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  • Drake, "I Get Lonely Too"
  • ‘THE OVERLORD EFFECT’ – November 5, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    How can beings with vast intellectual differences and that are made of different components for life recognize consciousness in each other? That is up to the intellectual minds and technocrats to consider as they have the daunting task of figuring out the alien agenda and avoiding the overlord effect where us puny humans fall to our knees and begged to be saved by our alien overlords. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about THE OVERLORD EFFECT

    Ground Zero Media

    We now are living in times where the chain reaction of unyielding responses by the left and the right accelerates at a breakneck pace, with absolutely no possibility of compromise. A new emergency or winner-takes-all battle seems to be occurring on a weekly basis, with the mid-term elections and an announcement of a possible alien probe in the news, we appear to be in a weird historical rhyme. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about APOCALYPSE BY NUMBERS - PREPARING FOR THE FOURTH TURNING.

    Ground Zero Media

    The current civil upheaval can be avoided, however, it is hard to do so when these asymmetrical attacks are organized “response events” and they are bought and paid for to destabilize the country in order to provide fodder to implement a police state. We are fighting against each other instead of those who continue to divide us and pull us apart. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about RESPONSE EVENTS - IDENTIFYING THE NEWSPEAK CONUNDRUM

  • 162 - The Fault in Our Mars
    Dear Hank & John

    What tricks can babies do? Should I become a space lawyer? Did I let a guy steal my car? And more! Email us: [email protected]

  • "QUANTUMPLATION W/ PAUL LEVY"-November 9, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    The quantum entanglement theory can stretch the idea for us to consider that human unconscious, pre-consciousness, and consciousness are quantum bits which can know the same actions in a dimensional or dream state. These thoughts that are thrust in the ether become strong and meaningful precognitions that unwittingly show up in what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy. Moreover, synchronicities and meaningful coincidences are strange and spooky things we can all witness from a distance. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with author Paul Levy about QUANTUMPLATION. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #Quantumplation

  • ‘11/6/18: RED DEVIL BLUE DEVIL – THE DEVIL WINS’ – November 6, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    (SPECIAL LOCAL EDITION) Six groups in Portland, OR stated they would protest the vote if, in fact, it did not go the way they had hoped. What good is all of the encouragement to vote when regardless of who wins, there will be protests to reject the outcome? Encouraging people to vote and then not honoring the vote is counterintuitive and most certainly demonstrates a disregard for democracy. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about RED DEVIL BLUE DEVIL - THE DEVIL WINS

  • Podcast #209 - Reading Our Numerology
    Jenna & Julien Podcast

    To get your free deliveries, download Postmates today and use code ‘JENNAJULIEN’ Listen to us on SPOTIFY: Subscribe to this channel for new podcasts EVERY MONDAY We're also live on Twitch every week Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: We are on iTunes: SoundCloud: Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things. If you are looking for your everyday, normal, by the book podcast, then you're in the wrong place. We created this because we tend to have awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations that we realized had to be shared with the lovely internet world. So here we are. You can follow us on all the things: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Jenna: IG: TW: YT: 2nd Chanel: Julien: IG: TW: YT:

    Ground Zero Media

    The Temple Mount in Israel has yielded apocalyptic signs as of late. Women who went to the Western Wall on Wednesday were shocked to see a snake crawling out from between the ancient stones going toward a dove. On Saturday, The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting occurred and is the deadliest attack on Jews in American History. The question is whether or not the shootings in the synagogue and the appearance of the Nachash (serpent) play into some sort of conjuring or sign of darker things to come? On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric researcher and author, Jordan Maxwell about NACHASH - THINKING OUTSIDE THE BEAST. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #NachashThinkingOutsideTheBeast Just click the link below if you missed last night's show

  • 11/7/18 - 'Gloating Graciously'?/ Guest Bill O'Reilly
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 

    Everyone stay calm...but not gracious? was not an 'optical' night for either side...the Best night for Texas Democrats in a generation (turning purplish)...Media Shock and Awe?...More 'Trumpy' caucus...'big heartbreaks'...'not a blue wave'...'maybe it's a red wave'...Romney Republicans went for the Democrats...'the Left are trapped' going forward to 2020?...War within the Democrat Party...Middle American Democrat = Extinct...the Democrat Socialists are not going anywhere...the Left is about to get nastier...Target 2020: getting rid of the electoral college ...Pat Gray's prayers have come true?...Trump trade war is going to kill the economy, IF it continues ...fearing Google's influence on 


    Hour 2

    Bill O'Reilly's take on last night’s Mid-term election results?...Reasons why the GOP lost the House?...Trump needs to pick his battles going forward...people don't want chaos when they're trying to make a living...Trump's 2020 chances have just gotten better...and could re-win the House in 2020? ...Why Joe Biden was the Democrats big winner last night?...Bill asks 'what's going on in Texas'?...Glenn explains why Ted Cruz has lost his Texas  flare?...'very wooden'...why he and Mike Lee have cozied up to President Trump?...Did Trump save Cruz? ...Looking back at 'Wave Elections' past?...The Lefts tactics backfired once again...the Kavanaugh witch hunt hurt ...Caller Mark from Rhode Island blames NPR for the Democratic Socialist victories ...'How do we stop them?' ...Flashback: Hanging Chad?


