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  • Noisia Radio S06E14 (Incl. Malux Guest Mix)
    Noisia Radio

    Noisia Radio this week: Malux recently released the ‘Motive’ EP on Vision, we have got a 30 minute guest mix by the man himself. Also, new music by Thys & Amon Tobin, Missin, Deft, Waeys, Alix Perez and more.. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: ​​ Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: ​​​ Join our Patreon: ​​ Get a Noisia Radio T-Shirt: ​​​ Follow Noisia: Instagram ​​​ Soundcloud: ​​​ Spotify ​​​ Youtube ​​​ Missin - No Turning [NËU] Deft - Click The Snap [2020] Krispy - Deadlines (Waeys Remix) [DELTA 9] Circuits - Unbroken Loop [CRITICAL] Alix Perez - Lifeline [1985] Black Barrel - Samsara [DISPATCH] Nvctve - Duh [SATURATE] PhaseOne & Modestep - Mayday (The Upbeats Remix) [DISCIPLE] Myth - Madness [SUBTITLES] Anti.Negative - I Kno U C It [SOUNDCLOUD] Focusfire - Nonverbal [PROGRAM] Malux Guest Mix Malux - Hideout Volatile Cycle & Cruk - Bindipper Malux - ID The Caracal Project - Bogy Document one - 1964 Malux ft. Hijak - ID Malux - Steamroller Phace & Subtension - For Good Malux - Cargo Dj Limited - Soldier ft. Fatman D Malux - ID Posij - Derivative QZB & Emperor - Nixon Malux - Flatline Malux - Torque Halflow - Relentless Funk Malux - Screw Up MVRK & Kace - Beneath Malux - ID Sam Binga - Proud ft. Rider Shafique & Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix) Fade Black - Sluggah Malux - Light Fold Malux - Aquatic Malux - Mesmer Malux - Pitfall ID- ID Stickybuds - Take a Stand (Skope remix) (Malux VIP) Holographic - Gargoyles Black Sun Empire & IMANU - Parallels [BLACKOUT] [NOISIA RADIO RELOAD] Thys & Amon Tobin - Ghostcards [NOMARK]

  • Randall & MC MC @ Helter Skelter Keepin The Fire Burning
    Drum & Bass

    The first Randall tape I had when I was at school and still one of my favourites to this day. Along with a nice pic of him winning an award in 1995 when this set was recorded

  • Cod3x - Rock The Show (Eatbrain 101)
    Drum & Bass

    //artist @cod3x //label // release date Beatport Excl. 10.04.20 & Worldwide - 24.04.20 The dread legion had assembled upon the spot of their summoning, bound to the place by ancient tonal magics and the shared purpose of their existence. Called to this place they had been by their leader, one who even in death retained the formidable talents that he had cultivated in life. The legion’s gaze centered upon him as he ascended the rough hewn pedestal at the center of their gathering, crafted from an amalgamation of headstones and sarcophagi that had once borne both their names and physical bodies. Trapped within such material prisons no longer, they watched with the unbreakable focus of the dead as their caller rose before them, taking his place within the ritual that would unbind them all from their accursed grave. The incantation began slowly as its guttural tonalities rung out with supernatural force, shivering the ground beneath the legions feet in rhythmic pulses set to counter the magic that bound them here. The legion began to move in accordance with the thrumming beat beneath them, amplifying its power with their every footfall. Then from the caller came a sound most piercingly shrill, which seemed to cleave the very heavens above with the razor sharp edges of its harmonic hiss. The clouds gave way not to skies but to stars, which bore down light from their otherworldly realms that came to a point upon the caller’s own pedestal. With one final cue, the leader raised up his arms and his legion followed in suit, preparing for the moment that would grant them their freedom. With a luminous flash all present swept their arms down, at the moment of the peak in their crescendo of sound. When the brilliance had faded the legion had already spread far, united under the light of a single rockstar. COD3X leads the EATBRAIN horde from center stage with his ROCK THE SHOW EP as he delivers a trio of his latest tracks for the label’s second triple digit release. Following his previous Illegal Sound EP on the label, as well as appearances within its Divergence compilation series, ROCK THE SHOW spans the neurofunk spectrum from its funkiest to most tech-influenced ends as COD3X shines in the spotlight for the latest release from EATBRAIN.

  • Jauz (DnB Set) @ Hard Summer Virtual Rave-A-Thon 2020
    Dance & EDM

    This set is straight up fuego. One of my favorites of the weekend. DnB 2020.

