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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 7.10.20
    Sprott Money News

    Legendary investor Eric Sprott discusses the precious metals markets and answers listener questions regarding a few specific mining company shares.

  • U.S. Dollar Weakness
    Goldman Sachs

    Zach Pandl of Goldman Sachs Research explains the factors driving U.S. dollar weakness.

  • Avsnitt 359 - Cash is kört

    Denna vecka har både Johan och John lämnat sitt onaturliga habitat i Stockholm och befinner sig i olika delar av Norrland. John har hittat tre brutalt dyra bolag sett till alla multiplar och Johan har räknat lite på vad stödpaketen egentligen ger. Såklart några uppslag på rapporttrades men även en genomgång inom det senaste inom bettingsektorn. Lyssna!

  • What’s Driving Growth in Alternative Asset Classes?
    Goldman Sachs

    Kristin Olson, global head of the Alternative Capital Markets Group in Goldman Sachs' Consumer and Investment Management Division, explains where investors are finding value in alternative asset classes.

  • 226. 5 ways to boost cash flow as we emerge from COVID
    Small Business lifestyle

    Surviving as a small business can be tough at the best of times but thanks to COVID our everyday has become even more challenging. With so many of us slowly building our businesses back to life how can we put our best financial foot forward? In this episode Flying Solo editor Lucy Kippist is joined by Joann Chung, head of product and finance at MYOB.

  • This Is A Game Of Scale | NJ Tech 2015 Keynote

    Today’s episode is a keynote that I gave in 2015 at NJ Tech where I give greater context to my philosophy about scaling your business. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter:

  • The Secret to Making More Money is to Stop Chasing it | Tea With GaryVee

    In today’s episode of Tea with GaryVee, we discuss starting a business, getting back into your passion, blocking out negativity, and more! Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731

  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 7.2.20
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses a volatile week in precious metals and looks ahead to an interesting month of July.

  • Pay It Forward First | SXSW 2014 Keynote

    Today’s episode is a keynote that I gave back at SXSW 2014 - I hit hard here on one of the absolute best ways to make SXSW, or ANY conference actually useful to you - and it’s not by just sitting there and listening to the speaker. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter:

  • 373: Rabbi Lapin- Knowing Peace in a Restless World
    Chris LoCurto

    All of the world has been affected in some way by the pandemic; it's an event we have all gone through. We're trying to find the rhythm again for both success and peace. I had the honor of interviewing Rabbi Daniel Lapin on these exact issues. He has incredible wisdom and advice for us as we learn together where we need to place ourselves in these times.

  • Classic Lecture – F-35 Lightning II Flight Test Update by Graham Tomlinson
    AeroSociety Podcast
    Aviation & Aerospace

    In this fascinating insight into the early flight testing of Lockheed Martin's Lightning F-35B, BAE Systems test pilot Graham Tomlinson takes us through the programme to develop the stealthy, multi-role attack aircraft and explains many of the challenges that faced the test phase of the project. The lecture and question and answer session include comparisons between the Lightning and the Harrier, anomalies found within the fly-by-wire systems and how modern flight simulators have advanced to support the flight-test regime. Graham Tomlinson addressed a meeting organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Test Group on 11 May 2009 and the podcast was edited by Mike Stanberry FRAeS.

  • 31 Minutes to Silence Your Negative Thoughts Forever | Tea With GaryVee Special

    Today’s episode is an all-time clip. I don’t know if there is a more powerful clip that I’ve ever put out and I hope you can sit down and really let this soak in. Please understand that your negative outlook on life is coming from a place of fear that was instilled in you. For everybody that is "scared" and "fear-based", don't see it as a negative reflection of yourself. You’re not bad, you are just hurt and need to understand that those are other people's thoughts being out in your head. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter:

  • How To Deal With Hate | A GaryVee Mashup

    Today’s episode is a mashup of my opinions on how to deal with negative people in your life as well as how to overcome the fear of failure. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter:

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 10, 2020
    News & Politics

    Supreme Court says the President can't hide taxes from prosecutors, U.S. sets one-day record with more than 60,500 COVID cases, and what college athletes should know about liability waivers.

