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#Alternative Rock

  • Blink 182 - I Miss You (cover)
    Blink 182

    I've always loved this song, been wanting to do a cover for a while hope y'all like it

  • Ghubar Njoom غبار نجوم
    Akher Zapheer
    Alternative Rock

    #AkherZapheer #اخر_زفير YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: @akher.zapheer Music & Lyrics: Basem Sayej Recorded, Mixed & Produced by: Sari Abul Adel at Impulse Sonic Arts Artwork: Tiffany Moujaes Back Vocals Natasha Dahdaleh Akher Zapheer: Special Thanks: Stuart J Spaans

  • I'm not you ( Be yourself )
    Smelly Greasy Pit
    Alternative Rock

    I just make a new demo , check this out.

  • Batlasha بتلاشى
    Akher Zapheer
    Alternative Rock

    #AkherZapheer #اخر_زفير YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: @akher.zapheer Music & Lyrics: Basem Sayej Recorded, Mixed & Produced by: Sari Abul Adel at Impulse Sonic Arts Artwork: Tiffany Moujaes Akher Zapheer: Special Thanks: Stuart J Spaans

  • Dumpweed (Acoustic Cover)
    Louis R. Tursi

    An acoustic cover of "Dumpweed" by blink-182. Here's the original song:

  • Ghosts
    Toward The Sky

    Original song, copyright 2018

  • Nirvana - Something In The Way (Doomer)
    Alternative Rock
  • memories of you
    shattered memories
    1,931 prod/vocals by me lyrics: stayin awake till sunlight strikes my window uve torn me from the inside and now i cant go back i destroyed myself by letting u inside the sadness will never end it never ends to be with you i should let myself go i should let my deamons grow and when i say your name memories of you flow thru my mind i still remember what were i still get sad when i look at ur pics i have on my phone i lay here staring at the stars the shine so bright like we used to shine i cant stay away from all these feelings they get me so fucked up

  • Blink - 182 - Feeling This (00charisma Remix)

    (。・_・。 ) Download for free on The Artist Union Keep up with me: Follow Blink - 182: @blink-182

  • psychopath ft. Mew‡zxn(prod by. mid)
    Yami's Sin
    Alternative Rock

    Yami's Sin - Psychopath (prod. mid) Part of my EP "Tribulation" BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY FOR PROVIDING SOME BACKING VOCALS! <3 YouTube AMV: Production: Lyrics & Vocals: & Mixing & Mastering: Lyrics: keep breathing were walking with no reason were seeing but not seeking my life just keeps repeating x2 oh break me my thoughts have haunt me lately i'm slowly going crazy my heart can never save me we keep marching down this road this empty path that will all know all these hollow broken souls holding on to their own ghosts I still follow on this path watching all the aftermath like a fucking psychopath who will stop me falling? Falling through the night cause I will never rise i'm holding on so tight I can't see what i'll be I'M TAINTED I WON'T LIE MY MIND IS FULL OF MINES I'M HAUNTED EVERYNIGHT cause i will never see keep breathing were walking with no reason were seeing but not seeking my life just keeps repeating x2 LOOKING THROUGH MY HOLLOW EYES I SEE THE SORROW IN DISGUISE I WISH THAT I COULD SEE THE LIES I never want to be alone you don't wanna fucking change you don't wanna switch your lanes maybe i'm just fucking strange I just wanna float away

  • Take The Money and Run
    Erick Gonzalez

    The song is about taking chances and risks when you feel like you have nothing left. The good side of one's morality was consumed by the insecurities anger, and crimes they have gone through in order to feel in the void of their life, which sadly ends in a cycle of never feeling satisfied. The song can relate to those of addiction and not giving in and fighting it or feeling lost with one's identity and who they really are. I wrote the song about a earlier time about me becoming conceited, angry, and having hatred to people in order to compensate for my own self pity and isolation in order to protect myself from the feeling of being used or hurt. Credit to following for extras for background sounds KCAL 9 NEWS (Pursuit commentary) Shintech Media (YouTube) Soundsnap (Police sirens/police dispatch) Lyrics No risk is too big Just come place your bets No less of a worry I got nothing left Royal Flush In my hand throughout the day intimidating eyes They see what they want to play Take the money and run Somewhere far away Drive like I shot your friends And your never safe
 Partner of crime Lover gone cold Such a good guy What the hell went wrong Speeding through Mojave to Sin city Suspect Last seen Escaping custody Lose everything all at once And now nothing remains No one to save me now My good soul was replaced Digged my luck to a ditch demons are coming in always seem lure me through Felony of sins (SOLO) Friends with Roulette Don’t push the trust You’ll end up dead On The Deserted 66 Roll the dice Jackpot is what I want Sacrifice everything My lust is never gone Take the money and run Somewhere far away Drive like I shot a man And no one is safe

  • SWAIN - Never Clean My Room (Antikörper Session)

