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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 12.6.19
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses the latest developments in the gold and silver markets. He also addresses some of the recent merger and acquisition news in the mining sector.

  • Peter J Bone - Your Game Plan To Achieve Your Impossible Dreams

    Peter J Bone is a Social Media Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Creator of @achievetheimpossible on instagram who lives in the tropical paradise of Noosa, Australia. He has an unrelenting passion to inspire, challenge and equip people with the strategies to achieve their ‘impossible’ dreams. He is truly fascinated by the words ‘capacity’ and ‘potential’. These two words represent the possibility of the future and confront the concept of the ‘impossible’ for Peter.

  • Avsnitt 328 - På börsen kan ingen höra dig skrika

    Börspodden är lite stukade av börsens sätt att visa noll pardon. På börsen kan ingen höra dig skrika som en känd finansman en gång sa. Johans irritation på omvärlden är på all time high vilket alltid är något. John rapporterar om sitt drickande av rosa gin och andra spännande observationer från ett snart icke EU-land.

  • Sparpodden 317 - Industrivärdens framtid med Helena Stjernholm

    Industrivärden är en av de största och populäraste investmentbolagen. Alex möter upp Helena för att höra mer om framtidsutsikterna. Vi pratar om; Den låga antalet bolagsköp, jobba kortsiktigt med köp och sälj beroende på marknadsutsikt, återköp, substansrabatt och mycket mer nördigt investmentbolagssnack. Lyssna in!

  • MBA665 Q&A Weekends: Why did you change your Twitter handle? Did the change hurt you in any way?
    The $100 MBA Show
    781,236 - It's Q&A Weekends! A while back, Omar changed his Twitter handle from @BizRepublic to @TheOmarZenhom, and one listener wants to know why. Well, he'll tell you why. He'll also tell you why it made sense, what the ramifications of losing the old handle were, and how you can decide whether to make a similar move. Let this experience be your guide! Click play! Subscribe for FREE DAILY Lessons on iTunes: For more on The $100 MBA, visit

  • How Are Healthcare CEOs Steering Through Uncertainty?
    Goldman Sachs

    Healthcare CEOs in the US are “trying to set course in an otherwise unpredictable, highly uncertain world,” according to this episode’s guest, Marshall Smith, global head of Goldman Sachs’ healthcare investment banking. The uncertainty, stemming from global growth concerns, trade policy risk and drug pricing debates, is a consistent theme across the healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean corporations are sitting back and waiting. Growth strategies are top priorities for executives, Smith explains, with pharmaceutical companies turning to M&A–both to acquire smaller biotech companies for their drug portfolios and to merge with other large pharma companies. Smith also discusses how being the son of a doctor spurred an early interest in healthcare. “My dad would come home from the hospital [and] we’d have dinner together, all seven of us sitting around the table,” Smith recalled. “And so, invariably, we ended up talking about medical cases at dinner pretty much every night.”

  • Hard Work & Patience
  • Another Corporation Tax Bonanza, Voucher Reform
    Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock
    News & Politics

    Eoin Burke-Kennedy and economist Alan McQuaid take a look at the news that Ireland's corporation tax take came in a massive €1.45 billion ahead of estimates for the first 11 months of the year. Have you ever gone to cash in a gift voucher only to find it has expired? That may be a thing of the past. Dermot Jewell of the Consumer Association of Ireland explains the changes to rules surrounding vouchers after a 25 year campaign by his organisation. But first Peter Hamilton has a roundup of all the latest business news.

  • Sparpodden 316 - Julfynda på börsen

    Finns det black friday rea på börsen också? Vi ger lite tips på hur man kan köpa aktier i julklapp, Alex jagar efter utländska investmentbolag och hur går det för e-handelsbolagen i REA-tider som dessa. Dessa blir veckans snackisar i Sparpodden.

