek [Midas Touch] Nemy - Refuse [Dub] Subdue - Your Everything [Terra Firma] Dedman - Flash Brew [Lost] Changer - Breathe [Dub] Mozey - Knock Ya Block Off [Dub] Hyroglifics - Run It [Patreon] Thread - Crooked (Operate Remix) [Onyx] Kidsonic - Follow Me feat. Swift [Inhibit] Yannons - Thau feat. Kragar [Dub] Kelayx - Stop [Drum Army] Arxiva - Nomads [Fuck About!] Azimuth - Inertia (Future Engineers Remix) [Dub] Mori - Clear Your Body [Dub] PRSPKTV - Stargazing feat. RSWT [Eloisa] ID - ID Nesium - Coffee Drip [Locked Concept] Wingz - Sorrow [Overview] Waeys - Mapper [Overview]

  • Sub Focus & Wilkinson - A Decade of D&B Minimix (2010-2020)
    Sub Focus
    Drum & Bass

    Tracklist: Chase & Status - No Problem Noisia - Dead Limit Hazard - Bricks Don’t Roll Metrik - Hackers Culture Shock - Bunker Sub Focus - Solar System Dimension - Devotion Kanine - Want You Wilkinson - Take You Higher Culture Shock - Renaissance Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Illuminate Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound Dimension - UK Sub Focus & Dimension - Desire Loadstar - Link To The Past Wilkinson - Afterglow Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag John Holt - Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix) Wilkinson - I Need (Wilkinson & Metrik Remix) Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix) Benny L - Vanta Black Adam F - Circles (Pola & Bryson Bootleg) Bou - Poison Sub Focus - Tidal Wave Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk(Mefjus Remix) Rusko - Every Day (Netsky Remix) High Contrast - Remind Me Sigma - Nobody To Love

  • Flava D - Horizen
    Hospital Records
    Drum & Bass

    Buy or stream 'Desert Lights' here: Following her previous singles ‘Mesmerise’, ‘Return To Me’ and ‘Human Trumpet’, UK bass music champion Flava D is back with her debut drum & bass EP released on south London imprint Hospital Records. Continuing to explore her love for higher tempos, Flava D’s latest work consists of three brand new tracks, fusing garage, bassline and drum & bass, showcasing the breadth of her productions and style. Aptly named after her recent months spent living and travelling around California, Hospital Records proudly present the ‘Desert Lights’ EP by Flava D. Euphoric yet grimey, title track ‘Desert Lights’ kicks off the EP with enrapturing vocals, elevated pianos and rave inspired strings that take you to a higher dimension. Distorted wobbles and garage style plucks soon burst into play showing exactly why Flava D has climbed the ranks over the years as an undeniable leader in bass music. ‘Horizen’ is a delicate amalgamation of styles, incorporating classic liquid drum & bass with spacious synth plucks and ardent mid-range bass stabs which permeate the mind. With melodies reminiscent of a 90s video game, Flava D sets the standard with her refreshing take on drum & bass. Stepping into deeper and darker territories, ‘What You Mean 2 Me’ is an all guns blazing growler that delivers energising vibrations with razor sharp drums and a no-nonsense bassline. Serious business! Whilst previously praised for her UKG and bassline flavours, Flava D’s ‘Desert Lights’ EP is a continuation of her drum & bass journey which has made a stark imprint on the scene. From her previous Hospital releases including ‘Human Trumpet’ and Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World ‘Return To Me’, to the more recent single ‘Mesmerise’ which led to a guest mix for Rene LaVice, a D&B mini mix for Annie Mac, support from UKF, and saw her become the face of Spotify’s Massive Drum & Bass playlist. Flava D’s latest EP affirms her status as a true bass music titan with untestable production skills and unique ability to craft irresistible dancefloor bangers. Follow Flava D: @flava_d Follow Hospital Records: @hospitalrecords

  • Unxnown - Kingston Jive
    Drum & Bass

    Future jungle business from Unxnown - forthcoming on ProgRAM. Pre-save here: Unxnown: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → ProgRAM: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Aaronson - Funk Show
    Drum & Bass

    Heavyweight stepper from newcomer Aaronson, making waves with his debut release on Echo Chamber. Get it here: Aaronson: Facebook → Instagram → Echo Chamber: Facebook → Instagram → Twitter → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Alix Perez - Perfect Stranger w/ Halogenix
    Drum & Bass

    Another dreamy offering from Alix Perez's Without End EP - this time featuring Halogenix on the ethereal sounds of 'Perfect Stranger'. Get it here: Alix Perez: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Twitter → 1985 Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Twitter → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Upgrade - Function - October 2nd - Serial Killaz Recordings
    Drum & Bass

    Brand new speakah tumpah. Bass so low you'll soil yourself. Out October 2nd

  • Emperor - These Days
    Drum & Bass

    » Download/Stream: 🔊 » Follow our Drum & Bass Top 50 Playlist 🎵 → » Shop UKF Merchandise 👕 → » Subscribe to UKF Drum & Bass ⤵️ → & enable notifications 🔔 » Sign up to be the first to hear UKF releases 🎧 → --- » Connect with Emperor 💿 Facebook → Instagram → SoundCloud → Twitter → --- » Connect with UKF Drum & Bass 📢 Discord → Newsletter → Website → Spotify → Apple Music → SoundCloud → Facebook → Instagram → Twitter → --- » #drumandbass #dnb

  • Disrupta & SL8R - Your Love
    Drum & Bass

    Another stellar offering from Disrupta's Deep Thoughts EP on Liquid V - this time linking with SL8R on the vibe that is 'Your Love'. Get it here: Disrupta: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → SL8R: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Liquid V: Facebook → Web → SoundCloud → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • Drumsik - Madman
    Bad Taste Recordings
    Drum & Bass

    Bad Taste Recordings Drumsik: Madman / Mind DRUMSIK: ● FB → ● SC → @drumsik BAD TASTE RECORDINGS ● WebSite → ● SoundCloud → @bad-taste-recordings ● FaceBook → ● Instagram → ● MixCloud → ● Merchandise → ● Twitter → ● Spotify →