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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up -4.3.20
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses the devastating impact of the coronavirus and how central bank reactions will affect precious metal prices in the months ahead.

  • Avsnitt 345 - Mannen som hatade aktieägare

    Det är svajigt på börserna och ingen vet riktigt vad det rätta priset är på något just nu. Johan har funderat på något som kan hindra börsguden från att kräva ett offer medan John är orolig för att Ilja är närmare än någonsin att behöva offras. Dessutom diskuteras oljans kollaps, SAABs svaghet och bilmekarbranschen i veckans podd. Lyssna!

  • "This may go on until December, but we will survive" - Dalata's Pat McCann
    Inside Business with Ciarán Hancock

    Pat McCann, founder of hotel group Dalata, says this crisis is worse than the many previous recessions and crises of his career all put together - but he says Dalata has the strength to survive, even if, as he believes, restrictions remain in place until late 2020. He talks to business editor Ciaran Hancock. From the Inside Business team, thanks to our listeners for their patience while we have been on hiatus for the past fortnight.

  • Oro på kreditmarknaden - Så funkar det - Sparpodden 333

    Hur fungerar egentligen företagsobligationsmarknaden och hur hänger det ihop med vad som händer i ekonomin just nu - det är ämnet för veckans podd. Alex gästas av Fredrik och Emil från Nordic Cross, två förvaltare som sitter och kollar på kreditmarknaden dagligen. Vad händer om kreditmarknaden fryser, kommer riksbankens stimulanser fungera, vad är detta egentligen för typ av investering - detta är några av frågorna som vi besvarar. Snabb ordbok: High Yield = företag med sämre kreditvärdighet Investmentgrade = Företag med bättre kreditvärdighet

  • Gabriella Rosie - How You Can Activate Your Creative Genius

    Gabriella Rosie is an entrepreneur and creativity coach who's personal mission is to empower as many women as possible to create with impassioned freedom. She believes that when we create we become a deeper version of ourselves and she knows that the world needs what you have: the unique ability to create. Check her out at: and @gabriellarosie on Instagram.

  • MBA665 Q&A Weekends: Why did you change your Twitter handle? Did the change hurt you in any way?
    The $100 MBA Show
    803,771 - It's Q&A Weekends! A while back, Omar changed his Twitter handle from @BizRepublic to @TheOmarZenhom, and one listener wants to know why. Well, he'll tell you why. He'll also tell you why it made sense, what the ramifications of losing the old handle were, and how you can decide whether to make a similar move. Let this experience be your guide! Click play! Subscribe for FREE DAILY Lessons on iTunes: For more on The $100 MBA, visit

  • A New Era Of Work | Brianne Kimmel
    Lean Startup

    We recently hosted a conversation between Brianne Kimmel, Founder & Managing Partner at Work Life Ventures, and Chris Guest, Lean Startup Co. Advisor, about entering this new era of work and business. Brianne Kimmel shares her experiences on how our current accelerating speed is impacting startups and what it means for enterprise organizations and government. Email us: [email protected] Follow Lean Startup Co. @leanstartup

  • Cheryl Muir - 5 Reasons Why You Are Attracting The Wrong Partners

    Cheryl Muir is a relationship pattern interrupter. She helps busy professional women break free from dating drama FAST and has featured BBC and Plenty of Fish.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Art Basel Miami Beach
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    At the 2019 edition of the fair we meet the head of the UBS art collection and explore a recent UBS Investor Watch survey of high-net-worth US collectors. Plus: artist Shinique Smith, who recycles discarded materials, tells us about the sculptures, paintings and installation she’s showing at the fair in collaboration with UBS.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Year Ahead 2020: part II
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    The second of two episodes on the annual research report by the global chief investment office of UBS Wealth Management. From shifts in demographics to de-globalisation; from environmental issues to technological innovation, our panel explains how investors can benefit from the disruption ahead.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - The billionaire effect
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    The 2019 edition of the annual Billionaire Report from UBS and PwC explores how this unique cohort’s businesses have excelled, thanks to long-term vision, smart risk-taking, business focus and determination. That is the “billionaire effect” and it continues to have a huge influence, especially in technology and in China’s fast-developing economy. Plus: how a small but significant number of billionaires are working together to break new ground in philanthropy.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Year Ahead 2020
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    The first of two special episodes looking at the annual investment-research report from the global chief investment office of UBS Wealth Management. The report provides the “house view” for the next 12 months and long-term ideas that can shape the horizon. Investors face a year of potentially tough choices but there are also opportunities to benefit from a forthcoming decade of transformation.

  • Lägesrapport - Vart ska börsen framöver - Sparpodden 332

    Det är en ovanlig tid på världens börser. Det har gått snabbt och det har varit kraftfulla rörelser. Vi ger en lägesrapportering, med fokus på vart ska börsen framöver. Vilka är följdeffekterna som vi kommer stöta på i närtid. Hur kommer stödpaketen att påverka börsen både på kort och lång sikt. Vad händer med utdelningssäsongen på Stockholmsbörsen. Detta blir några av veckas diskussioner.

  • Sonik - Waste No Time
  • Tea With GaryVee #5 | 5 Practical Solutions to Problems Caused by COVID-19

    For today’s episode of Tea With GaryVee I answer questions with strategic, tactical and practical ways to deal with your issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Do you want to know how you can chat with me? Check below! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 Text me your question at 1-212-931-5731 Tea with GaryVee 9am ET:

  • The Bulletin with UBS - UBS Global Visionaries: Sebastian Groh from SOLshare
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    This week we’re joined by another of the inspirational thought leaders and innovators supported and celebrated by UBS via its Global Visionaries programme. This time it’s the turn of Sebastian Groh of SOLshare, creators of a revolutionary new approach to affordable solar electricity worldwide.

  • The Bulletin with UBS - Nobel Perspectives live in Hong Kong
    M24 The Bulletin with UBS

    A new documentary from The Bulletin with UBS brings together three Nobel laureates working with UBS to offer solutions to the challenges of a fast-changing world. Bengt Holmström, Robert Merton and Michael Spence discuss sustainable growth for emerging economies and the future of the millennial generation.

  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 3.27.20
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses the economic impact of the coronavirus how this is affecting the precious metals.

  • Tea With GaryVee #8 | 13 Reasons We’ll Get Through This

    For today’s episode of Tea With GaryVee we go deep on questions about people's livelihoods, their health and their loved ones during this difficult time dealing with the Coronavirus. Do you want to know how you can chat with me? Check below! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 Text me your question at 1-212-931-5731 Tea with GaryVee 9am ET:

  • Hard Work & Patience