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  • MMPC 12-9-19
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about the weekend in sports, dangerous Christmas toys, and pheromones.

  • TAMMP 12 - 6-19
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles with the Lovely Nia, Justin Long, and Sam Rockwell.

  • Episode 393: The Murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft Part I - My Sweet Goon
    Last Podcast On The Left

    On today's episode, we begin to explore the disappearance and murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft, a story that encompasses conmen, bogus government conspiracies, blood, and who else but the Reptilians. For a limited time, get 25% off a Calm Premium subscription at Go to now to take advantage of Simplisafe’s amazing holiday savings… and get a free HD security camera! Just go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage, and type in LEFT to claim your special offer! Head to and use code LEFT at checkout to get one item for 50% off and 10 tantalizing FREE gifts! "Chill" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Autumn Day" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Cool Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Cheery Monday" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

  • Honey I Shrunk The D*#KS
    The Brilliant Idiots

    This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Charlamange's comments on Serge Ibaka's cooking show, men being faithful, D*ck size anxiety, Kamala Harris dropping out of the presidential race, and more!!!

  • Side Stories: Green Face
    Last Podcast On The Left

    Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a Narwhal tusk-wielding hero, a JonBenét Ramsey update, an evil mother, and MORE. Visit to receive a special 20% discount! "Cool Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

  • MMPC 12-2-19
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about the weekend games, SLAYER, and appropriate gifts.

  • We Don't Do Chores
    The Read

    Waiting on Kaavia to give us word.

  • Nice Niggas For What?
    The Read

    Confusing TF outta Billy Dee Williams...

  • Lady Gaga Performs “Million Reasons” – The Howard Stern Show
    Howard Stern
    Howard Stern

    From The Howard Stern Show (10-24-16) - Lady Gaga Performs “Million Reasons” For more Howard Stern Show: Website - Twitter - Instagram - www.instagram/sternshow Facebook -

  • Left Brain, Right Brain | BO BURNHAM | what.
    Comedy Central
    Comedy Central

    Comedian Bo Burnham returns with his third full-length album what. recorded live in Madison, WI. Bo dissects and subverts his relationship with comedy and the audience with his quick-witted hybrid of stand-up, music, poetry and theater. There's a battle between his left and right brain, perverted miming, a song from God's perspective and much more -- what. is an incomparable must own.

  • TAMMP 11-29-19
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about his history with test taking, keeping your expenses low, and black Friday.

  • Sashay Ofay
    The Read

    Florida is still wet trash

  • Side Stories: Day of Reckoning
    Last Podcast On The Left

    Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Papa John's day of reckoning, a feces attack, a bodybuilding senior citizen strikes back, and MORE.

  • Ep 174: Undo
    Bodega Boys

    The Brand is Strong! The Bronx's very own Desus Nice & THE KID MERO aka the Bodega Boys are giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Live from the Milk Studios Jamroom! This week: baseball, pino talk, rap, resumes, libraries and more!

  • Episode 218: 21 Questions (Feat. Jessie Reyez)
    Lip Service

    Singer/songwriter Jessie Reyez joins the ladies of Lip Service this week and speaks on getting fired from multiple jobs, having ex's know her music is about them, and much more. Jessie even reveals her guilty wrongdoings during her childhood. Enjoy! ***LIP SERVICE LIVE TOUR*** November 3rd - Los Angeles, CA November 5th - Houston, TX November 7th - Dallas, TX November 8th - New Orleans, LA November 10th - Detroit, MI November 11th - Clevleand, OH November 13th - Chicago, IL

  • Pete and Sebastian Show 379
    Pete and Sebastian Show

    Pete gets annoyed by DJ Lou in Boston & Sebastian tries to meet up with JJ Watt! Noom - Start losing weight for good - visit to start your trial today

  • Nice To Meet You
    The Friend Zone

    On this week's episode of #TheFriendZone, we discuss how fans have been reacting to Summer Walker's social anxiety during her #FirstandLast tour. Are people expecting too much from celebs when meeting them in person? Are celebs required to behave a certain way? We share our thoughts and stories on meeting people we admire. The Friend Zone Live is back on the road! And this time we're taking our siblings, Jade + Keia of @gettingrown, along for the ride! December 7th - San Francisco December 14th - Atlanta (SOLD OUT) Tickets: Wellness Segment: Black Esthetician Thank you to our Sponsors: Talkspace - These days, everyone knows that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. But scheduling in-person therapy sessions can be inconvenient, not to mention expensive. Thankfully there’s Talkspace, the online talk therapy platform that’s with you 24/7. Talkspace matches you with one of their 5,000+ licensed therapists based on your preferences, because they know that therapy isn’t one-size-fits all (and it shouldn’t be! Their therapists are trained for every need—including depression, anxiety, LGBT-specific issues, and more). You can make your account right from your phone or computer and a matching agent will help you identify your therapy needs. Both messaging and video-based plans are available depending on the level of support you want and you get to choose a plan that fits your budget too. You’ll get 24/7 access from your phone or computer to a licensed therapist that fits your needs. That’s promo code ZONE. Bombas - Bombas socks are SOFT. Like, “made-with-the-softest-cotton-in-the-world” soft. They’re built with extra cushioning, so whether you’re walking the dog, chilling at home, or playing drums, you’ll be comfortable. Bombas socks provide support in places you didn’t even know you needed it, like your arches. Each sock is built with a special arch-support system that feels like a nice hug for your foot. And they’re smooth across the top – no more annoying toe seam. Bombas makes all types of socks – dress socks for work, performance socks for working out, and limited-edition holiday socks. They even have a line of Merino Wool socks that are soft, warm, and naturally moisture-wicking. Bombas is the gift even that person will love…even that person who seems impossible to shop for. And for every pair you buy, Bombas donates a pair to someone in need. Go to today, and get twenty percent off your first purchase. Aurate - Aurate [pronounced or-rate] is fine jewelry made in New York City, founded by women for women. Pieces range from classic, to statement, to completely original. It’s the jewelry you’ve always wanted, but could never find. Aurate was founded on the desire to shake up the jewelry market by offering modern women beautiful designs, amazing quality at affordable prices, and ethically sourced pieces they can wear every day. Because it’s all real gold, you can wear it and never have to take it off – shower, sport, sleep, cook, anything. It’s jewelry for life! And because Aurate sells direct to you without the middleman markup, they can offer the same quality as traditional 5th Avenue brands at a fraction of the cost. All Aurate pieces come with a lifetime warranty because they know it lasts. Give the gift of high-quality sustainable jewelry this holiday season without the killer price tags, with Aurate. For 15% off your first Aurate purchase, go to and use promo code FRIENDZONE. Follow us online: Twitter - Facebook - Have a GREAT day!

  • Sour Shoes Calls in as Jackie ‘the Joke Man’ Martling – The Howard Stern Show
    Howard Stern
    Howard Stern

    From The Howard Stern Show (12-03-19) - Sour Shoes Calls in as Jackie ‘the Jokeman’ Martling For more Howard Stern Show: Website - Twitter - Instagram - www.instagram/sternshow Facebook -

  • 423: So Long

    In which our heroes tell tails of walruses. With special guest star Justin Long. Listen to Part 2 on Life is Short with Justin Long:

  • Spin Cycle
    The Read

    Petty pics from the past.... Support Champ's Tear Drops here!