    Hour 3

    Attention Post modernists?...Massachusetts to the transgender and non-binary people’s “public protection" rescue? ...We Are beginning to come together?...Conservative connections?...Bill O'Reilly, CRTV, Newsmax, Ben Shapiro and The Daily Caller...All the conservative media outlets played nice last night ...Stu goes over all the Winner and Losers?...Ex-cons voting?...Obamacare helped Republicans in the Heartland...pot passed everywhere?...Hoarding tampons with the 'Pink Tax' wormhole? ...Enough with the Historic FIRSTS...the FIRST woman, the FIRST black, the FIRST Hermaphrodite? ...Wow! Keith Ellison won last night while Bob Menendez (NJ) Wins Again! 

  • Elizabeth Gilbert reads "Early Hours" by Adam Zagajewski

    Recorded for Brain Pickings. Poem text and context:

  • Podcast #88: Neon Salads of Hong Kong
    Shut Up & Sit Down

    Serious question: Have we ever had this many charming board games on one podcast? Has ANYONE? In this episode Matt and Quinns discuss the twin games of Cockroach Salad and Cockroach Soup, as well as Neon Gods, Men at Work, Targi, Lisboa and Blackout: Hong Kong.

  • 11/8/18 - 'Advocating for Chaos'?/ Guest Andrew Heaton
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1

    Immigration Wins the day?...the 2018 voters 2nd most Important Issue (behind healthcare)...meanwhile the Left blame 'climate change' for the migrant caravans ...Glenn School of 'parenting 101'?...Jim Acosta vs. President Trump...the 'play-by play'...Child vs. Child...Definition: Invasion?...Did Jim Acosta 'accost' a woman?...Shame on CNN, 'they should fire Acosta'...Journalists like Acosta who seek fame and fortune = grand standers 


    Hour 2

    The power of celebrity opinions?...Beyonce's opinions matter 'more' than yours...Celebrities urging regular people to vote...doesn't work...Oprah didn't get the job done in GA 2018?...America is rejecting Hollywood's opinions...just 'shut up and act'...Stu's childhood dream to be with Alyssa Milano?...Now Alyssa refuses to speak at next Women's March, cites Anti-semitism...why the change of heart? ...The Big Blue Wave...that didn't happen? ...The time Glenn geeked out over Michael Buble? ...Letters to the Editor...a Democrat, Why I Voted Republican this time around?...time to start listening in bigger tents? 


    Hour 3

    'Something's Off' with Andrew Heaton...New Podcast...Starts November 12th...a true Libertarian...New phone apps ideas?...thanking Russia for hot ladies...'people are hungry to think'?...people have never been so lonely? ...And the crowd shouted 'Charlottesville!'?...Cindy from Virginia met Glenn at the Richmond book tour...left there thinking and hopeful...simple and beautiful = political...Meet Glenn like Cindy did on Tour.,..get your ...Hero and Villain media have gone awry?...authority over loyalty?

  • The Weekly Roast and Toast 11-6-18
    Double Toasted

    TOASTIES! We are back! And tonight we are doing an early review for The Girl Caught In The Spider’s Web, as well as talking about Idris Elba being sexiest man in the world, and then of course we are talking about The Walking Dead!

  • 11/9/18 - 'Timeout Florida'?
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1

    Florida has done it again?...72-hours later...they're still counting votes using common-core math? ...Tucker Carlson responds to mob threats...feeling the love as well? ...Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hospitalized...the Left is losing it...fearing another conservative SCJ ...'Read Aloud West Virginia'...Glenn's 'A Christmas Sweater' the alternative to 5-year-old gift requests? ...Caller, Demtrie from Broward County = Laughing Stock? 


    Hour 2

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hospitalized and Left are losing it...fearing the worst? we go again ...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Recount in FL...Good by Jeff Sessions = weak...Tucker Carlson and family mobbed at home...Bill explains how he can relate?...'someone needs to be punished'...'no regrets leaving Fox News'?...Warren and Sanders not threats in 2020...'Acosta Standards' for press corps?...All theses shootings have one thing in common = isolated Internet users? ..."Hang Together or All Hang Separately" 


    Hour 3

    America Lacking?...Empathy...there's a little truth from every side...we must find ways to come together...moral foundations from both the Left and Right...they only have 3 in common? ...Louis Farrakhan killed Malcolm X?...the fear of being peed on? ...'Addicted To Outrage'...why Samantha Bee, chapter? ...No one at CNN is going to tell Acosta to stop ...Fighting fairly going forward?...Respect and true kindness...we can learn a lot about how we treat dogs?

