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  • Grunnfør [N°143]

    Very calm and peaceful piano music you can use in your yoga, spa, studying, or simply in your relaxdaily music playlist. Hope you enjoy the music and the wonderful bay view I captured in Norway ( Title: Grunnfør | Artist: relaxdaily Thank you for tuning in and for playlisting, Love, Michael aka relaxdaily ♡ Download and support:

  • John Digweed - Quattro - Soundscape Minimix
    Bedrock Records

    Available to order now 4xCD/5x12" Vinyl/Download/Stream Soundscape 1. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Steady State 2. Hannes Bieger Feat. Francesca Lombardo - A Million Souls - Dub 3. Cypherpunx + Luke Brancaccio - Sore Lullaby - Reprise 4. Moniker - Razlog Valley 5. Knives Out - Sugarcoat - Sasha Ambient Remix 6. DJ Samer - Free Your Mind 7. Cypherpunx + Luke Brancaccio - Tears+Lies - Reprise 8. Miles Atmospheric - Andromeda - Ambient Mix 9. Bedrock - Heaven Scent - Marc Romboy & Miki Kekenj Rework 10. Miles Atmospheric - Orbis Alius - Beatless Drifting Mix 11. Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone & Kiki Cave - Monsters

  • Surgeon - Self Isolation mix Vol.4
    Dynamic Tension
    Eyes Closed

    Here’s a selection of music that I’ve been enjoying during the last few months. Mixed for you to enjoy during lockdown and self isolation. Ideal for ‘eyes closed’ adventures. We aren’t always tied to one beat, and sometimes we float in space. Please support me by buying something at Panda Bear - Scheherazade Sarah Davachi - burgundy Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Joy Mac-Talla Nan Creag - Love's Promise Olivier Messiaen - Offrande au Saint Sacrement 1930 The Undisputed Truth - Take A Vacation From Life (And Visit Your Dreams) Oto Hiax - Strain Anthony Child - Old Technology Charles Cohen - Shopping Cart Lady Jackie Mittoo - Winchester Cathedral Bee Mask - Scanops Midori Hirano - Belong (feat. Christoph Berg) David Crosby - Laughing Stephen Vitiello and Michael Grigoni - Transparent As A Hanging Glass Carl Stone - Fujiken (Final Section) Kali Malone - Sacrificial Code I Olan Mill - Metatrons Cube Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics - Omo Oba Blues Panda Bear - Drone Moss Covered Technology - Departure Process Nyx Nótt - Citation Needed Scott Walker - Farmer In The City Holden & Zimpel - Sunday Jónsi & Alex Somers - Boy

  • April Rain - Tabula Rasa
    MusicKhane - 2
    Post Rock

    Download: Tabula rasa (Latin: "scraped tablet", though often translated "blank slate") is the notion that individual human beings are born "blank" (with no built-in mental content), and that their identity is defined entirely by events after birth. ... The notion is central to Lockean empiricism.

  • Week 1 Challenge Remixing with an Effect by Charlotte Conway
    Charlotte Conway

    EarSketch helps you learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun, engaging environment. You learn to code in Python or JavaScript, two of the most popular programming languages in the world, while manipulating loops, composing beats, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation. To learn more about EarSketch, visit ------------------------------------------------------------- This music was generated by the following code: # python code # script_name:Week 1 Amazon Challenge # author:Charlotte Conway Period 5 Mrs. Remess # description:This my song for the Week 1 Amazon Challenge Remixing with an Effect from earsketch import * init() setTempo(120) def verse1(track,startM,endM): fitMedia(CIARA_SET_BASSLINE_2,1,1,7) setEffect(1,BANDPASS, BANDPASS_WIDTH, 0.2) fitMedia(CIARA_MELANIN_DRUMBEAT_2,2,4,12) setEffect(1, CHORUS, CHORUS_RATE, 5.0) fitMedia(YG_NEW_FUNK_DRUMS_1,3,10,15) fitMedia(YG_NEW_FUNK_CLAV_1,1,8,15) fitMedia(YG_NEW_FUNK_TAMB_1,4,9,16) setEffect(1, CHORUS, CHORUS_NUMVOICES, 4.0) finish() verse1(1,1,7) ------------------------------------------------------------- To load this track in EarSketch, visit -------------------------------------------------------------

  • The Lost Frontier - Petrichor

    Petrichor 🌊 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #TheLostFrontier 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 We always love those who admire us, but we do not always love those whom we admire. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld 🧡 The Lost Frontier 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Matheo JBT ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • 40 SEC CIARA & COMMON REMIX (week 1)
    Siwoo Kim

    undefined ------------------------------------------------------------- EarSketch helps you learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun, engaging environment. You learn to code in Python or JavaScript, two of the most popular programming languages in the world, while manipulating loops, composing beats, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation. To learn more about EarSketch, visit ------------------------------------------------------------- This music was generated by the following code: # python code # script_name:Remix # # author:Siwoo Kim # description: # from earsketch import * init() setTempo(120) #Beats fitMedia(RD_FUTURE_DUBSTEP_FILL_1,2,1,5) setEffect(2,VOLUME,GAIN,-10) fitMedia(COMMON_LOVE_DRUMBEAT_1,3,5,21) fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_TOM_1,4,5,21) setEffect(4,VOLUME,GAIN,10) #Drum fitMedia(RD_EDM_DRUMROLL_BREAK_2,8,12,13) #Chord fitMedia(RD_POP_PADCHORD_1,1,1,21) #Electro build fitMedia(Y56_ELECTRO_BUILD_1,7,8,9) setEffect(7,VOLUME,GAIN,10) fitMedia(Y56_ELECTRO_BUILD_1,7,16,17) #highlight fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_CRASH_1,5,5,6) fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_CRASH_1,5,9,10) fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_CRASH_1,5,13,14) fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_CRASH_1,5,17,21) fitMedia(YG_NEW_HIP_HOP_CRASH_1,5,21,22) #s fitMedia(HIPHOP_DUSTYCOINLEAD_002,9,5,7) setEffect(9,VOLUME,GAIN,-10) fitMedia(HIPHOP_DUSTYCOINLEAD_002,9,13,15) setEffect(1,VOLUME,GAIN,) finish() ------------------------------------------------------------- To load this track in EarSketch, visit -------------------------------------------------------------


    atmospheric ambient music for your house staying time.

  • Miya Guy #1 Meditation/Chill-out

    Every day i will post one set for you for 7 days 7 sets 7 hours 7 different styles. I hope you will enjoy With love MiyaGuy #stayhome #listenmusic Program: Meditation/Chill out #1 French/Chanson #2 Downtempo #3 Deephouse #4 Classical/Barok #5 Worldmusic #6 Disco/Funk #7

  • François K - Ambient Moods 2020

    This was a Facebook Live Ambient Stream played on 03-30-2020 during COVID-19 Lockdown in NYC. ------------------------Tracklist-------------------------------- Green Lidy Six Sacred rhythm Music acapella Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Liminal Yoshinori Sunahara Madrugada Eterna The KLF Aqua Edgar Froese Virgin Immediate Curtain Matching Mole Sony Eden Ian O'Brien Songs Of The Humpback Whale whales Rotating Water Arctic Hospital Layer 003 Robert Henke Layer 001 Robert Henke The Plateaux of Mirror Harold Budd & Brian Eno Editions EG Counting Comets (Part 2) Marc Romboy Looking At The Stars François K Wave Forever No More Mary J. Blige MCA Marabou Edgar Froese Virgin 00-346.10 Conrad Schnitzler Apollo 11 Landing NASA public domain Deeper Bayaka Chemistry Hassell & Eno Editions EG Happy Daze Beat Pharmacy Deep Space Venusian Summer Lenny White Nemperor With Oil Thomas Fehlmann Kompakt Erosion Delta Funktionen Subharmonische Oskar Sala Let Me Tell You Why You're Here The Matrix Unreleased Ambient Piece François K Wave Learn To Luv (FK's ambient mix) Kim English Nervous Ode de perfume_Pt 2 Holger Czukay Doppelrohr II ('56) Bengt Hambraeus bvhaast Ambient Piece François K Wave Guhyasamaja Tantra - Chapter II - Gyuto Buddhist Monks She Saul Williams MTV Garafi Centrafrique Ocora Platforms (Empty Version) Fatima Yamaha Meltwater Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere Aurora Tonto's Expanding Head Band Atom Blaster Vangelis Tremblement de terre très doux François Bayle Solstice Hologram Natural Resources Nobu Herbie Hancock Sony Au Lait Pat Metheny Group Warner Brothers Dança Das Cabeças Egberto Gismonti & Nana Vasconcelos ECM Send One Your Love (Instrumental) Stevie Wonder Motown Love Song Me'Shell NdegeOcello Maverick Garden of Paradise Steve Hillage Virgin Out-Bloody-Rageous Soft Machine Sony

  • Ambient Background - Ambient Music For Videos | Inspirational Background Music
    Background Music For Videos
    Background Music

    Ambient Music For Videos: Link for licensing information (safe link): ★ No Copyright Music: Become my patron and get access to all of my free music tracks without copyright. More Info here: It is important to know that my Patrons pay only for new tracks. Dozens of background tracks I created earlier, the patron receives for free. Become my patron now: --------------- ★ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: ● SoundCloud: ● YouTube: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ★ My Website: -------------- ★ MORE SIMILAR MUSIC: - CORPORATE MUSIC - - DOCUMENTARY MUSIC - - INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC - - DRIVING MUSIC - - EPIC/CINEMATIC MUSIC - - PIANO MUSIC - - FREE MUSIC - --------------- ★ More Background Music FREE DOWNLOAD: ● via My Website. --------------- ★ Royalty Free Music (with licenses): --------------- ★ Stream, Buy and Download my music tracks: ● iTunes/Apple: ● Amazon: ● Deezer: ● Spotify: --------------- FAQ: ★ Can I use this music in my videos? ● Sure! You can use this track in your video for free, but without the ability to monetize your videos on YouTube. If you need a license to monetize our video - click the button "Buy License" below the track and can purchase a license on one of marketplaces. --------------------- ★ Does this music track have copyright? ● Yes, this track has copyrights, but you can still use this music track in your video, but without the possibility of monetizing. --------------------- ★ Where can I get a license? ● This track is available for licensing if you want to monetize your video. Just follow the link in description. --------------------- ★ I received a claim for copyright infringement, What should I do? ● If you have a license - just put the text form license certificate file answering the claim. If not - you need to relax, there is nothing to worry about. You can use my tracks in your videos for FREE, but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. Your videos will feel good, they will not be imposed any restrictions (except for monetization). I do not delete videos, your video is safe. --------------------- ★ How to credit you in my video? Track Title: (paste track's name) Music by Twisterium. Music Link: (paste link). -------------------- ★ If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or contact me: [email protected] . --------------- ★ What you can find here: Free Background Music Royalty free Music, Commercial Music, Promo Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Media, Background Music For Youtube, Background Music For Blogs, Best Background Music, No Copyright Music, Cinematic Music, Documentary Music, Corporate Music, Happy Music, Upbeat Music --------------- Stay in touch because more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. I'd be appreciated: Like, Share and Subscribe! Enjoy!

