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  • Avsnitt 256 - The return of two traders

    Börspodden återförenas under sommaren för den intensiva rapportperioden. Denna vecka bjuds det på massor av rapportkommentarer. Banker, fastighetsbolag, verkstad och teknikkonsulter är först ut. Rörelserna är stora och insatserna höga men Johan och John gör sitt bästa för att hitta guldkornen och undvika surdegarna.

  • Why Alexa Skills Are The Next "iPhone Apps" | An Interview With Alexa Developers at Amazon

    This is a SUPER important interview, for a lot of reasons, I go super in depth with Paul Cutsinger about what my views of the future of voice & Alexa are, and really lay out why the space is so important. If you're as focused on the voice space as I am (you should be), this is an all-timer for you.  Curious about Alexa? Hit up their dev site:

  • The Best Content To Start With, Telling Your Truths & Pokemon Go | Backseat Answers in Seattle

    I threw down some serious fire while Babin and I were in Seattle at Amazon a few weeks back, sourcing questions from Instagram to answer between meetings from the back of a car - I chopped it up on why telling your truth is the best content, and what that means, why you should start a podcast and a whole lot more. Really loving these backseat answers & I hope you do too.

  • What It's Like To Be The The CEO | A Rant

    When you're the CEO, every single thing that's wrong with a business or company falls on you. It's your responsibility, it's your fault that it's not working or it is working - when you're at the top, it's lonely because you can't blame anybody but yourself. This rant expands on that.

  • Pushing Your Creativity Outside The "Box" & FIRE OG Advice | SBV, Patience, Hustle Content & Community & my BPP

    This mashup is a combination of a conversation I had with my team, around getting more creative, less lazy and figuring out new ways to use older content to benefit my audience - A lot of you probably haven't heard this content from YEARS ago, and a lot of it still applies today. I talk patience, hustle, content & community, why I'm so happy and what the "simple business vacation" is. SERIOUSLY fire content here everyone, I hope you love these throwbacks <3

  • Babbage: Paranoid android
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    What does the European Commission's record fine of Google mean for the future of its Android operating system? And how a popular gene editing tool is raising a few questions. Also, we speak to Dr David Fajgenbaum about the first ever World Castleman Disease Day. Kenneth Cukier hosts

  • Following Your Passion & Connecting With Your Heroes | A Meeting with illmind

    Every single young music producer that's trying to break out needs to hear this meeting where grammy nominated music producer illmind and I chop it up around the music industry & working with your heroes. 

  • How Perfectionism Sabotages Your Success, with Andy Frisella - MFCE0247
    The MFCEO Project

    I've quoted Lombardi on the podcast before: "chase perfection."  Problem is, most people emphasize the second word when the focus is really on the first. Perfection is an impossibility. We're supposed to chase it, not expect it. That's sounds counter-intuitive to a commitment to excellence, but it's not. In fact...perfectionism actually undermines excellence. In this episode, I tell you how & describe a better way of thinking & operating: one that embraces the chaotic process that produces success.

  • Money talks: W-T-Oh
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    How can world leaders fix the World Trade Organisation? Also, we discuss the runners and riders to replace Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank. And, after the World Cup in Russia why is the football transfer market unusually quiet? Helen Joyce hosts

  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 7.13.18
    Sprott Money News

    Hear Eric Sprott discuss global silver demand, the growing US-China trade war and the potential impact on the global economy.

  • 638: The 2 Types of Respect Leaders Must Show
    HBR IdeaCast
    Managing People

    Kristie Rogers, an assistant professor of management at Marquette University, has identified a free and abundant resource most leaders aren’t giving employees enough of: respect. She explains the two types of workplace respect, how to communicate them, and what happens when you don't foster both. Rogers is the author of the article “Do Your Employees Feel Respected?” in the July–August 2018 issue of Harvard Business Review.

  • Beneath Trade Clouds, China's Transition Opens Opportunities
    Goldman Sachs

    Rising trade tensions with the United States should not obscure the importance of China's progress in transforming its economy and opening its markets, according to Goldman Sachs Research's Tim Moe. On the latest episode of our podcast, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, he says the size of the Chinese economy and its diminished reliance on trade to fuel growth makes it resilient to the direct impact of trade tariffs. At the same time, the inclusion of China A shares in global benchmark stock indexes means the Chinese market is poised to become an even bigger player on the global equity stage. "We have a very strong view that the opening up of the A-share market is something that investors globally really need to take very seriously and prepare for," he says. With a market capitalization of $9.3 trillion-second in size to only the US stock market--"people are just going to have to care about this," Moe says. The approved A shares will be phased into the MSCI indexes slowly, but as their inclusion ramps, benchmarked funds will be required to hold a greater proportion of Chinese assets. And with that comes greater exposure to a deep market with "lots of opportunity for so-called alpha generation or stock-picking capability," Moe says.

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  • Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the July 14th 2018 edition
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Can Theresa May deliver a soft Brexit? Her new plan is the most realistic one yet, but it has unleashed fresh political chaos. Plus, the latest currency insights from the Big Mac index and a trip through the mean streets of Old Shanghai. Anne McElvoy hosts Music by Chris Zabriskie “Divider” (CC by 4.0 UK)

  • The Economist asks: Tony Blair
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    The former British prime minister tells Anne McElvoy, our senior editor, why Britain should vote again on whether to leave the European Union. What should the referendum question be? And why he talks to Team Trump on the Middle East. Music by Chris Zabriskie “Divider” (CC by 4.0 UK)

  • Business of Sport: Shamrock Rovers's Ray Wilson
    Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock

    Like most League of Ireland clubs, Shamrock Rovers has experienced financial difficulties over the years. Two years ago Australia-based businessman Ray Wilson invested €1.5 million in the club and mapped out a strategy. But how has it worked out? Ray was in town last week for The Hoops European tie against Swedish league leaders AIK, and he sat down with Ciarán Hancock and Michael O'Keeffe to talk about the challenge of building up the club and the League of Ireland in general, and plans for a Shamrock Rovers academy near the club's stadium in Tallaght. But first it's a business of sport roundup with Michael O'Keeffe, including the sportswear boom, strong results for the IRFU and Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus.

  • Why You Should Be on Snapchat & How To Win It | Motivational Mashup

    I think Snapchat is about to make a massive comeback, so I'm going all in on the platform again and throwing out some fire content. Since I'm getting back on it, I wanted to throw together this mashup so you know why you need to be on it, along with some tips to win the platform. Hope u enjoy ;)

  • Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO246
    The MFCEO Project

    Most people who want to be millionaires don't see the connection between today & someday. Young kids don't think that killing it at their job at Burger King has anything to do with making millions in the future. Adults don't think how they cut their grass or wipe their @ss has anything to do with achieving their "dream life." The people who *actually* become wealthy are different. They recognize the link between now & later & they make every effort & sacrifice RIGHT NOW. They die to live the good life!

  • Harder Than Rocket Science, Read Aloud

    Can Elon Musk make Tesla into a real car company? Featured in the July 16, 2018 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • The week ahead: The Brexit fears
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    How the Brexit strain is causing the UK government to unravel. And we look ahead to Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin. Also, why golf in Scotland is in decline. Christopher Lockwood hosts

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 19, 2018
    News & Politics

    President Trump touches off new Russia controversy, FBI director says Russian influence efforts are very active, and open office plans are as bad as you thought.