  • Akov - Chub
    Drum & Bass

    Akov unleashes the twisted sounds of Chub on Korsakov Music - out now on his Rebirth EP. Get it here: Akov: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Web → Korsakov Music: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →


    this is me trying to make sense of the dream world. Click buy for FREE DL <3

  • Netsky - I See The Future In Your Eyes
    Hospital Records (Label)
    Drum & Bass

    Buy or stream 'I See The Future In Your Eyes' here: One of the biggest names in dance music, Netsky has crafted the highest calibre of electronic anthems for over a decade, spanning countless genres, countries, charts and dancefloors. Now, the Belgian prodigy who cut his teeth on Hospital Records in 2010, is returning to the genre that made him a house-hold name with his first solo D+B record in 5 years, ‘I See The Future In Your Eyes’. A truly iconic artist for all manner of drum & bass fanatics across the globe, the unprecedented way that Netsky’s music resonates with audiences has never been matched. Having elevated himself to legendary status through tracks such as Pirate Bay, Rio, Iron Heart, Come Alive, Rio, Puppy, I Refuse and Drawing Straws, he released 2 D+B LPs during his tenure at Hospital Records and has remixed the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rusko, Jessie J, Plan B, Dua Lipa, Swedish House Mafia and countless more. His accolades include a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which was nominated for ‘Mix Of The Year’ in 2010, a groundbreaking and impressive live show which toured globally, and a brace of Top 30 LPs in the UK, with both hitting #1 spot in Belgium. Having performed headline spots at Tomorrowland, Let It Roll, SW4, Reading & Leeds, Printworks and Ultra Music Festival amongst many others, and toured across 6 continents with both a live show and his DJ production, few can match Netsky's extensive and high level touring schedule. With this single, the sound that so many fell in love with has now returned, and with the future in his eyes with a broader project on the horizon, the best is still yet to come. ‘I’m delighted to be working on a brand new record with Netsky, especially in the 10 year anniversary of his Hospital debut. Boris has always been family to us, and his music is a special feature of our (almost) 25 year long catalogue… we can’t wait to unveil his brand new drum & bass in the coming months.” - Chris Goss (Co-founder of Hospital Records). Follow Netsky: Follow Hospital Records:

  • Doctor Jeep - Unreal
    Drum & Bass

    NY-based beatsmith Doctor Jeep unleashes the infectious rhythm of 'Unreal' on Unchained Recordings - already gaining support from the likes of Sherelle, Fixate, J:Kenzo and more! Get it here: Doctor Jeep: Facebook → Instagram → SoundCloud → Unchained Recordings: Facebook → SoundCloud → Instagram → Drum&BassArena: Join the family → Spotify → YouTube → Instagram → Mixcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

  • DJ ERB N DUB - ALL ERB N DUB GUEST MIX (Mollie Collins Kiss FM 4/4/20)
    Erb N Dub (Killer Hertz)
    Drum & Bass

    30 mins - 30 Erb N Dub - Tracks / Remixes / VIPs 1. Erb N Dub - Power 2. Erb N Dub & Krafty Kuts - The War Is Over (ft Example / Dynamite / Harry Shotta) VIP 3. Erb N Dub & Crissy Criss - Curse 4. Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazin (Erb N Dub / Malux / Crissy Criss Remix) 5. Erb N Dub & Rap - Run Dis Ting (Ft Scrufizzer) VIP 6. TC & Jakes - Next Hype (Erb N Dub / Malux / Crissy Criss Remix) 7. TC & Jakes - Next Hype (Erb N Dub / Malux / Crissy Criss Remix) VIP 8. Aaronic - Stomp (Erb N Dub Remix) 9. Erb N Dub & Disaszt - Stop 10. Erb N Dub & Malux - Drummer VIP 11. Erb N Dub & Northbase - Punk Rock 12. Erb N Dub - Massacre VIP 13. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Airlock 14. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite - Pounding (Erb N Dub Remix) VIP 15. Erb N Dub & Tony Anthem - Monsta Stomp (Ft Coppa) 16. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Roller Ball 17. A Skills - Turn It Up (Erb N Dub Remix) 18. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Krokodil VIP 19. Erb N Dub & Macky Gee - Turn Up (Ft SMK) 20. Funk Hunters & Charli 2na - Word To Spread (Erb N Dub Remix) 21. Erb N Dub - Moshpit 22. Erb N Dub - Speak & Spell 23. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Shockwave 24. Erb N Dub - Parallax 25. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Spark Plug 26. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Listen Here 27. Erb N Dub / Crissy Criss / Malux - Tornado 28. DMNDZ - By Your Side (Erb N Dub Remix) 29. Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought - We Play The Music (Ft Darrison & JFB) (Erb N Dub Remix) 30. Erb N Dub & Skope - Let Me Fly (Ft Damien Soul)

  • SP002 Seba & Paradox Vol.36 Radio Show
    Drum & Bass

    New Radio Show showcasing the SP002 12" plus tracks from Mako, ASC, Monic, Seba, Gremlinz and Nucleus ** Disclaimer - Warning - This is NOT a mix, but a narrator-style presented Radio Show ** ** Track ID? Track listing is clearly mentioned on the mic ** ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Invisible digital : ● ● ● ● ● ● ------ S&P Label Nights / Bookings Seba : [email protected] Paradox : [email protected] ͏

  • Premiere: Pythius 'Auxiliary' [Blackout Music]
    Data Transmission Drum & Bass
    Drum & Bass

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    Drum & Bass

    First mix deya, jungle rollers and a litttlleeeee jump up ;) Lemme know what you think!!!

