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  • How Are Healthcare CEOs Steering Through Uncertainty?
    Goldman Sachs

    Healthcare CEOs in the US are “trying to set course in an otherwise unpredictable, highly uncertain world,” according to this episode’s guest, Marshall Smith, global head of Goldman Sachs’ healthcare investment banking. The uncertainty, stemming from global growth concerns, trade policy risk and drug pricing debates, is a consistent theme across the healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean corporations are sitting back and waiting. Growth strategies are top priorities for executives, Smith explains, with pharmaceutical companies turning to M&A–both to acquire smaller biotech companies for their drug portfolios and to merge with other large pharma companies. Smith also discusses how being the son of a doctor spurred an early interest in healthcare. “My dad would come home from the hospital [and] we’d have dinner together, all seven of us sitting around the table,” Smith recalled. “And so, invariably, we ended up talking about medical cases at dinner pretty much every night.”

  • Avsnitt 326 - Jag mår illa

    Börspodden mår illa över väldigt många saker just nu och det behöver komma ut. Börsens underanalyserade bolag är där man hittar avkastningen just nu och det kommer förmodligen alltid vara så också. Johan har försökt vaska fram 2019s sista bra swingtrade medan John försöker analysera den kommande arbetarjulen. Dessutom är det hypade fintechbolaget Revolut på plats och erbjuder gratispengar. Beställ ett kostnadsfritt kort via länken nedan och sätt in 100 kr så får ni 200 kr i startbidrag

  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 11.15.19
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott recaps the news of the week and also offers his opinion on a few, select mining companies.

  • Mike Hart
    View from the Press Box

    Michigan's all-time leading rusher Mike Hart is Angelique S. Chengelis' guest on this week's edition of "View from the Press Box."

  • Don't Let Judgment Cripple You

    What’s up podcast. In this episode I share a Q&A from a press conference I did on my trip to Mexico. I talk about how social media gives everyone a voice and how some of you allow judgment to fold you. Listen and let me know if you have any questions via Twitter or text!!! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 1-212-931-5731

  • How To Scale A Global Digital Agency

    I had a ton of fun at this keynote!! A lot of you are building agencies or businesses and hit me up with questions on what it takes to grow - I answer them in this keynote and talk about how to never lose your leverage. Hope you enjoy, hit me up with your favorite moment, observation, or insight on Twitter or text ! Tweet me ! @garyvee Text Me! 1-212-931-5731

  • PROJECTED-Н.Эрдэнэсайхан-Хөтөлбөрийн менежмент гэж юу вэ?
    Business Radio 98.9

    PROJECTED-Н.Эрдэнэсайхан-Хөтөлбөрийн менежмент гэж юу вэ?

  • Sparpodden 315 - Bästa investmentbolagen framåt

    Veckans podd djupdyker ner i stockholmsbörsens investmentbolag med hjälp av Marcus Fridell. Vart hittar man bäst rabatt, vilka har goda förutsättningar framåt och vilka är fällor som du bör undvika. Ett nördavsnitt för investmentbolagsälskaren! Hitta listorna på:

  • Nada Surf on Full Disclosure (Full Set)
    Full Disclosure
    Alternative Rock

    The concert Nada Surf performed for a taping of Full Disclosure at RVA's National. You can hear the band's interview on iTunes at link and on / NPR One

  • Why Being Selfish Is Important

    This episode is full of value; mostly surrounding my life. Understanding and being self aware is critical when trying to build your business or brand. “Businesses break because human beings break them.” Enjoy ! Tweet Me ! @garyvee Text Me ! 1-212-931-5731

  • Battles of the Binge
    Full Disclosure

    The Economist's Tamzin Booth on her cover package "The $650 Billion Binge: Fear and Greed in the Entertainment Industry." We were also joined by sector expert Michael Morris of Guggenheim Partners.

  • Why Social Media Shouldn't Alter Our Relationships

    In this episode I talk about social media and how it has been altering our relationships. As a parent or a child, it's all about being secure with yourself and your situation while staying on the offense. Hope you enjoy ! Listen and let me know if you have any questions on Twitter or text: Tweet me ! @garyvee Text Me! tel:1-212-931-5731

  • Adobe Winning Playbook For Personalization
    Adobe Experience Cloud

    Personalized customer experiences can drive double-digit revenue growth for your business. But poor personalization can hurt your bottom line as consumers switch from companies that fail to meet expectations. This playbook outlines what you can do about that.

  • 353: How To Let Go part 1
    Chris LoCurto

    Finding value in our success, our business and our life can create a position of constantly wanting control and failing to trust God in the process. We need to establish our core value in the Creator of all things, even in our businesses.  Brian Alex and I talk about what it is like to let go of control, finding our value in Christ and how to continue the patterns of following Him when that may look like letting go of our current situations.

  • Adobe Gaining a Foothold in the Quest for More Customers: Content Management Report
    Adobe Experience Cloud

    We surveyed key decision-makers in mid-size companies who are tackling today’s biggest content management challenges. Learn how they’re thinking, what they see as opportunities, and how they’re planning to come out on top.

  • The Entrepreneurs - Vivobarefoot
    M24: The Entrepreneurs

    Galahad Clark is the co-founder of Vivobarefoot, whose lightweight shoes promote natural movement and help feet grow stronger. Galahad launched the company in 2012 with his cousin Asher Clark, both of whom are relatives of the original founders of Clarks, the English heritage shoe brand.

  • I Don’t Look At the Math, I Look At The Art

    In this episode I talk on disappearing December as well as how my father, little brother and I made our relationship strong throughout the years in business together. Instagram is also testing taking away likes which I am super pumped on. I hope this brings you incredible value. Enjoy xoxo ;) Listen and let me know if you have any questions on Twitter or text: Tweet me ! @garyvee Text Me! tel:1-212-931-5731

  • Adobe Effortless Enrollment
    Adobe Experience Cloud

    With the right technology and tools in place you can do what your competitors *aren’t* doing to make the online application process effortless. And when you do, you’ll be rewarded with the ability to modernize, scale, personalize...and effectively serve your customers.

  • My Best Time Management Advice for Everyone

    This 4Ds session will bring you incredible value!! We talk about how to allocate your time, not judging yourself, and not knowing the alternative before making a decision. I believe that if you understand the nuances of not judging yourself that it will change your world. Making decisions with the data you have available at that moment and not judging yourself is the biggest advice I can give you to go fast. Executing is better than pondering and strategizing. Excited for you guys to listen to this one. I hope you enjoy. xoxo

  • Babbage: Reality check
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Virtual reality continues to make people sick. Will the technology ever take off and is it designed for women? Leo Murray, from “Riding Sunbeams”, on using solar power to propel future commuter journeys. Also, how slippery toilets could reduce water-use. Alok Jha hosts Please subscribe to The Economist for full access to print, digital and audio editions: For information regarding your data privacy, visit