    SWAIN - Never Clean My Room (Antikörper Session) Antikörper Freitag, 10. Januar 2020 23:00 ByteFM The Antikörper Sessions: SWAIN + BOY DIVISION + JETZT! + FREISPIEL: Für die heutige erste Antikörper-Sendung des Jahres 2020 hat Moderator Mark Kowarsch vier tolle Acts zu den Antikörper Sessions eingeladen. SWAIN sind vier Niederländer, die jetzt in Berlin leben, und am 26. Juli 2019 ihr zweites Album "Negative Space" (End Hits Records) veröffentlicht haben, auf dem Jeremy Bolm, der Sänger der Epitaph-Band Touché Amoré und Casper als Gäste vertreten sind. Antikörper Preview Teaser Video 10.1.2020: SWAIN: BOY DIVISION: JETZT!: FREISPIEL: Antikörper with Mark Kowarsch Every 4th Friday 23 o'clock (CET Central European Time) at ByteFM (Live Stream) In each Antikörper Show: The Antikörper Sessions. Exclusive and unreleased songs from great bands and musicians. Acoustic or bombastic. Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi. Remixes, Demos, Outtakes, Live Tracks, Spoken Word, Coverversions or new songs/versions . Sometimes in the studio, sometimes live from the backstage. This is all up to the Antikörper Session Artists. National or international bands and artists recorded their songs exclusively for The Antikörper Sessions™. Personally selected and invited by host & presenter Mark Kowarsch. Stream the complete Antikörper Sessions here: Antikörper ByteFM: Antikörper YouTube: ​örper Antikörper Soundcloud: ​ Antikörper Instagram: ​ Antikörper Facebook: ​ Antikörper Twitter: ​ Antikörper Bandcamp: Antikörper Tumblr: Antikörper Blogspot: Antikörper Linkedin: Antikörper Pinterest: ©+℗ 2017 - 2020 The Antikörper Sessions™ / Antikörper™ All Rights Reserved ​ Contact: [email protected]

  • Ramones
    The Birra's Terror
  • Radical Sounds Latin America Mix 01: Rakta

    To kick things off we have post-punk Brazilian trio Rakta, who describe their mix as "São Paulo caos". For more info and tracklist follow the link :

  • PREMIERE: Hallelujah! - Your Duck [Maple Death]
    Ransom Note

    This place had become unbearable, an inescapable prison that engulfed and suffocated. Perhaps they needed to break away a long time ago and try something different, but sometimes it's easier to revel in failure, to continue in the same way as before. Now it had reached a point where reinvention was their only route, it was time to take control of their fate. After all, excitement lies in the unknown... London via Canada imprint Maple Death Records - home to the likes of WOW, Slaylor Moon and Cindy Lee - are gearing up for their first release of 2020, abrasive synth-laden post punk from Italian noise outfit Hallelujah! After the release of their first EP a few years back, their guitarist quit the band but that didn't stop the remaining members from getting back in the studio and focusing their efforts on improvisation and chaos. They doubled down on synths and moved toward a heady blend of synth-punk, noise and sci-fi rhythmic abrasion culminating in their Maple Death debut, Wanna Dance...

    Alternative Rock

    [prod. Diamoon] @diamoonofnhg Lyrics: My heart aches from all these mistakes Just leave me today cause its all the same Im not fine Everythings been feeling so wrong I dont feel alive I love u and so long Its all over now And she aint ever coming back Fuck this shitty town And all the things left in the past Do i even care to care Its all so hard to keep up with I know shit aint really fair but fuck life and fuck this Waking up in a nightmare And i just wanna leave here I keep on forgetting how bad it hurts Till you remind me this shits a curse Something feels missing, its getting worse I cant really let go maybe ill learn Eating away deep inside Thinking i might want to die Getting high all by myself Im out of time and overwhelmed Nothing seems to satisfy Lost in the void in mind Your touch used to give me chills Now thoughts of you make me need pills

  • you and i
    Alternative Rock

    lyrics: toss and turn every night i feel like my time is running out it's running out now toss and turn i want to take the pain somehow i don't need it now but i don't try to hold on without you i'm always better off around you without you i never do try so i won't try i know you'll never want me back again no, you'd never want me back again but it's all the same now every single day now since you went away now i can't sleep so i can't dream everything i've said came out dumb everything i've done turned out wrong everything except you and i everything except you and i so when i wake up tomorrow and you're not beside me i already know what i need to do i want you always beside me i need you always beside me

  • Metfaje' متفاجئ
    Akher Zapheer
    Alternative Rock

    #AkherZapheer #اخر_زفير YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Music & Lyrics: Basem Sayej Recorded, Mixed & Produced by: Sari Abul Adel at Impulse Sonic Arts Akher Zapheer:

  • Losing It
    The Filters
    Alternative Rock

    The 2nd EP released by punk rock band The Filters All songs written and performed by The Filters All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Justin Cardoze

  • St. Jimmy (Acoustic Cover)
    Louis R. Tursi

    An acoustic cover of "St. Jimmy" by Green Day. Here's the original song: