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  • 18. Småbolagen som trotsar viruset

    Coronaviruset ligger som en våt filt över aktiemarknaden. Johan Thorén från Strand Kapitalförvaltning gästar EFN Marknad och kommenterar börsläget samt tipsar om några småbolag i dessa orostider.

  • The Urbanist - Culture and the city
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    The Urban Land Institute UK Urban Art Forum recently released a new six-step guide to including culture in developments; we look at some of the ways to ensure that culture remains a core part of city planning.

  • From “Fish Out of Water” to Wall Street Changemaker
    Goldman Sachs

    Sean Legister, a vice president in the Global Markets Division, talks about overcoming imposter syndrome on the Goldman Sachs trading floor and what led him to start Breakfast Bites, a monthly fireside chat connecting black colleagues with senior leaders. Legister tells podcast host Jake Siewert, “When I looked at the black population, particularly within the Global Markets Group, I thought, ‘I don’t think we lack the intellect. I don’t think we lack the hunger. I don’t think we lack ambition. I think sometimes where we may falter a little bit is culture, empowerment, access to resources.’ And so what could I do in my seat to be innovative or creative. Not just do what’s asked of me, but to give back?”

  • Fear of Coronavirus, Rather Than Virus Itself, Hits Economies
    News & Politics

    Greg Ip from the Wall Street Journal explains how fear of the coronavirus is hitting economies.

  • Jordan Acker
    View from the Press Box

    University of Michigan regent Jordan Acker is the guest on Angelique S. Chengelis' podcast, "View from the Press Box." Acker, 35, is vocal when it comes to his political views and his advocacy for student-athlete rights, is passionate about Michigan athletics and also has opinions on how local sports coverage could be enhanced.

  • 3 Minutes To Thrive: How Does A Full - Time Mom Do The Business?
    Allyse & Patrick Sedivy

    Listen to Allyse Sedivy talk about how full-time moms can build the doTERRA Business.

  • Top 2020 Marketing Strategies That Will Put You on the Map | RD Summit 2019

    For today’s episode we go back and listen to a keynote that I gave at the RD Summit in Brazil last November. I talk about raising capital for your start-up, patience and some marketing strategies that will put you on the map in 2020. Make sure to hit me up or leave a review to let me know what you thought! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Appearances: My Newsletter:

  • Classic Lecture Series - The Short Brothers before and after 1909 by Gordon Bruce FRAeS
    AeroSociety Podcast

    Short Brothers were the first UK company to manufacture aeroplanes. On the one hundredth anniversary of the opening of their first aeroplane works, Gordon Bruce recounts the amazing story of how two of the three brothers became entranced by flying machines and, now joined by the third brother, produce their first powered aircraft and build versions of the Wright A aircraft. He then explores the ups and downs of the company’s history over the following century, both in Kent and in Belfast. The lecture was addressed to the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Historical Group on 24 February 2009 and the podcast was edited by Mike Stanberry FRAeS.

  • Glöm inte att lyssna och prenumerera på EFN Marknad

    Tack till dig som prenumererat och lyssnat på Börslunch! Genom att söka på EFN Marknad kan du få in dagliga dos av investeringar, placeringar, aktier och fonder. EFN Marknad ger dig möjlighet att hålla koll på ditt långsiktiga sparande.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Eureka 186: Cody & Co
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Phil Cody launched the UK shoe brand Cody & Co in 2019. The company manufactures all its footwear in Sheffield, using traditional methods inspired by Phil’s favourite Italian brands.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Allplants
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Jonathan Petrides is the CEO of Allplants, a vegan food business that he co-founded with his brother Alex. Since launch in 2017, the company has cooked and shipped more than one million meals across the UK.

  • 43. Ge barnen fondfredag i stället för fredagsmys

    Det kan vara knepigt att veta när barnen är mogna för veckopeng. Att lära dem spara digitalt i stället för med kontanter har visat sig vara en utmaning. Och när är det egentligen dags för dig att börja spara om du vill hjälpa till med en kontantinsats? I Fattig eller rik lär stf. kontorschef Sandra Pettersson på Handelsbanken dig allt du behöver veta om hur du ska spara till barnen så att de får en trygg start i livet.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary hopefuls take aim at red Texas as Super Tuesday looms
    News & Politics

    Despite being historically red Democrats are hoping to flip the state of Texas. Rick Jervis from USA Today gives us a look.

  • Bygga en portfölj av investmentbolag - Sparpodden 328

    För dig om gillar investmentbolag så kommer du gilla veckans avsnitt där Torbjörn Olofsson från fonden Investmentbolag+ Calculus berättar om deras strategi kring att hantera substansrabatt/premie. Vi kollar på investmentbolagens genomsnittliga rabatt, avgift och exponering mot onoterat/noterade innehav och resonerar kring varför detta har förändrats senaste 10-15 åren. För investmentbolagsnörden så är det dags att lyssna in! Här är länk till fonden:

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal February 26, 2020
    News & Politics

    Bernie Sanders gets attacked at latest debate, CDC warns it expects coronavirus to spread in the United States, and how to get better sleep by tweaking your phone habits.

  • Sabri Suby - How I Built A $30 Million+ Online Business In Just 5 Short Years

    Sabri Suby is the founder and Head of Growth at King Kong, a digital marketing agency that uses true ROI and only charges for success. He has made over $1.33 Billion for his clients and his company King Kong is valued at over $30 Million. He built this company in just short 5 years.

  • Classic Lecture Series – From gliders to jets : Hiller X-18 & Fairchild C-123 by Don Richardson
    AeroSociety Podcast

    A test-bed for tiltwing and V/STOL aircraft and flexible assault transport aircraft both started life as a large assault glider in 1948. Both projects evolved with the demands of the United States Air Force and advances in technology, and both provided excitement and challenges for its designers and engineers, including a young Don Richardson. The lecture was addressed to the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Historical Group on 11 May 2006, the podcast was edited by Mike Stanberry FRAeS and it was digitised thanks to a grant from the Royal Aeronautical Society Foundation.

  • Affordable air power in the future: 'fully comp' or third party, fire & theft? By Sir Brian Burridge
    AeroSociety Podcast

    What level of air power insurance should we take out and which add-ons should we get? Analysing the suite of air power options available in 2007 and where technology might take them, Sir Brian takes us through the six core roles of air power with the aim of addressing the questions of what is a sensible insurance policy for the future, how much capability risk can a nation take in reducing the premium it needs to pay, whether super-powers are the only ones who can afford “fully comp” and what could be the consequences for those who go for a lower level of cover? The lecture was addressed to the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Air Power Group on 11 January 2007 and the podcast was edited by Mike Stanberry FRAeS.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal February 25, 2020
    News & Politics

    Dow Industrials closes down 1,000 Points, Kobe Bryant gets a last farewell on his home court, and eating a bigger breakfast, smaller dinner helps burn more calories.

  • Why Philadelphia Could Help Decide the 2020 Election
    News & Politics

    Scott Calvert from the Wall Street Journal explains why cities like Philadelphia will be important during the 2020 election.