  • Subtension - Tom Yum [Flexout Audio]
    Drum & Bass

    Taken from 'Tom Yum' EP, released on Flexout Audio

  • Subtension - Pho [Flexout Audio]
    Drum & Bass

    Taken from 'Tom Yum' EP, released on Flexout Audio

  • Mako - Holding You
    Drum & Bass

    ‣ Available here: ‣ Website/Bandcamp release date: 06 April 2020 ‣ General release date: 10 April 2020 Bristolian Stephen Redmore, known through his drum & bass alias Mako, is finally set to unleash his forthcoming LP on Metalheadz, something which he’s been working on behind the scenes for some time. The label head of Utopia is well known for his slick production and penchant for underground anthems, something which has been seen again and again on his own imprint, as well as across a plethora of labels which have acted as pillars for the drum & bass world. Having already made his presence felt before within the catalogue of Metalheadz, as well as Break’s Symmetry Recordings, Dispatch, Soul:R and Samurai Music, he’s a valuable part of the genre’s make up, which is why the announcement of his forthcoming LP ignited widespread anticipation. Directly translated to ‘a body of art’, Mako’s LP ‘Oeuvre’ is representative of his life’s work in music production. The switching breaks of ‘Heartstone’, slamming, yet eerily hollowed snares of ‘Offline’ and grinding bassline of ‘Life Cycle’ alongside the late Andy Skopes, a testament to the legacy he left behind, set the tone. Meanwhile, Villem and Fields join Mako for the LP’s next collaboration ‘Liquid Groover’ before the emotive swelling build of ‘The Window’ gives way to a second drop beat switch up, continuing the journey. ‘Flip it’ has already been doing the club rounds, as the moody Photek atmospherics of ‘One Reality’ and more affectional twists of ‘Holding You’ adds to the tracklist’s versatility. ‘The Scenic Values’ underscores Mako’s love of Krust and Doc Scott production grooves, whilst the experimental soundscape of ‘Hoxton Home’ heralds back to old Lemon D. ‘Oh Really’ finishes the album’s more club-orientated offerings, which follows with a 170bpm techno style track via ‘Passive Aggressor’. ‘Oeuvre’ is a walkthrough of Mako’s many personalities as a musician and it finds a welcome home within Metalheadz’s historic discography. Follow Mako ‣ @utopia-music ‣ ‣ ‣ Follow Metalheadz ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

  • Fred V - Shadow (feat. Chelsea Watts)
    Hospital Records (Label)
    Drum & Bass

    Buy or stream 'Distance' here: Fred V is heading straight into 2020, taking things above and beyond since his ‘Proximity’ EP with the latest chapter in his solo story, the ‘Distance’ EP. A widely revered soundsmith for futuristic drum & bass euphoria yet this four track EP also unleashes Fred V’s technical prowess for heavyweight club bangers, bittersweet twists and soaring vocal features from Vonné and Chelsea Watts. Heading up the EP is ‘Away’, a stunning balance of Vonné’s powerful vocal emotion and Fred V’s synth-laded sonics. In a similar fashion comes ‘Shadow,’ setting the scene with smooth melodies from Chelsea Watts, that slip into an energetic ride primed to electrify dancefloors worldwide. ‘Wobbleboard’ showcases Fred V’s ability to colour outside the lines in the form of a subby, off-kilter stepper, sure to rattle rib-cages and test sound-systems to their limits. Fans of Fred V’s liquid euphoria will celebrate ‘Light In The Distance’, gentle atmospheric pads and crisp synth work see the ‘Distance’ EP home, and round off a showcase of the four corners of Fred V’s sound. During his time as a solo artist, Fred V has seen support from esteemed BBC Radio 1 dance music tastemaker Annie Mac, electronica YouTube behemoth MrSuicideSheep and even US dance music leviathan Diplo. Fred V can be found taking his unique sound to an international scale, with his 2020 tour of Australia and New Zealand, as well as visits to the crystalline coasts of Croatia for Hospitality On The Beach, Liquicity and Hospitality Returns To The Dock in London. Follow Fred V: @fredvmusic Follow Hospital Records: @hospitalrecords

    DJ Premium
    Drum & Bass

    Found this unreleased set from 2016 on my old computer, some nostalgia right here! Love you all

  • YEHOR - I'm Rich [DSR018] OUT NOW !
    DarkSide Records
    Drum & Bass

    We presents new massive neuro roller from YEHOR ! Enjoy it ! Cover Art by Padavan DarkSide Records | YEHOR | Padavan YEHOR FB : YEHOR SC : @talentzp DarkSide IG : DarkSide Website : DarkSide Records FB : DarkSide Media & Promotions : Padavan FB : Padavan SC : @padavandnb

    Drum & Bass

    Purchase Link: These are 10 tracks that iv kept as dubs over the best part of 8 years. Theres a mix of styles of Drum & Bass and no 2 tracks sound alike. I want to keep this pack as exclusive as possible so iv decided to limit it to 1 month availability so dont miss out! Please support your favourite musicians at this time. I hope you enjoy this release. Big ups Hadley