  • #169 Inteligência Emocional
    Notícias e Política

    “Penso, sinto, logo existo”, a atualização da frase de Descartes é uma afirmação categórica de que a emoção e a razão são indissociáveis na formação integral de cada uma de nós. Mas por que tradicionalmente dividimos razão e emoção, reservando quase sempre um espaço menos valorizado à emoção? Qual a função das emoções? Como cuidar delas para sermos seres autônomos, que acolhem o que vivemos, sentimos, entendemos e expressamos? Na mesa, contamos hoje com Aline, formada em direito com MBA em marketing e especialização em gestão de pessoas e psicologia organizacional; Maria, psicóloga formada pela UFSC; e Rodrigo, mestrando no curso de pós-graduação de neurologia e neurociência na USP. Abre a mente e o coração e taca-lhe o play neste Mamilos! ======== FALE CONOSCO . Email: [email protected] . Facebook: aqui . Twitter: aqui ======== CONTRIBUA COM O MAMILOS Quem apoia o Mamilos ajuda a manter o podcast no ar e ainda recebe toda semana um apanhado das notícias mais quentes do jeito que só o Mamilos sabe fazer. É só R$9,90 por mês! Corre ler, quem assina tá recomendando pra todo mundo. ======== EQUIPE MAMILOS Edição - Caio Corraini Produção - Maíra Teixeira Apoio a pauta - Jaqueline Costa e grande elenco Transcrição dos programas - Lu Machado e Mamilândia ======== CAPA A capa dessa semana foi feita por Zeca Bral (Capa desenvolvida sobre obra de Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954), "A máscara" (1945). Neste autorretrato a artista oculta seus reais sentimentos ao utilizar um máscara completamente diferente de sua fisionomia. Frida, uma das maiores personalidades do século 20, foi uma figura importante tanto no âmbito político como cultural do México. Impossibilitada de engravidar, vítima de poliomelite na infância e de um grave acidente na adolescência que a marcaria para toda a vida, fez da arte sua maior expressão: “Tentei afogar minhas mágoas, mas as malditas aprenderam a nadar, e agora estou sobrecarregada com essa decente e boa sensação.”). ======== FAROL ACESO Aline: Livro "A Coragem de Ser Imperfeito"; Maria: Filme "Divertida Mente" e livro "Em Busca de Espinoza"; Rodrigo: Livros "10% Mais Feliz" e "Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira"; Cris: Filme "O Presidente"; Ju: Filmes "Mary Shelley", "Uma Mulher Exemplar", "Longe Deste Insensato Mundo", "Milk - A Voz da Igualdade" e "Do Jeito Que Elas Querem".

  • 11/6/18 - 'A Fearing of Fear Itself Moment'/ Guest Flip Pidot
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 

    Top 3 Things... 'They' Don't Want Us Talking About?...'It's the economy stupid' (doesn't work anymore)...'Reality Show Instincts'?...Trump is still drawing big crowds, bigger than Obama ever had...his crowds went away once he became President...the crazy Left is in control of the Democratic Party...for right now...Are we a Democratic Republic or a Democratic Socialist country? ...we're in a 'Fearing Fear Itself' moment? ...Not looking so good in WV for the GOP?


    Hour 2 

    Go Vote or Get...Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan...Why are they all still in the game?...the future of the Democrat Party? ...Trump says he would like to 'tone it down' ?...Trump is the result of 8 years of a 'stoked fire' by Barrack Obama?...Vote or get the Democrat Socialist government that's running Portland Oregon? ...Trump is the President, he said he would be ...Code Pink to Moderate in Arizona? ...from NBC News...'Random Lights' above Myrtle Beach skyline spark UFO conversation...has Harvard science researchers concerned? ...Allen in Arizona says don't be fooled, but AZ is almost a blue state?


    Hour 3

    No politics with my coffee...listener Tracy calls in to tell us that Starbucks is actively campaigning for Beto in Texas ...Predict It Dot Org...Flip Pidot joins to give an up to the minute look at the live polls? the odds while learning...some of the closer races that are occurring right now ...Reporter accidentally leaves Senate candidate John James a voicemail...going into an interview already 'pissed off'? ...Hyperlinking racism...the media is all up in arms about Trump's racist TV ad?...'it's not racist' ...Glenn explains why he may vote for Beto?

  • Diana Gabaldon on "Outlander Live"
    Entertainment Weekly

    Diana Gabaldon joined EW's Lynette Rice and Maureen Lenker on EW Radio's "Outlander Live!" Hear "Outlander Live!" every Monday at 1pm ET on EW Radio, SiriusXM 105.

  • The Movie Review Extravaganza! 11-7-18
    Double Toasted

    We are back again for another Extravaganza of movie reviews, toasties! Tonight we are going to be reviewing The Grinch, as we get right into the Holiday Spirit! We are also going to be dustin' some stars off for some Stardust reactions from the Stardust app! If you, the toasties, have any questions, compliments, or concerns about us or even some thoughts on "The Grinch" let us know by sending us an email to [email protected]!

  • Lauren Daigle on What Being on the Ellen Show Was Like
    The Wally Show

    Check out more about Lauren being on Ellen: You can hear more of the Wally Show on our podcast: