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  • lazydaze.21 // Jody Wisternoff

    Bristol bred DJ and producer, Anjunadeep family member and one half of celebrated electronic act Way Out West, Jody Wisternoff takes us on a beautiful Cafe Del Mar-inspired journey of his favourite chill out tracks, original productions, Way Out West classics and some David Bowie & Brian Eno throwbacks. READ OUR Q&A WITH JODY HERE: @jodywisternoff

  • Kaimo K & Gemma Pavlovic - Leap Of Faith (Sadege Chill Out Remix)
    RazNitzanMusic (RNM)

    Welcome to PureBliss as we bring you the finest Chill Out moments and Trance vibes. Next up is Kaimo K & Gemma Pavlovic with 'Leap of Faith' in an incredible Sadege remix. Sit back, Relax and ENJOY! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WWW: SPOTIFY: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: SOUNDCLOUD:

  • Permaheal - I Saw You

    Permaheal - I Saw You 🏝️ Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #Instrumental #Relax 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love. -Princess Diana 🧡 Permaheal 💿 Suggested track: ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • isolatedmix 100 - Tom Middleton

    isolatedmix 100 and we have a legend at the controls. One half of Global Communication and a big inspiration for ASIP from day one, the Jedi Knight himself, Tom Middleton. For more information, track-by-track notes, sleep tips and an interview with Tom Middleton: Tracklist: 01. Tom Middleton - ASIP + 9128 intro 02. Global Communication 0:54 03. The oldest sound in the cosmos - cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang Tuning out Saturn radio waves 04. Carl Sagan - Voyager Gold Disc interview 05. Ganymede and Whistlers 06. Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Pt.1 07. Tomita - Suite Bergamasque / Clair de Lune 08. Vangelis - Dr. Tyrells Owl 09. Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand - Luisa 10. Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do 11. Underworld - Sunshine 12. Brian Eno - 3M5 13. Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger (Alex Somers Remix) 14. Lowercase Noises - The Last Stages of Consumption 15. Global Communication - 4:14 16. Kara Lisa Coverdale - Grafts (edit) 17. bvdub - Make The Pain Go Away 18. Steve Roach - This Moment Is Memory 19. GCOM - Atmosphere Test 20. Brian Eno - Signals 21. Qebrµs - ۩ ִ ְ ֲ ֳ ֲ ۩ - 05 ฌฎ๒๓๔ญ°°°°° 22. Marc Streitenfeld - Earth 23. Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (Theme from 'The Cosmos') 24. Tom Middleton - Sunset 25. Reload (+E621) - Event Horizon (TM edit) 26. Boards of Canada - Olson 27. The Orb - O.O.B.E. 28. Shur-i-kan (Tom Szirtes) - Ebb and Flow 29. Jeff Taylor Cross - Ambient 02 30. Spooky - Orange Coloured Liquid 31. Marcomé - Memoria 32. Aphex Twin - Lichen 33. Lowercase Noises - Ambient Songs 06 34. Laraaji - Being Here 35. Machine Drum - 528Hz Love Frequency 36. Yoko Sen - Sleepscape 6 37. Tom Middleton - St Ives Bay 38. Dustin O’Halloran - Memories (Lion) 39. August Wilhelmsson - Somewhere in Between 40. Sienna - Seven Bays for Seven Days 41. Lights & Motion - Glaciers 42. Rone - Human 43. Tom Middleton - Sea Of Glass (Jon Hopkins mix) 44. One Divided Soul - Of 45. Jakob Ahlbom - Ether 46. LA Synthesis - Zyllvakrynn 47. The Presets - Promises (Nils Frahm Version) 48. Ilya Malyuev - Universe 49. Global Communication - Incidental Harmony 50. Tom Middleton and Ulrich Schnauss - Midaus 1 51. Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU (Ambient mix) 52. Mmoths - Deu 53. John Beltran - Clouds Pull 54. Universal Solution - Liquid Love 55. Ralf and Florian - Tanzmusik 56. Brian Eno 1:1 (excerpt) 57. Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders (featuring Tommy Middleton) - Always and Always 58. Ben Kenobi - The Force Will Be With You Always

  • Astral Dimensions
    Eric Bikales

    Astral Dimensions by Eric Bikales. A deeply relaxing combimation of ambient textures, new age, flute, keyboards and piano. #SCFIRST Website: Spotify: Facebook: iTunes: Amazon:…h_drd_B00260LECA

  • Relaxation music Meditation - Yoga Music for healing mind and body
    Music Therapy For Sleep & Meditation

    Relaxation music Meditation - Yoga Music for healing mind and body Welcome to Relaxing Meditation Music Therapy. [Meditation Music] Meditation music is music performed to aid in the practice of meditation. It can have a specific religious content, but also more recently has been associated with modern composers who use meditation techniques in their process of composition, or who compose such music with no particular religious group as a focus. The concept also includes music performed as an act of meditation. [AMSR] ASMR is best described as a physical sensation of tingling that usually begins in the scalp and moves down through the spine and sometimes to the limbs. It's a pleasurable feeling that many would call relaxing. [Our Mission] Our videos features relaxing pictures & short video for visual combine soft music mixtures with different sounds from instruments, nature, human & etc in order to trigger the effect of ASMR. Thanks for viewing. Please subscribe & press bell button for more updates. Enjoys & peace.