  • Unity Founder, David Helgason, on the journey from young developer to democratising game development
    This Much I Know

    In this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Carlos is joined by David Helgason, co-founder and former CEO of Unity Technologies, a Danish-American video game software development company best known for the development of Unity, the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform and last valued at $6bn. Originally from Iceland, at the age of ten David moved with his accomplished journalist mother and his two brothers to Denmark. He shares how we would use his mother’s computer at every chance he had and that this infatuation with computers became the drive for his passion to work as a developer, alongside his studies in physics and psychology. By the time David finished university, he had already founded two tech companies, Panmedia - a business processes tech shop - and iCover, which developed creative CD-cover like experiences for digital albums. After graduation, David embarked on a new project with his two friends Nicholas Francis, and Joachim Ante, and that summer they founded Over The Edge Entertainment (OTEE) which was later renamed Unity Technologies. A classic Silicon Valley tale, except with a European spin, Carlos and David go through the learning curves of building startups from a young age, what really set Unity apart from its competitors, and how much heart and sweat they put behind each and every customer. Now a prolific angel investor, backing more than forty nordic startups through his syndicate Nordic Makers, there is one thing in particular that he wants to share: never underestimate the importance of following your own intuition. Links David Helgason - Unity - Carlos Espinal - Seedcamp -

  • Stop Living Someone Else’s Life | A GaryVee Mashup

    Today’s episode is a mashup of my opinions on hustle and work ethic and how you need to deploy them toward your own ambitions. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter:

  • The Urbanist - Tall Stories 214: Berlin’s Tegel Airport
    Monocle 24: The Urbanist

    We stop off at Berlin’s Tegel Airport to learn about its colourful past and uncertain future.

  • The economic outlook darkens - with Chris Johns and Eoin Burke-Kennedy
    Inside Business with Ciaran Hancock
    News & Politics

    In a report published yesterday the EU downgraded its forecast for the European economy as the impact of Covid-19 beds in. Meanwhile, the government is preparing its July stimulus package. Where should it find and direct its funds? To talk about the economic outlook, Ciaran is joined by Chris Johns and Eoin Burke Kennedy of The Irish Times.

  • This Morning with Gordon Deal July 8, 2020
    News & Politics

    Trump moves to pull U.S. out of WHO and reopen schools, how Trump and Biden offer dramatically different versions of "normal" in America and how to find free-wifi.

  • Clinton Sparks - How To Be Unforgettable and Well Connected

    Clinton C. Sparks (born September 18, 1975) is an American DJ, record producer, songwriter, radio personality, and marketer from Boston, Massachusetts. Check out his new book - He initially started his career as a rapper, dancer, producer, and DJ who gained notoriety by making bootleg remixes and mixtapes and parlayed that into hosting radio shows on Boston's Hot 97.7, Baltimore's 92Q, Hartford's Hot 93.7, and Sirius XM's Shade 45 (among others). He was the long-time host of a worldwide syndicated radio show called SmashTime Radio (also referred to as Get Familiar with Clinton Sparks). He is the current host of Get Familiar Radio on Dash Radio, a digital radio platform for which he also serves as Vice President of Business Development. In 2012, he was nominated for a Grammy for his production work on Lady Gaga's Born This Way. That year, he also won a BMI songwriting award for writing Pitbull's "Shut It Down" and has since won several ASCAP Awards with DJ Snake as part of his Get Familiar Music publishing company. He has written and produced songs for a number of notable acts, including Akon, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Uzi Vert, Big Sean, and numerous others. Sparks has also made music of his own, including the 2005 album, Maybe You Been Brainwashed, and the 2014 EP, ICONoclast. He was featured on the song "Saturday Night," which was featured on the soundtrack for the 2016 stand-up comedy film, Kevin Hart: What Now?. Additionally, Sparks co-founded the mixtape database,; served as music correspondent for the E! series, The Daily 10 and E! News; and has held executive positions at a variety of companies including Karmaloop, Islide, PingTank, IC Realtech, and, currently, Dash Radio and FaZe Clan.