  • Advice From An Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Investor And Advisor | Theron McCollough
    Lean Startup

    We recently hosted a conversation between fiifi Founder & CEO, Theron McCollough, and Lean Startup Co. Advisor, Chris Guest, focused on Theron’s experiences working in the world of startups and his recent return to the role of an entrepreneur as he launches his new venture.  In Chris and Theron’s conversation, they discuss: - Given Theron’s background advising and investing in hundreds of startups, what insights has he taken with him as he re-enters the world of entrepreneurship? - And now that he is a player again, does he follow the advice he would have given when he was a coach? And much, much more… For more than a decade, Theron McCollough has been working in the world of startups. Fairly early on in his career — when he was working with Pivotal Software — he began to notice how Lean Startup techniques could help a business scale. And while he took note of the usefulness of testing, iterating, and failing, one of the biggest things he learned was the importance of asking customers what they think. The simple act of reaching out to the customer can be incredibly helpful and enlightening. “You would be amazed at what you find out,” Theron says. It’s one of the things that is easy to understand in theory, but Theron cautions, entrepreneurs have to put it into practice to see how it works. “Until you actually do it, you don’t understand what the struggles are,” he says, adding, “once you get in there, you realize how much information every single customer or potential customer can give you to save you from wasting time and energy.” As an added bonus, it’s also a great way to develop a customer base. If you adopt their feedback and apply it to your product or business, “they’re going to be a customer for life.” Because they’ll not only feel heard, but you’ll have created something that made their business (or life) better. Email us: [email protected] Follow Lean Startup Co. @leanstartup

  • Eric Edmeades - 5 Health Philosophies To Master Your Mind & Body

    Eric Edmeades is the creator of the phenomenally effective, disruptive, and award-winning health coaching company, WildFit, that has already helped over 15,000 people in 130 countries around the world radically improve their relationships with food and, therefore, their quality of life. Eric is an accomplished speaker, mentor, and trainer and has created some of the highest-rated programs in the personal development industry. Millions of people have seen Eric on stage or watched his videos and, in 2018 Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate on the Senate floor for his work in ‘improving the quality of peoples’ lives’.

  • How to Find What You’re Looking For

    In this episode, I do two sit-down Q&A sessions before my keynote in Dubai on November 22. There's a lot of value in this for aspiring entrepreneurs. Hit me up with your questions and comments. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731

  • Sonik - Waste No Time
  • Why Patience Is The Answer to So Many Questions

    For this podcast episode, we mashed up some of my best gems on patience and how it unlocks the things you want most, like happiness. It's the answer to so many of your questions. Hit me up with your thoughts on this one. Tweet Me! @garyvee

  • It Starts With The Ability To Stop Judging Yourself

    In this episode, I talk about how you need to stop over-judging yourself; Stop overthinking and go do. Tweet or text me any questions or comments you have Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731

  • It’s About Execution While You’re Awake

    In this episode, I sit down and do two interviews before my keynote in Dubai on November 22. Talking about sleep and what to worry about in 2020. Hit me up and let me know what you think about this episode! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731

  • Daily Mentor Call 1 - Introduction
    Allyse & Patrick Sedivy

    Listen to Allyse Introduce the Daily Mentor Calls

  • The Vann Back to RVA
    Full Disclosure

    His great-grandfather in segregated Richmond labored at the Jefferson Hotel's old carriage house. That same building now houses the Brandcenter, where Madison Ave. veteran Vann Graves is executive director. We discuss his career journey, the advertising industry and creativity-on-demand amid the dominance of mobile platforms.

  • The Most Controllable Thing Is The Work You Put In

    In this episode, I deliver a keynote about all the excuses people use to not do, and how the most controllable variable in your life is putting in the work. Hit me up with any questions or comments you have on this episode! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731

  • Avsnitt 329 - Lowballa

    Årsskiftet närmar sig och det är dags att göra portföljen redo för att köpa årets förlorare i gammal vanlig ordning. Vilka sektorer är intressantast efter 2019s monsterhausse? Dessutom pratas det tåkrämer, flygbolag, spelbolag och att Sverige skulle behöva en Trump för att rensa upp i myndighetsträsket.