  • Vesky - Beyond The Window

    Beyond The Window 🏨 Stream & Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #Vesky 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. -William Feather 🧡 Vesky 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Wesley Tingey ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Foxwood - Underhill

    Underhill 🌄 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #Foxwood 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy Warhol 🧡 Foxwood 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Colin Moldenhauer ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Lumen

    Recorded at home during quarantine time; Using only an acoustic guitar; Field Recording of a period of slowness;

  • ASIP - Through The Other Side ( / Astral Industries Takeover Guest Mix)

    Originally broadcast as a 2-hr guest mix as part of the Astral Industries takeover weekend, April 4/5/6th 2020. Includes several upcoming ASIP releases noted as Forthcoming. Tracklist: 1. Radio sample March 2020 2. Markus Guentner - Unreleased 3. Joachim Spieth - Equilibrium [Affin] 4. quinev - Forgiveness Brings Peace [De Lichting] 5. Bartosz Kruczyński - Selected Ambient Projects 9 [Self Released] 6. woob - Foundation 1 [Bigamoebasounds] 7. Chill Collins - In The Air Tonight (Snared 1000 Cuts Remix) [Self Released] 8. Blinkar från Norr - Disconnection From Reality [A Strangely Isolated Place] 9. Forthcoming [A Strangely Isolated Place] 10. woob - Foundation 3 [Bigamoebasounds] 11. Max Würden - Unreleased 12. Forthcoming [A Strangely Isolated Place] 13. Vernal Equinox - Galaxy [Clover] 14. Forthcoming [A Strangely Isolated Place] 15. Kettel - Oblomov [Self Released] 16. Swoop & Cross - St. No [Time Released Sound] 17. Tukico - It Appears [Hush Hush Records] 18. LF58 - Untitled [Auxiliary] 19. Merrin Karras - Monument [A Strangely Isolated Place] 20. Vernal Equinox - Sunrise [Aural Medium] 21. Mick Chillage - Hypersleep [FAX] 22. Atom TM - Dense [Astral Industries] 23. Lena Deen - Dorsal [Stellar Remnant] 24. Higher Intelligence Agency - B-theory [Touched] 25. Forthcoming [A Strangely Isolated Place] 26. Milieu - In Blue Fields [Install] 27. Olga Wojciechowska - Labyrinth made of Labyrinths [A Strangely Isolated Place] 28. Warmth - Spherule (Purl remix) [Archives] 29. Alaska - Denalis Realm [Arctic Music] 30. Forthcoming [A Strangely Isolated Place]

  • mommy x Philanthrope - Meadow
    Chillhop Music

    🐾Listen/PreOrder Vinyl » Music is something we perceive through the medium of sound. Although we often interpret it on a deeper level, both physically and emotionally. 'Inaudible' speaks wholeheartedly to those things we can't hear but those that we feel. mommy and Philanthrope bring us their debut collaborative project to ease our minds during the rainy days of winter; with a sense of nostalgia, reflecting on the ups and downs of years gone by, this release cultivates gratitude for what we have, what has been and the excitement that is yet to come. 🙏Follow mommy 🙏Follow Philanthrope 🎨Artwork by Tévy Dubray

  • Jameson Nathan Jones - One

    One 🌃 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #JamesonNathanJones 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 This love is silent. -T. S. Eliot 🧡 Jameson Nathan Jones 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Ryan De Hamer ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Covid - 19 Chill Session
    Seven Below Zero

    Day 16 of confinement so a little chill session, ambient style with lots of pads. Made at 20 bpm.

  • spring in the garden
    keren ron\ northern light

    corona days, corona tempo, the notes between the beats...

  • Extrait de Relaxation Sonore
    Univers Son Etre
    Relaxation Sonore

    A écouter avec un casque ou avec enceinte pour percevoir un peu mieux les vibrations. Ceci est un extrait d'une Relaxation Sonore (enregistré a mon studio) qui sont parfois travaillé en présentiel à Éléphant Yoga Studio, ou se programme des Séances Vibratoires.