  • Serum Extra Chill - 6 For $20

    24 hours only - Get it before it's gone! FLASH SALE ALERT! The Serum Extra Chill Bundle – 6 full Serum Preset Packs from GOGOi – for just $20! ▶ The Serum Extra Chill Bundle is the definitive reference for super cool, ultra current and extra chill sounds for lo-fi, soul and electronica in one royalty-free collection. ◀ The Serum Extra Chill – 6 for $20 Bundle includes the full range of sounds from Silky organic Keys, lo-fi hazy leads to deep basses, dusty ambient pads and edgy retro textures. All of these packs purchased separately would cost $120! That’s 83% off! Total Bundle Contents: 360 fully macro mapped presets for Xfer Records’Serum 100% Royalty-Free Total Number Of Files: Total Files: 360 Software Requirements: xfer Serum v1.215+ Packs Included: Future Soul Cloudtronica Prismatic Glo-fi – Serum Blissful Lounge for Serum Kaleidoscope Vibes Bedroom Beats and Chill ▶ GET ALL THESE PACKS AND SAVE $100! ◀

  • 샛별 - Odd, isn't it? [ piano relax sleep ]
  • sleeeeeEeeeeeEEEeep
    I really really like Ratatouille

    boring unoriginal lullaby, I wanna listen to so I can fall asleep tonight

  • Holy, Holy, Holy (11/12) [Old Christian Worship Song | Instrumental] - CD: Hintergrundmusik, Vol. 8
    Royalty Free Music | Gemafreie Musik CDs

    You are welcome to use my Royalty Free music for your YouTube, Facebook & Instagram videos. If you want to support my work, be so kind and subscribe and stream me on Spotify or Applemusic; | (Artist: Ronny Matthes). Have fun and enjoyment on Youtube and best regards from Dresden (Germany) Ronny Matthes. • Titel: Holy, Holy, Holy • Musik: John Baccus Dykes (1823-1876) • Arrangement: Ronny Matthes • Laufzeit: 05:10 • Album: Hintergrundmusik, Vol. 8 • Verlag: Matthesmusic - Verlag, Vertrieb & Gemafreie Musik (Inh. Ronny Matthes) [Das komplette Album - erhältlich als CD, Download oder Stream bei:] • Spotify (Stream): • Deezer (Stream): • Matthesmusic (CD / MP3): • (CD): • Weltbild (CD): • JPC (CD): • (CD): • (MP3): • iTunes (MP3): • Google Play (MP3): ► Titel lizenzieren unter: 【Zu den Urheberrechten und zur Nutzung dieses GEMA-freien Titels:】 Die Urheberrechte dieser Gemafreien Musik und die Lizenzierung der Produktion liegen bei dem Verlag Matthesmusic. Der Inhaber des Verlages, Pianist und Komponist Ronny Matthes, genehmigt dem Eigentümer der CD oder des jeweiligen zum Download angebotenen mp3-Albums oder eines der Einzeltitel des Albums die Nutzung für folgende Zwecke: • für private Websites und Anrufbeantworter • für nicht kommerzielle Videoprojekte und deren Veröffentlichung auf Internetseiten • für Videoclips und deren Verwendung in gängigen Videoportalen (Internetvideoplattformen wie z. B. Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion) und Einbettung in Websites und Präsentationen • zur Beschallung von Gewerbeflächen von bis zu 100m² (optional bis 250m², 1000m², 2500m² oder höher) • je nach Umfang für soziale und gemeinnützige Zwecke • Webshop: • Kontakt: [email protected] © Matthesmusic - Verlag, Vertrieb & Gemafreie Musik (Inh. Ronny Matthes)

  • C418 - Wet Hands (Cover)
  • JORDI CARRERAS - Tribute to Ennio Morricone (Chill Out & Lounge Mood Mix)
    JORDI CARRERAS The Maestro
    Chill Out & Lounge
  • In The Fogbow - Continuous DJ Mix by Kukan Dub Lagan

    Fogbow appears as a bow in fog, also known as a ghost rainbow or white rainbow, are caused by the refraction of sunlight through water droplets in the air, only with fogbows, the droplets are tiny by comparison to raindrops. We are all experiencing a change. A huge one, tides taking us up & down daily. Gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun. It’s rare to witness and live this situation, but somehow not entirely unusual either. In my journey in the flow, searching for the musical rainbow I have witnessed this change and I realized we are all in the changing process now, each one in their own context, a personal point of view which in the end, it is just the start. There is a certain moment, whether its physical or in mind, which can last a fraction of a second, giving you complete crystalline clarity, just like millions of droplets of water shining bright light. Often these rare moments arrive after a struggle, confronting obstacles, searching, imagining, dreaming, sweating off a fever... This is a journey in a wavy flow through mountains and valleys, rivers and swamps, winds of change bringing new visions. Let the tiny drops of music fall, and still, hang on in the air, Searching for your own Fogbow.

