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  • MMPC 5-21-18
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about Artisan ice cream, expansion franchises and the Royal Wedding.

  • Episode 162 | "Revolt Boyz"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Revolt boyz in the building (not really)! Joe kicks off this weeks episode discussing his Revolt deal as Rory and Mal congratulate him and let the jokes fly (10:10). Also, Tidal has been accused of manipulating and enhancing their streaming numbers for certain artist, which leads the crew to speculate. In addition, another streaming service, Spotify has decided to remove R.Kelly and XxxTentacion from all playlist (33:24). And friend of the show, Cardi B seems to be surrounded by drama as women in hip-hop are starting to turn against her (46:18). Thank you all to those who have purchased tickets to the tour. We will see you soon! Other Topics Include: -DJ Jazzy Jeff talks plaques vs money (40:52) -50 Cent vs Rick Ross (1:03:32) -Joe and Wale exchange “Twitter words” (1:42:41) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Ty Dolla $ign “Number” | Rory: Stimulator Jones “Soon Never Comes” | Mal: Jag (Feat. A-F-R-O) “King Me” |

  • Homosexually Speaking (Feat. Jordan Harbinger)
    The Brilliant Idiots

    This week Charlamagne Tha God, Andrew Schulz, and Wax talk about Kim Jong-Un Vs. Trump, Wax gets a lesson about Asian people, dating, T.I’s recent arrest, Jordan Harbinger formally of the Art Of Charm podcast drops by and more!!! Get your tickets for Brilliant Idiots live in NYC May 19th 2018

  • TAMMP 5-17-18
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about San Francisco, keeping score, and Kyle Dunnigan's instagram page.

  • Wild/Plausible NBA Summer Moves and Houston's Conundrum With Zach Lowe
    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe to discuss possible Chris Paul–Rockets contract decisions, Toronto's coaching situation, fixing the NBA playoffs, and the wildest NBA summer moves you'd actually believe.

  • Episode 317: Dennis Nilsen Part I - Orientation in Me
    Last Podcast On The Left

    It's time to talk about the recently deceased as we explore the life of Britains most famous known serial killer, Dennis Nilsen. Join us as we investigate Nilsen's early life and the numerous twisted fantasies that led him to his first murder. ​

  • Back in Jack - Episode 200

    Some would argue that there have been plenty already, AFL Fantasy coaches will be facing their first big challenge of the season; the byes. After their sojourn in China last round, Gold Coast and Port Adelaide will enjoy their week off a little earlier than the rest of the competition. Normal rules apply for Fantasy Classic. That is, scores from the 22 on-field players will count this round and the regular two trades to use to manage squads. Appearing in more than 31 per cent of teams, Robbie Gray is the most popular Power or Suns player who will be missing this round with the bye. The rules are tweaked for rounds 12-14 to help coaches tackles the multi-bye rounds. The best 18 scores from the 22 players on-field will count for the weekly score and three trades are allowed leading into each of these rounds. It is widely considered that the bye rounds is moving time for Fantasy coaches. The aim is to come out on the other side with much better squads. Using the three trades available, coaches to be seeking to trade out cash cows and upgrade while fielding the best players possible. Working towards a ‘completed’ side by bringing in the players deemed to be in best 22 come season’s end is preferable. Roy names up his best six defenders, eight defenders, two rucks and six forwards. It changes weekly based on form, but be believes this crew is who coaches should be aiming for. In the back line, Rory Laird, Elliot Yeo, Jake Lloyd, James Sicily, Kade Simpson and Jeremy Howe are his go-to players. The engine room includes the in-form Jack Macrae and Ed Curnow, with Fantasy stars Tom Mitchell, Patrick Dangerfield, Nat Fyfe, Adam Treloar, Stephen Coniglio and Scott Pendlebury rounding out the top eight. Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy look set to make up the preferable ruck combination. A blanket could be thrown over the forwards, but Roy thinks Isaac Heeney, Toby McLean, Lance Franklin, Robbie Gray, Tom Rockliff and newcomer to the list, Jack Darling should be in the sights when completing the crew up front. The big Eagle has been in magnificent from in recent weeks. Scores of 101, 113, 121 and a blistering 151 thanks to a six-goal haul on Sunday has put Darling in the mix as one of the desired picks according to Roy. Roy, together with Calvin and Warnie debate which players should be in Fantasy coaches’ sights as they aim to improve their squads over the next month on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast. Also in this week’s podcast: - All the action from round nine - News from around the grounds, including Magoos News - Trade tips for round ten and a look at the byes - Your questions answered

  • Pretinho 21/05/2018 13h
    Podcast do Pretinho
  • The Sunday Service 5-20-18
    Double Toasted

    Happy Sunday, folks! Tonight we’re talking about the Happytime Murders movie trailer and how absolutely ridiculous it is, and whether or not we are hyped to see it. After that, as we promised, we’re giving you a full spoiler discussion on Deadpool 2, and people we are going IN DEPTH!

  • En Exclusiva!!! Sexo Pudor Y Lagrimas En El Ritmo De Regaeton De Alex Syntek #YoyoFerran
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • Are They ACTUALLY Royalty?
    The Basement Yard

    On this episode, @DannyLopriore & I are talking about the royal wedding, tying sweaters around your waist, & how gangster women are.

  • Conocido Boxeador Puertorriqueño En Intensivo!! Enterate Con #YoyoFerran #LosReyesDeLaPunta
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • Pretinho 05/05/2018 18h
    Podcast do Pretinho
  • Rhett's Proposal Story (AMA) | Ear Biscuits Ep. 144
    Ear Biscuits

    Today we're answering your questions about everything from Rhett's proposal story, what Link likes to splurge on as part of his self care routine, what they want to know about aliens, and more on this week's Ear Biscuits. 

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  • 'A Royally Good Time' - 5/21/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1

    The Santa Fe killer reportedly was targeting kids he didn’t like….One of the victims reportedly spurned his advances …Incoming NRA president says school shootings are the product of a culture of violence …Hillary Clinton and Al Gore speak at college commencements…What university would consider inviting a conservative? …What has Hillary Clinton ever done that has transformed American society? – Oh yeah, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act! …TIME magazine’s run on American newsstands could fall short of the century mark …U.S. and China will back off on igniting a trade war, claims Chinese state media …Doctor convicted of fetal homicide, yet the mother could have legally terminated the pregnancy…Why the double standard?

    Hour 2

    Gas prices are climbing nationwide…Regular fuel prices have jumped an average of 10 cents in two weeks …How can you live in California unless you’re a billionaire? …Swedish town allows a mosque to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer – After twice rejecting a church’s request to ring bells …In Venezuela, President Maduro wins a sham election, taking over 70% of the vote …It was such a wonderful weekend for a royal wedding…The excitement reached a fever pitch for Pat and Jeffy…Working through the night, a lengthy guest list, and the ‘Game of Thrones’ dragon …Starbucks announces that anyone is welcome to use Starbucks facilities… Congratulations, you’re now a public restroom …The process of re-establishing standards of civility will be long and difficult.

    Hour 3

    ‘Deadpool 2’ finally displaced ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ as the No. 1 movie at the box office …Netflix doesn’t produce a whole lot of wholesome content for viewers like Pat …Television reboots from the 1980s offer some intriguing possibilities …Did Jesus ever advocate for wealth redistribution? …The guys revisit the condemnation of Israel by a Palestinian who flew a kite decorated with swastikas …Pope Francis reportedly tells abused gay man that being gay is just fine, that he doesn’t care about it …Caller illustrates how the left feeling bad for Hamas stands in stark contrast to them losing their collective mind over Trump’s comments after Charlottesville …What do you know? People are worried about Starbucks becoming a homeless encampment.

    Ground Zero Media

    Planet Earth is home to some spectacular relics from bygone eras, constructions that seem to defy the technological capabilities of their time either because they’re too big, too heavy, or too complex.

  • Molusco Le Saca Del Buche Hoy La Competencia En #LosReyesDeLaPunta Con Gabriel Payzi
    Los Reyes De La Punta
  • 141 - Gretel's Instagram Regrets (w/ How to ADHD!)
    Dear Hank & John

    Am I accidentally a horrible person? What should I do with 1,000 business cards? How do I not break my grandmother's heart? And more! Email us: [email protected] Thanks to Jessica and Edward of How to ADHD for joining the pod today!

  • Elianis Garrido De Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso Llega Hablando De Su Nueva Faceta En TV!!!
    Los Reyes De La Punta
    Ground Zero Media

    Soylent Green is not just people – it is about people that live in 2018 and how population reduction programs maybe the next step in trying to feed the hungry. There are also food alternatives that have been developed to try and feed the hungry including lab grown meats and plant alternative proteins that can be made to satisfy a starving world. Environmentally friendly, lab-grown meat might be better for us, because cultured meats would be produced in sterile environments and would be free of such dangerous bacteria, which could significantly reduce fatal food-related infections. However, do the overall benefits outweigh the risks? On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about SOYLENT GREEN EGGS AND HAM IS PEOPLE.