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  • Drake, "I Get Lonely Too"
  • ‘UFO: SECURITY STATE W/ DAN WRIGHT’ – September 13, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    As we begin to see an increase of abandoned interstellar objects, we may want to take a moment and think that perhaps with all of the information the CIA and others have procured, we have had several decades of being forewarned and the time is now to protect the planet and the security state. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with UFO researcher and author, Dan Wright about UFO: SECURITY STATE...

  • ‘PLAY IT AGAIN SCAM’ – September 11, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    Today while Americans remember 9/11 and subsequent events, the collective memory like many memories of tragic events can be blurred or even incorrect. The various narrators of the events of 9/11 have intentionally overlooked crucial details. And even though we are told that we should never forget 9/11, the whole process of creating new memories is the act of forgetting other moments and memories that when not repeated, are forgotten over time. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about PLAY IT AGAIN SCAM

  • Second Date Update PODCAST: The Lion King
  • ‘MOVE OVER – YOU ARE COVERED’ – September 10, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    Involuntary or forced euthanasia was often depicted in sci-fi movies, however, the idea of ending one's life is becoming more socially acceptable. This is especially true with proponents of "global sustainability" who feel humans are a burden on the planet due to their excessive carbon footprint. Could this movement be an extension of the depopulation agenda? On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about MOVE OVER - YOU ARE COVERED

  • ‘VAPIRISM – THE FOOD AND DRUG TERROR MODEL’ – September 12, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    Public health detectives are desperately trying to find the cause of the hundreds of lung disease cases and at least six deaths that appear to be related to vaping. The truth is the tobacco lobby in this country is still a powerful one and it is obviously seeing vaping as a threat to their combustible cigarettes. This is highly suspicious and it is obvious that what is being used is something called the food and drug terror model in order to skew public opinion. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about VAPIRISM - THE FOOD AND DRUG TERROR MODEL

  • Second Date Update PODCAST: Ikea Date Gone Wrong
  • Second Date Update PODCAST: Watch Me Whip
  • ‘TRY TO REMEMBER THE LIES OF SEPTEMBER’ – September 09, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    Since 9/11, it seems like the country has been in a cascading crisis. The attacks exploited many of America’s core systems and values which have now become increasingly fragile behind the thin facade of stability. 9/11 was the catalyst that opened the dialogue for the socialist state and the complete and utter negation of constitutional rights. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about TRY TO REMEMBER THE LIES OF SEPTEMBER.

  • 9/14/19: Episode 33 - INTERSTELLAR HARBINGERS
    Ground Zero Media
  • Jalopy Junction by HeadOfSpectre
    Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime

    Carnivals are always fun! The Author: Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new books! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends! 💀 Volume 1: 💀 Volume 2: 💀 Comic Book: Visit the stores! 💀 Wife's Tea Shop: 💀 Shirts & Stuff!:

  • My Four-Year Old Son Woke Up with a Full Head of Gray Hair by
    Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime

    I'd be really worried... The Author: Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new books! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends! 💀 Volume 1: 💀 Volume 2: 💀 Comic Book: Visit the stores! 💀 Wife's Tea Shop: 💀 Shirts & Stuff!:

  • The Weekly Roast and Toast 9-10-19
    Double Toasted

    Korey, Martin, and Billy react to movie trailers, discuss crazy news of the week, and answer your emails and phone calls! Tonight we are touching on the idea of Joker possibly saving the world of cinema in 2019, and why we think that is the case. Then, we’ll be having a discussion on a new dating simulator revolving around KFC. Yep, get ready for a video game where you actually date the Colonel. All this and more TONIGHT!

  • The Neighbourhood - Wires (Acoustic)
  • ‘GOD OF CHAOS W/ MARSHALL MASTERS’ – September 16, 2019
    Ground Zero Media

    What is most disconcerting is that last Friday the 13th, the asteroid 2004 MN4 or Apophis 99942 flew past the Earth. Although scientists are saying that Apophis won't hit Earth in 2029, they can't yet rule out possible collisions with other space objects that could send a number of rocks in our direction. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with Earth-changes researcher and writer, Marshall Masters about GOD OF CHAOS

  • Episode 145 | "Role Play"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    This week Joe, Rory and Mal are joined by Ice and from beginning to end let the jokes fly. Joe wants to know if and when it’s cool to set your girlfriend as the lock screen on your phone (10:47). As predicted on this podcast, the robots have arrived! The guys talk about the new “life-like” sex dolls that were introduced, which adds to “conspiracy theory” Joe’s prediction of robots taking over (30:09). Also, they discuss which one of the guys that have participated in role-play and Joe reveals his go-to character in the bedroom, you’d never guess what it is (1:11:26). This episode is filled so tune in and indulge. Don’t forget to cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” hosted by Joe Budden at the Highline Ballroom on January 22! Other topics include: -Chris Paul wants smoke with the Clippers (37:06) -Offset getting Cardi B’s name tattooed on himself (45:46) -Chris Brown dropping ANOTHER joint project, is this helping or hurting his legacy (1:35:54) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Craig David (featuring GoldLink) “Live in the Moment” | Joe: THEY. “Africa” | Mal: Floda “Weak” | Ice: Albee Al, Arsonal and Fetty Wap “New Jersey Drive”

  • Eric Clapton Ex1
  • FlimCast 271: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
    Flims Network

    ÉRASE UNA VEZ EN LAS LANZAS: Nos juntamos con espectadores pulentos a conversar del noveno flim de Quentin Tarantino. Debemos advertir que este es un capítulo CON SPOILERS desde el principio, así que solo escuche si ya vio la película o si no le interesa. Gracias a todos los que fueron y a ustedes por escuchar.

  • 18 Years After 9/11: We Must UNITE Again | Guests: Bob Beckwith, Brad Meltzer, & Garrett M. Graff | 9/11/19
    The Glenn Beck Program

    It’s been 18 years since September 11, 2001, but has America ever recovered? As the next generation comes of age, we must remember living through the fear and confusion of that day and the unity of the day after. Retired New York fireman Bob Beckwith recalls how he became the national hero who stood arm in arm with President Bush at Ground Zero. Best-selling author Brad Meltzer joins to discuss his personal story of 9/11 and his new children’s book, “I Am Walt Disney.” Garrett M. Graff, author of “The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11,” discusses his research for the book, which is composed entirely of quotes from the people who were there, from survivors to the president’s staff and everyone in between. 

  • Celebrate Mexico's True National Holiday with the Mysteries of Mole

    In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse for margarita-fueled partying. But in Mexico, that date—the anniversary of a military triumph over Napoleon on May 5, 1862—is marked by a parade and not much else. The real celebrations happen on September 16, which is Mexican Independence Day. At Gastropod, we're always down to party, so here's to Mexico's true national holiday—and its true national dish: mole! But what is mole? Listen in this episode as we trace mole's complicated evolution from medieval Moors to the invention of the blender, and from something that had been considered peasant food to a special occasion showstopper.