  • I Miss You, I Miss You
    Scott Reich

    I Miss You, I Miss You - This is a loving, tender and passionate note of love, originally from me to my daughter, Shantal. It was her first birthday away from home, and her first year in college. She was in a very cold, wintry Toronto, while I remained in sunny San Diego. But when any one of us loves another enough, there is no place and no time and no barrier at all that can keep that love from reaching its destination. Please believe that, please take a moment to send your love to someone now. #SCFIRST All Rights Reserved ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

  • Morning Meditation I relaxing for good days I Yoga
    Music Therapy For Sleep & Meditation

    1 Hour !! Morning Meditation I relaxing for good days I Yoga Listen For your training Yoga or ther #yoga #relax #meditation #1hour

  • Emma's Lullaby - Super Soothing Relaxing Baby Musicbox Nursery Rhyme Sleep Music
    Wonderful Lullabies

    My music is available on Spotify:-)! "Emma's Lullaby" composed, arranged and produced by "Wonderful Lullabies" is a soothing lullaby composition intended to put your babies/kids or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. You may download it for free in order to make your own lullaby CD/MP3 compilation or watch my lullaby videos on Youtube featuring wonderful child-oriented video animations: I always try to produce my lullabies as soft in tone and as soothing as possible. In my opinion, the lack of harsh tones and odd frequencies are key to a calming and relaxing experience and eventually a good night's sleep. Enjoy and please like/repost/subscribe :-) Thanks for your support!

  • Juliàn - Silent Hill

    Juliàn - Silent Hill 🌎 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #Instrumental #Chill 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. -Abraham Lincoln 🧡 Juliàn 💿 Suggested track: ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • 2020 Podcast 06 - Hinkstep

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your precious support, your likes, comments, and reposts motivate me to provide more stuff for you, love and gratitude to everyone ❤️ ► YouTube: ► SoundCloud: ► Mixcloud: ► iTunes: Tracklist: 1. Hinkstep - Opium 2. Hinkstep - Blend In With The Crowd 3. Hinkstep - September Song 4. Hinkstep - You And The Sea 5. Hinkstep - Whispering Pines 2.0 6. Hinkstep - And Every Once In a While I'd Sing a Song For You 7. Hinkstep - Time ► And Every Once In a While I'd Sing a Song For You: ► B-sides and Remasters: ► 2020 Podcast: ► 2020 Podcast 01 - Lauge: ► 2020 Podcast 02 - Erot: ► 2020 Podcast 03 - Noosfære: ► 2020 Podcast 04 - Eguana: ► 2020 Podcast 05 - Logical Elements: ► 2020 Podcast 06 - Hinkstep: ► We Are Love: ► We Are One: (Free Download) ► V R 1: (Free Download) ► U R The Universe: (Free Download) ► Passport: (Free Download) ► Chillout DJ Sets: (Free Download) Follow Hinkstep ► SoundCloud: @hinkstep ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Bandcamp: ► Instagram: ► Beatport: ► Spotify: Follow 2020 ► SoundCloud: @2020official ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► YouTube: ► Bandcamp: ► Mixcloud: ► Twitter: ► Beatport: ► Spotify:

  • Natures Groove - Lounge Mix
    DJ Dimsa

    01 00:00 Gabriel Le Mar - Seaside [X-Tended Album Mix] 02 06:30 Chad - Soul Breathe (Original Mix) 03 11:18 Simon Le Grec - Sophie (Late Night Mix) 04 17:37 Saba & Cay - What A Feeling 05 23:04 Armando Gomez - Reminiscing 06 27:32 Kevin Yost - Forgetting About it 07 32:30 Deep In - Good time stories 08 35:39 Double H - Move Me Up 09 39:36 De Cabaret - Walking On The Borderline (Original Perser Mix) 10 43:23 Velvet Lounge Project - On The Run (Instrumental) 11 47:36 AKMusique - Bahia Oawi 12 51:28 AKMusique - Urban Ttropic

  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Wanted to go back to some more LoFi ish type song. I wanted to do something relaxing and more chilled out. Originally the main melody was to be sung, i had written lyrics and everything but, i somehow forgot that i can't sing... oof. I find it comforting to picture a scenario or a picture when creating a song. With this one in mind, I kept thinking of two people, a man and a women having relationship issues and how the struggle was personified melodramatically through a winding road, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere. There was something sad about it that spoke to me but at the same time it was peaceful...